Al Andalous - Various - The Desert Lounge Vol. 4 (CD)

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This hotel is just great. The staff are great and all the facilities and food options are great. Location is perfect as your only a few km away from everything.

Nothing more to say really. If you can afford it it's definitely worth staying here. Azrar United Kingdom. Staff amazing went beyond the line of duty to advise and help.

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The bar is great with live music and the staff are friendly too. Pratyush United Kingdom. Breakfast was good. Very helpful. The restaurant is good as well. The spa is not desirable. Would recommend another hotel if looking for spa.

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Availability We Price Match. Reservations longer than 30 nights are not possible. Enter your dates to check availability. Your departure date is invalid. Al-Kindi d. All accounts state that his musical excellence was equal to and may have even surpassed that of his teacher, and that he left Baghdad to fulfill his own ambitions and gain higher status in another court. Some speculate, however, that his departure may have been the result of a bitter rivalry and unexpected confrontation between Ziryab and his master, causing him to flee Baghdad in fear for his life.

He traveled to Kairoun, now known as Tunisia, and was immediately accepted into the court of the emir, Ziyadat Allah I. Here his reputation as a musician grew, and he earned much wealth and respect.

Yet, in , after offending the ruler with one of his songs, he was condemned to be beaten and was banished from Kairoun. During the journey he learned that the emir, al-Hakim I , had died. When Ziryab left Baghdad, he took with him an incontestable mastery of contemporary Arabic music traditions it is said he knew the words and melodies of more than 10, songs as well as his talent as an innovator.

Ziryab was also a very influential teacher, creating the institutional basis to transmit musical culture across Andalusia. In Cordoba, Ziryab established a conservatory, teaching musical structure and theory based on his own reforms and developments. He required students to have an understanding of the fundamental skills of melodic structure before allowing them to move on to the more difficult tasks of improvisation and ornamentation.

His emphasis on rhythm led to later experimentation in metered song forms that revolutionized musical styles throughout the Middle East. Ziryab is also credited with developing the concept of nubah , a suite form containing pieces composed in a single mode, and grouped according to rhythmic structure.

The twenty-four nubat ,7 established by Ziryab, are the basic structural elements that early Andalusian music was founded upon. Each of the twenty-four nubat supposedly corresponded in quality with an hour of the day, and with different temporal, seasonal and emotional characteristics. Rather than focusing on mystical concepts, the Arab East developed theoretical models of music based on rationalistic Greek theories and philosophies, which were being translated into Arabic during the latter half of the eighth century.

The traditional nubah structure is divided into five movements, called miyazin. But when the Abbasids rejected the offer and demanded submission, the Fihrids declared independence and, probably out of spite, invited the deposed remnants of the Umayyad clan to take refuge in their dominions.

It was a fateful decision that they soon regretted, for the Umayyads, the sons and grandsons of caliphs, had a more legitimate claim to rule than the Fihrids themselves. Rebellious-minded local lords, disenchanted with the autocratic rule of the Fihrids, conspired with the arriving Umayyad exiles. He refused to submit to the Abbasid caliph, as Abbasid forces had killed most of his family. Over a thirty-year reign, he established a tenuous rule over much of al-Andalus, overcoming partisans of both the al-Fihri family and of the Abbasid caliph.

But his grandson Abd-al-Rahman III , who succeeded him in , not only rapidly restored Umayyad power throughout al-Andalus but extended it into western North Africa as well. In he proclaimed himself Caliph , elevating the emirate to a position competing in prestige not only with the Abbasid caliph in Baghdad but also the Fatimid caliph in Tunis , with whom he was competing for control of North Africa.

The period of the Caliphate is seen as the golden age of al-Andalus. The work of its most important philosophers and scientists notably Abulcasis and Averroes had a major influence on the intellectual life of medieval Europe. Muslims and non-Muslims often came from abroad to study at the famous libraries and universities of al-Andalus, mainly after the reconquest of Toledo in and the establishment of translation institutions such as the Toledo School of Translators.

The most noted of those was Michael Scot c. The Caliphate of Cordoba also had extensive trade with other parts of the Mediterranean, including Christian parts. Trade goods included luxury items silk, ceramics, gold , essential foodstuffs grain, olive oil, wine , and containers such as ceramics for storing perishables. In the tenth century, Amalfitans were already trading Ifriqiyan and Byzantine silks in Umayyad Cordoba.

The Fatimids were traditionally thought to be the only supplier of such goods, but were also valuable connections to Ghana. Control over these trade routes was a cause of conflict between Umayyads and Fatimids. Eventually raids turned into conquests, and in response the Taifa kings were forced to request help from the Almoravids , Muslim Berber rulers of the Maghreb.

Their desperate maneuver would eventually fall to their disadvantage, however, as the Almoravids they had summoned from the south went on to conquer and annex all the Taifa kingdoms.

During the eleventh century several centers of power existed among the taifas and the political situation shifted rapidly. Before the rise of the Almoravids from the south or the Christians from the north, the Abbadid -ruled Taifa of Seville succeeded in conquering a dozen lesser kingdoms, becoming the most powerful and renowned of the taifas, such that it could have laid claim to be the true heir to the Caliphate of Cordoba.

The taifas were vulnerable and divided but had immense wealth. In that year, Tashfin crossed the straits to Algeciras and inflicted a severe defeat on the Christians at the Battle of Sagrajas. By , ibn Tashfin had removed all Muslim princes in Iberia and had annexed their states, except for the one at Zaragoza. He also regained Valencia from the Christians.

The city-kingdom had been conquered and ruled by El Cid at the end of its second taifa period. The Almoravid dynasty made its capital in Marrakesh , from which it ruled its domains in al-Andalus.

The Almohads continued to rule Al-Andalus for another decade, though with much reduced power and prestige. The civil wars following the death of Abu Ya'qub Yusuf II rapidly led to the re-establishment of taifas.

The taifas, newly independent but now weakened, were quickly conquered by Portugal, Castile, and Aragon. After the fall of Murcia and the Algarve , only the Emirate of Granada remained as a Muslim state in Iberia, tributary of Castile until Most of its tribute was paid in gold that was carried to Iberia from present-day Mali and Burkina Faso through the merchant routes of the Sahara.

The last Muslim threat to the Christian kingdoms was the rise of the Marinids in Morocco during the 14th century. They took Granada into their sphere of influence and occupied some of its cities, like Algeciras. Gibraltar , then under Granadian rule, was besieged in — Alfonso XI and most of his army perished by the Black Death. His successor, Peter of Castile , made peace with the Muslims and turned his attention to Christian lands, starting a period of almost years of rebellions and wars between the Christian states that secured the survival of Granada.

From the mid 13th to the late 15th century, the only remaining domain of al-Andalus was the Emirate of Granada , the last Muslim stronghold in the Iberian Peninsula. The emirate was established by Muhammad ibn al-Ahmar in and was ruled by the Nasrid dynasty , the longest reigning dynasty in the history of al-Andalus.

Although surrounded by Castilian lands, the emirate was wealthy through being tightly integrated in Mediterranean trade networks and enjoyed a period of considerable cultural and economic prosperity. However, for most of its existence Granada was a tributary state, with Nasrid emirs paying tribute to Castilian kings. The city of Granada also served as a refuge for Muslims fleeing during the Reconquista , accepting numerous Muslims expelled from Christian controlled areas, doubling the size of the city [44] and even becoming one of the largest in Europe throughout the 15th century in terms of population.

In , the marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile signaled the launch of the final assault on the emirate.

The Catholic Monarchs crushed one center of resistance after another until finally on January 2, , after a long siege, the emirate's last sultan Muhammad XII surrendered the city and the fortress palace, the renowned Alhambra see Fall of Granada.

By this time Muslims in Castile numbered half a million. After the fall, ", had died or been enslaved, , emigrated, and , remained as the residual population. Many of the Muslim elite, including Muhammad XII , who had been given the area of the Alpujarras mountains as a principality, found life under Christian rule intolerable and passed over into North Africa. Mass forced conversions of Muslims in led to a revolt that spread to Alpujarras and the mountains of Ronda ; after this uprising the capitulations were revoked.

From then on, indigenous Islam is considered to have been extinguished in Spain. There were many scientific advances, especially in the fields of medicine, astronomy, and agronomy. Notable surgeons, physicians, and medical scholars from al-Andalus include Ibn al-Baytar d.

This distinguishes it from other strictly factual medical works of the time, most notably Ibn Sina's Canon of Medicine.

Other important medical texts include al-Baytar's Comprehensive Book on Simple Drugs and Foodstuffs— an encyclopedia with descriptions of the medical uses of over plants and other types of medicine—and ibn Habib's Book of the Medicine of the Arabs Kitab tibb al-'arab —a historical summary of Arabic medicine until the 9th century. His book is also significant because it uses principles of Galenic medicine , such as humorism and the theory of four temperaments , as the basis of its medical recommendations.

The ibn Zuhr family played a very important role in the production of Andalusian medical knowledge, as they produced five generations of medical experts, particularly in the fields of dietary sciences and medicaments.

In Kitab al-Taysir he provides some of the earliest recorded evidence of the Scabies mite, which contributed to the scientific advancement of microbiology. Three of the most notable Andalusian astronomers were Ibn Tufail d.

All lived around the same time and focused their astronomical works on critiquing and revising Ptolemaic astronomy and the problem of the equant in his astronomical model. The book's goal was "to overcome the physical difficulties inherent in the geometrical models of Ptolemy's Almagest and to describe the cosmos in agreement with Aristotelian or Neoplatonic physics," which it succeeded in doing to an extent.

Although Ibn Rushd originally trained and practiced as a jurist, he was exposed to astronomy—possibly through Ibn Tufail—and became a renowned scientist in the field.

This book included important "teachings on the lunar mansions, the signs of the zodiac, [and] the division of the seasons. Another important astronomer from al-Andalus was Maslama al-Majriti d. He built on the work of older astronomers, like Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi , whose astronomical tables he wrote a discussion on and subsequently improved.

Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al-Zarqali d. Along with other astronomers, he undertook extensive work to edit the Toledan Zij astronomical tables.

He also accurately calculated the motion of the solar apogee to be Other important scientific advances in al-Andalus occurred in the field of agronomy. These advances were in part facilitated by technological innovations in irrigation systems. State organized, large-scale irrigation projects provided water to city baths, mosques, gardens, residential homes, and governing palaces, such as the al-Hambra and its gardens in Granada.

Their passion for music brought them together as a couple. After getting married, they moved on to perform throughout Europe. After leaving Spain, they chose to move to the Northwest, and reside in Portland. Since their relocation,the Banzis have been involved with many projects. They developed the music for a school book and cassette, entitled The Rise of Islam. Their work with Al-Andalus has also been recorded on musical compilations, such as their song "Taktokah" on the cd "The Bridge.

The Banzis also travel abroad to share their gifted music throughout the world. Both Tarik and Julia teach private lessons on flamenco, guitar, oud and percussion. If you would like to see the Banzis perform, they have an evening concert at Artichoke Music on Valentine's Day.

La rencontre de Tarik et de Julia Banzi se nourrit de cet environnement musical multiculturel. Among other music, the concert will pay tribute to Ziriab, an important Persian musician from Baghdad who established the first music conservatory in Europe in A. Tarik and Julia Banzi also are releasing their latest CD, "21 Strings," at the concert, which will include the ney Arabic reed flute and darbuka ceramic drum.

Sounds we don't often hear in these parts. Al-Andalus Ensemble America owes much of its artistic vitality to its intermingling of people from diverse cultures. The history of 20th-century music, for example, is unimaginable without the fertile mix of African-American and Jewish immigrants whose sounds fueled several generations of pop music.

But centuries ago, another vital cultural melting pot simmered in Spain. Tarik Banzi, who plays oud lute and guitar and composes original music, was born in Morocco to an old Andalusian family. Philharmonic and on films such as Austin Powers in Goldmember. The trio has performed across North America and Europe, and its concert at Reed College celebrates the release of its dazzling new East-meets-West album, 21 Strings. The Al-Andalus Ensemble is steeped in tradition but the group beautifully and soulfully merges classical, jazz and contemporary music with music from the Middle East, North Africa and Spain to create what reviewers have called a delightful proposition of exquisite music El Pais, Madrid, Spain.

The Al-Andalus Ensemble locates its creative impetus in the rebirth of Al-Andalus in todays cultural landscape. Performing to universal acclaim through a repertoire that embodies a new sonic vision that embraces our global cultural heritage, this season the Al-Andalus Ensembles international engagements have taken them to Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Morocco, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Audiences can expect a program with rich and unusual instrumentation. Your choice of two salads. Normally served with 6 fresh pita. Four pices of freshly made falafel, served with pickles, tomatoes, onions, tahini, hot sauce, and lettuce. Add shredded gyro or chicken shwarma meat for additional charge. Skewered and grilled ground beef marinated with a blend of spcies, onion, and parsley.

Tender lamb, chopped bell papper, red papper flakes, chopped onions, then grilled to perfection. Five slices of the finest tender steak skewered and grilled to perfection.

Served with pickles, tomatoes, onions, and topped with tahini sauce. A traditional, flavorful mix of sliced beef and lamb served with tomatoes, pickles, fresh sliced onions and topped with tzatziki sauce.

Fillet baked with our finest house spice blend, diced carrots and a splash of fresh lemon juice. Broiled in its own natural juices, roasted with vegetables, and our special seven spice blend.

Boneless chicken, marinated in vinegar, yogurt, house spices, ground cardamom and served with pickles and tomoatoes. Marinated chicken breast, a blend of spices, paprika, onion, olive oil, yogurt parsley and topped with grilled bell peppers. A quarter of a roasted chicken served with green and red bell peppers and a splash of fresh lemon juice.

Sliced boneless skinless chicken marinated with tomato sauce, vinegar, basil oregano, a touch of mustard and topped with bell peppers and saut? Mix chicken Shawarma and gyro served with pickles , tomatoes, garlic and Tizziki. Chickpeas, lemon, garlic, tahini, salt and pepper topped with olive oil. Served with fresh Pita. Chickpeas, lemon , garlic, tahini, salt and cayenne pepper, paprika, and olive oil.

Chickpeas, lemon, garlic, tahini, fresh baby spinach blend and topped with feta cheese. Roasted eggplant mixed with tahini, garlic lemon juice topped with olive oil. A cool and creamy Greek cucumber dill yogurt dip flavored with garlic. The Lebanese version of cream cheese, a lot tastier and lower in calories than American cream cheese.

Ground beef with onions, tomatoes, and house spices. Cheese, chicken, spinach, meat, or zatar. Your choice of Walnut, Pistachio or Chocolate.

Here's what people are saying:. Andalous is great. We were missing two items, one of which was reported by you all. The other missing item was not reported as changed or left out, so I'll need a refund for that. One of my new favorite places to dine. Nice service. Made changes after the order was made and I received an addition to my order. Food is fine, delivery was much longer than estimate. Our site is delivered by JavaScript.

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  3. For over a hundred years, our fathers and forefathers have been known for their profession, when the transportation started with the sumpters that halt in threshing floors, collecting the dried peas harvest from the farmers to transform them into a variety of "Kadamy", from the .
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  5. For festival settings, the Al-Andalus Ensemble expands with additions of modern Andalusian dance as well as trumpet, vocals, piano, bass and drums for a vital, energetic and absolutely beautiful experience. "Al-Andalus" refers to Spain from AD.
  6. El Andalous Lounge & Spa in Marralech, is characterised by a spacious architecture and a Moroccan decoration It evokes the golden age of Arab- Andalucian culture, exotically and romantically rich, thanks to its sumptuous gardens and its atmosphere.
  7. AL Andalous Pharmaceutical Ind. After three years of our success in Egypt in , Al Andalous manufacturing site was established in the 6th of October city as the manufacturing arm for Al Andalous Medical Company.
  8. Al-Andalus (Arabic: الأَنْدَلُس ‎) was the name of the Iberian Peninsula, given by the Moors during the Middle Ages. At its greatest geographical extent, its territory occupied most of the peninsula and a part of present-day southern France, Septimania (8th century), and for nearly a century (9th–10th centuries) extended its control from Fraxinet over the Alpine passes which.

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