Brink Of Disaster (a) - Various - The Promo Pack 4: Movies (CD, Album)

An American chocolatier enters a contest to become the chocolatier for the royal family of Belgium. A year-old murder victim watches from heaven, as her family tries to heal and her killer continues on his own dark path. School bullies pick on a scrawny year-old in front of his year-old summer dream-girl. A lonely middle-aged woman befriends some teenagers and decides to let them party at her house. After his sworn enemy steals a nuclear warhead, a clueless soldier-of-fortune leads a skilled team on a mission to retrieve the device and bring the thief to justice.

The president recruits ex-Federale Machete to take down an eccentric arms dealer who plans to spread war and anarchy throughout the world.

Sam Childers, a former biker, travels to Africa to establish an orphanage for young victims of war. In an Australia of the not-too-distant future, a police officer strikes back against motorized menaces to what is left of society after a nuclear holocaust. Obnoxious relatives and neighbors wear out their welcome in the new home of a yuppie couple.

A senatorial candidate falls for a chambermaid after he mistakes her for a guest at the hotel. E Fri.

OVA Wed. OVA Thur. The manager of minor-league team the South Carolina Buzz prepares the players for a confrontation with formidable opponents, the Minnesota Twins.

Mamma Mia! A young surgeon turns bearded hitchhiker; a young woman turns him back. A seductive woman recruits a New York tabloid writer to investigate the murder of her husband. When an analyst uncovers information that could ruin them all, the key players at an investment firm take extreme measures to control the damage.

Basada en la obra argentina sobre las andanzas de un gaucho del siglo XIX sometido a continuas injusticias. In the first century, free-spirited Mary Magdalene flees the marriage her family has arranged for her, finding refuge and a sense of purpose in a radical new movement led by the charismatic, rabble-rousing preacher named Jesus.

In a British captain and his crew endure hardships while trying to prevent a French ship from reaching the Pacific Ocean. Matriarch Scott Vickers, Alan Cuthbert. After a car accident, a couple expecting their first child are offered shelter by a family at an isolated farm. Una chica tiene fama de tener mala suerte y decide olvidarse de los hombres, hasta que un charro se enamora de ella.

KWHY Sat. A singing playboy and his buddy cruise to California with good-time girls. KFTR Wed. Merry and Bright Candy Cane Company owner Cate meets a man during the busy Christmas season and assumes he is the suitor her mother is trying to set her up with.

A case involving drug lords and murder in South Florida turns personal for detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. In a high school girl is forced into a gay conversion therapy center after getting caught with the prom queen.

A woman finds herself in big trouble when a cartel leader forces her to do his dirty work to save her kidnapped friend. Determined to get away, she must now play a dangerous game to outwit the gang -- and the DEA agents who suspect her of complicity. An image consultant transforms a tomboyish FBI agent into a beauty queen so she can work under cover.

Branded a traitor, an elite intelligence agent investigates a failed Prague mission to retrieve a computer disk. An arms dealer and a group of terrorists plan to use three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attack. When the weapons go missing, Ethan Hunt and the IMF team must race against time to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Now a trainer for IMF recruits, agent Ethan Hunt squares off against the toughest foe he has ever faced: a ruthless arms and information broker.

Ethan Hunt and his team take on their most impossible mission yet to eradicate the Syndicate -- a highly skilled, international organization dedicated to creating a new world order via a series of terrorist attacks. Little does she know that Alex Bartlett is the voice behind Sterling Masters. A new mom joins a group to help her deal with the stress of motherhood, but she soon learns that membership comes at a price. LIFE Sun. Katie, a year-old girl, has had a short but rough life.

When her mother dies from an apparent suicide, her cousins decide to adopt her. Katie adores her new family and will not let anyone, including her abusive father, take her away from them. A year-old adopted girl discovers that she is related to a royal German family. Feeling special for the first time, she becomes an entitled, angry child. As her fascination with being a princess grows, the girl begins to lose her sanity. A New York lawyer and his violinist girlfriend buy a mansion cheap, then find it needs extensive work.

Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo stow away on a trans-Atlantic ocean liner bound for New York and try not to get caught. King Arthur goes questing on a pretend horse, followed by his lackey clacking coconut shells. In biblical times a man, mistakenly proclaimed a messiah, finds himself leader of a new religious movement. BBCA Thur. After the murder of his fiancee, a young man bonds with her parents, then falls for another woman.

Three martial artists are forced to battle demonic adversaries with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. A newlywed woman is committed to a mental hospital after suffering hallucinations, and soon discovers that her new husband has a plan to steal her life and daughter. LIFE Mon. Six months after losing her newborn, a woman who wants to start a family becomes increasingly obsessed with a glamorous mother and her baby girl.

Terror soon strikes when she tries to figure out why her husband is so accommodating to everyone but her. FXX Mon. FXX Sat. A woman retires from her stressful job as a hostage negotiator to focus on family. Her plans are turned upside down when her daughter is abducted by a madman with a vendetta. In s France a courtesan falls in love with a young writer but strings along a duke who can finance improvements to the night spot. A missing woman returns to her husband and his bride after five years on an island with another man.

A battle in the Middle East accidentally unearths Ahmanet, a betrayed Egyptian princess who was entombed under the desert. Now, a soldier of fortune must stop the resurrected monster as she embarks on a furious rampage through London.

A lavish trip through Europe quickly unfolds into a race against time to solve a murder aboard a train. When a woman returns home to find her ex in a relationship, she enlists her best friend to act as her fake boyfriend.

KVCR Wed. An Inuit and his family visit a trading post, spear fish, catch a walrus, and build an igloo. A gawky teenager from an odd family helps his new friend run for class president against a popular student. The almost mythical ability of a middle-aged baseball player rockets a major-league team toward the pennant. KCET Fri. Navajo students engage in a lively collaboration with mathematicians.

Using concepts from Native culture and a unique student-centered approach, the project aims to spark interest in math and science and create greater educational opportunities.

KLCS Tues. A millionaire and his girlfriend drift alone at sea in a condemned steamship. Determined to take down his treacherous rival, a street-car racer runs through a cross-country net of cops and bounty hunters to enter the most prestigious race in the underground racing circuit. BRVO Sun. Three friends, who grew up at a seemingly idyllic boarding school, confront a haunting reality about their futures. A night watchman at a museum of natural history discovers that exhibits come alive after the building closes.

An Italian director endures personal and creative crises as he tries to juggle relationships with his wife, his mistress and numerous other women. A young woman meets the love of her life while on holiday in Bath, England. KLCS Fri. A successful, happily married executive becomes the object of unwanted affection from a temp worker at his company. Obsession Mekhi Phifer, Elika Portnoy. Danny Ocean and his gang plot revenge against a casino owner who wronged one of their own.

To pay back casino boss Terry Benedict, Danny Ocean and his team of criminals plan an elaborate heist in Europe. At the age of 70, Forrest Tucker makes an audacious escape from San Quentin, conducting an unprecedented string of heists that confound authorities and enchant the public. Three friends try to recapture the fun of their college years by starting their own off-campus fraternity. Sparks between them fly, but when a photo of them gets leaked to the press, Susanna is in for the shock of her life when Nate is called back home for his coronation as a king.

Once Upon a Time Rick also happens to live next door to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate -- a couple whose futures will be altered by the Manson Family. On a hectic day, architect Melanie, single mom of a small boy, meets news columnist Jack, divorced dad of a little girl.

KCOP Sun. Una joven y hermosa mujer desarrolla un malvado plan para destruir la vida de una antigua amante de su padre. A condemned man and dying woman fall in love on a ship from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Opening Day Robert Benchley. When city treasurer Benchley is called upon to throw out the ball for the first baseball game at the new Sneeversport Municipal Park, the speech he delivers reveals how little he actually knows about baseball.

Hoping to sneak him out of the country, agent Peter Malkin soon finds himself playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with the notorious war criminal.

When country star Melody Jones is accused of plagiarizing her holiday single, she returns home to spend Christmas with her estranged family and old flame and learns what is important in life. A science wiz creates a machine that can bring back dead loved ones, which seems like a great idea -- until the wrong spirits are unleashed. An Ohio couple reinvigorate their passionless marriage during a bizarre 24 hours in New York City. Thomas Howell.

In s Oklahoma a sensitive youth gets in over his head when his best friend kills a member of a rival gang. Paratroopers drop behind enemy lines to penetrate a fortified church and destroy a Nazi transmitter. Making their way to an underground lab, the soldiers stumble upon a sinister experiment that forces them into a battle against an army of the undead. Painless Joey Klein, Evalena Marie.

Born with a rare condition that leaves him alienated and unable to feel physical pain, a man becomes obsessed with finding a cure. A need for normalcy leads him down a dark path, and he must decide if finding a cure is worth paying the price for it.

A stranded New York chorus girl keeps house for an oilman; then her boyfriend arrives. A woman from Indiana becomes addicted to heroin when she falls in love with a larcenous New York City junkie.

A pacifist farmer of South Carolina reluctantly joins the Revolutionary War and fights alongside his son. When crooks shut down a suburban New Jersey shopping mall, a security officer must find his inner policeman to save the day.

AXS Tues. KMEX Sun. Hall, Sarah Silverman. A housewife passes out at her high-school reunion and wakes up in , in school with her husband-to-be.

Riley awakens from a coma after surviving a brutal attack that killed her husband and daughter. When the system shields the murderers from justice, Riley transforms herself into an urban guerrilla to deliver her own personal brand of punishment. After learning he is the son of Poseidon, a youth must prevent a war among the gods and rescue his mother from Hades, king of the underworld.

Fitness instructor Molly runs the Bridal Boot Camp, helping prospective brides-to-be get in shape for the big day. Things get complicated when sparks start to fly between herself and Nick, the fiance of one of her new clients.

High-school students conspire to steal the answers to their upcoming SATs. After hiring a maid, a family experiences a drastic change for the better in their social standing. Louis Creed and his family discover a mysterious burial ground in the woods near their home.

When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, setting off a chain reaction that unleashes an unspeakable evil with horrific consequences. Peter Rabbit and his three sisters enjoy spending their days in Mr. A battle of wills soon breaks out as McGregor hatches scheme after scheme to get rid of Peter -- a rabbit who proves to be a worthy and wily opponent. While on a classified mission, the captain of a Cold War-era Soviet submarine discovers that KGB agents are taking over his vessel.

Along with their pet platypus, stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb battle evil Dr. After crash landing on a distant planet, survivors must fight deadly creatures that come out only at night. After the highs of winning the world championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart.

But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music one last time. When a scandal threatens to derail the Barden Bellas, the women must get their act together and redeem themselves at the world championships in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Two sergeants and a private join others lost in war along the Cambodian border. Young FBI recruit Johnny Utah goes under cover to infiltrate a gang of extreme athletes who perform daredevil heists. After moving to a retirement community, Martha and her new friend decide to form a cheerleading squad with their fellow residents. Accidental outlaws travel New Zealand in a yellow mini, protesting conformity and chasing lost love, with the cops and the media hot on their tail.

A nighttime morgue worker starts to suspect that a disfigured body is possessed by a demonic force. A sneaky alien monster attacks commandos on a jungle mission in South America.

Now, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and an evolutionary biologist can save the human race from extinction. Presagio David Reynoso, Lucha Villa. A corporate raider pays a gorgeous hooker to be his escort for a business week in Beverly Hills. Lou Gehrig leads the New York baseball team for years and then, slowly dying, retires with a stadium farewell. Professor James Murray begins work on compiling words for the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary in the midth century.

After learning he has six months to live, a college lecturer transforms into a rebellious party animal. To the shock of his wife and school chancellor -- and to the delight of his students -- he leads a crusade against authority and hypocrisy.

A sorority girl falls in love with a disabled student, much to the dismay of her jock boyfriend. An FBI agent becomes a gun-toting vigilante after a crooked businessman orders hit men to murder his family.

Trapped on the streets of Washington, D. FXX Fri. Globe-trotting archaeologist Indiana Jones races the Nazis for possession of a legendary religious artifact. An Army sergeant ties railroad-site sabotage to a saloonkeeper and his girlfriend.

John Rambo calls upon his long-buried but lethal skills to rescue a missionary and her comrades from the Burmese army. In the grip of an identity crisis, a sheltered chameleon accidentally winds up as the sheriff of a frontier town. An elderly doctor guides a rebellious young doctor in 19th-century Japan.

NR 3 hrs. A Chinese attorney defends a U. After foreign troops seize control of an American town, a group of young people takes refuge in the surrounding woods and launches guerrilla attacks against the enemy. Remember Me, Mommy? A teen enrolls at an all-girl boarding school to exact revenge on the mother who abandoned her as a baby.

A Filipino maid takes a job in Singapore to support her family back home. NR 10 mins. A middle-aged woman gets an invitation to be on her favorite game show, as her son starts selling cocaine and becomes an addict. Thieves ponder the identity of the traitor in their midst in the violent aftermath of a failed jewelry heist. The beginning of the Civil War causes dissension at a frontier outpost where soldiers are divided in their loyalties.

Former Detective Jeff Jackson teams up with Dr. After a riding accident leaves him unable to compete on the rodeo circuit, a young cowboy searches for a new purpose. Two Montana boys become different men under the influence of fly-fishing and their minister father.

Hired to tame a rowdy Missouri bar, a Ph. Loner lawman Mad Max fights barbarian bikers for gasoline in the wasteland of the future. After returning home to England, Robin of Loxley learns that the evil Sheriff of Nottingham has seized his family estate.

He soon joins forces with a band of oppressed rebels in a daring plan to rob the Sheriff of his money and take away his power. Champ Rocky Balboa trains in Siberia for a bout against a lab-tested Soviet with a psi punch. TNT Mon. The closure of their favorite rink forces a roller-skater and his friends to gather at an uptown establishment. VH1 Mon. A man hires a private eye to watch his wife on a cruise, but the wife sends an impostor.

Romantic Nevada Narrated by James A. A mining town, a dude ranch, and Reno are all on the ticket for this tour through Nevada. Longtime rivalries resurface in the hours before a woman is scheduled to marry the former lover of her college roommate.

One-eyed Marshal Cogburn helps a Bible-toting spinster find the men who killed her preacher father. SUND Fri. Jess is an engaged politician who reunites with three of her college friends for a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami.

The night of hard partying soon lands them in hot water when a male stripper accidentally dies at their beach house. With heart and determination an Illinois youth tackles shortcomings to play Notre Dame football. Zach Truett finds glory on the high school football field -- working to earn a college scholarship and a ticket out of town.

When a devastating knee injury forces Zach to the sidelines, his brother laces up his cleats to compete in track and field. A New York reporter travels to Maryland to profile a woman who left three bridegrooms at the altar. Two cool Chicago undercover officers try to put a drug lord permanently out of business.

A Hong Kong detective and a wisecracking L. A treasure hunter and his sidekick join forces with a doctor to search for a Confederate ship in Africa.

The best baseball player in the neighborhood helps a new kid with his clumsy ball-handling. Noon CMT Sun. A blocked West German leftist writer turns to theft, attempted murder and poetry to make ends meet.

A Brooklyn paint-store clerk dons a white suit and becomes king of the dance floor at his local disco. Three California pot growers wage a seemingly unwinnable war against a Mexican drug cartel that wants to take over their business. A kidnapped doctor must keep dying Jigsaw alive while a fellow victim completes his own maniacal test. A ruthless TV-network chief meets the ghosts of Christmases past, present and yet to come.

A boy and his parents must decide what to do about his newly discovered aptitude for world-class chess. A domesticated terrier and his unruly canine pal encounter a rebellious bunny and his gang of abandoned pets. Walter Mitty develops photos for a magazine but escapes the tedium through heroic daydreams. When Walter gets a chance for a real adventure, he may just build a relationship with a co-worker named Cheryl. E Tues.

In a singer uses the profits from his only hit to buy a basketball team that is in danger of going under when the ABA and the NBA merge. An aging boxer leaves his crying wife, then crosses the street for a fixed fight.

A man with a fateful secret sets out to redeem himself by changing the lives of seven strangers, including a woman with whom he falls in love. The town needs protection from bandits, so the samurai gathers six others to help him teach the people how to defend themselves.

Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals find new adventures and surprises while they enjoy companionship, cupcakes and Cosmopolitan in New York. Noon E Tues. Jackson, Vanessa L. A detective and a narcotics cop track a sociopath out to kill a woman who can testify that he committed murder.

Billy Batson is a streetwise year-old who can magically transform into the adult superhero Shazam simply by shouting out one word. His newfound powers soon get put to the test when he squares off against the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson guard the Star of Rhodesia diamond on a London-to-Edinburgh train. Reluctantly pressed into service again, a former military sniper plots revenge against his powerful foes after being betrayed and wounded.

In order to save his home, a monster with a donkey makes a deal with a mean lord to rescue a beautiful princess. After Rumpelstiltskin tricks him into making a pact, Shrek finds himself in an alternate version of Far Far Away, in which he and Fiona never met. With the help of his brother, a Pennsylvanian investigates the appearance of foot-diameter circles in his crop fields. Stephanie is a widowed, single mother who works as a vlogger in Connecticut. Hospitalized for a severe skin disease, a bitter writer imagines he is the gumshoe from his novel.

Cara Harding, a skeptical psychiatrist, is introduced to a patient who consistently assumes the personalities of murder victims.

Strange lights over Los Angeles herald the arrival of malevolent aliens who threaten to swallow up humanity. Now a wanted man and on the run, he must find those responsible, clear his name and somehow rescue his family when they become trapped inside the inferno.

An undercover Las Vegas police officer must race against time to save his kidnapped son from a crew of murderous gangsters. A Colonial-era constable probes a series of grisly decapitations in an upstate New York hamlet. When she is kidnapped by his supplier, he uses his sleight of hand and keen intelligence to find her. With the evil wizard Gargamel hot on their trail, Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty embark on a journey through the Forbidden Forest to find a mysterious village.

An unlicensed boxing promoter gets involved with a big-time criminal, and a heist goes awry when a valuable jewel is missing. For Detective Harry Hole, the death of a young woman during the first snowfall of winter feels like anything but a routine homicide. Joe McDoakes and his wife await a visit from the stork.

NR 11 mins. Six years after creating Facebook in his dorm room, Mark Zuckerberg becomes a billionaire, but his great success leads to personal and legal complications. A roguish actor has to re-examine his life of excesses when he gets an unexpected visit from his young daughter. Williams, Vivica A. Peter Parker uses his superhuman powers to battle his archenemy, the Green Goblin. Tormented Peter Parker battles a sinister scientist who uses mechanical tentacles for destructive purposes.

Spider-Man teams up with Nick Fury and fellow superhero Mysterio to stop four massive elemental creatures -- each representing Earth, air, water and fire -- from wreaking havoc across Europe. A psychotic man who has 23 personalities holds three teenage girls captive in an underground cell.

Slip and the gang foil foes of the exiled, incognito king of Truania. KFTR Thur. Already legends by , beloved comedy duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy set out to perform live shows for their adoring fans. A boy and his three buddies set out in the summer of on a hike to find a dead body. Left stranded after an attack in space, Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew must battle a deadly alien race while trying to find a way off their hostile planet. To uphold the principles of his Starfleet oath and save an alien race, Capt.

Picard defies Federation orders. Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Jedi apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, protect the former queen from political separatists. They may be small, minor references, but in a time where it's popular to exalt otherworldly characters or pure godlessness, it's endearing to have Hollywood heroes acknowledge real life truths.

All in all, The Avengers is the unification of some of the most fun superheroes to grace the big screen in some time. While The Dark Knight is often regarded as the best superhero movie of all time, The Avengers comes alongside it with an entirely different tone and approach that puts it in the running for that top spot. It's ridiculously fun and also one of the funniest films to come around in a long time funnier than most "comedies" too.

Whedon and company have done a stellar job in bringing The Avengers together and it's undoubtedly one of the biggest movies of the year. Many filmmakers could take notes from how Marvel and Whedon assembled The Avengers to continue making great cinema that's just plain, pure fun, with some good old fashioned heart thrown in.

Here's hoping Marvel continues to make great superhero films like The Avengers. And be sure to stay for the little tidbit at the end of the credits. It's not important, but it's good, silly fun. There's also a short additional scene mid-way through the credits that reveals a future film's villain. This story takes place after the events in The Avengers and the two have found one of the Chitauri's guns left over from the battle.

They decide to use it to rob a bank but are apprehended by S. It's entertaining, but one of the more mediocre and goofy One Shot's. Gag Reel - The gag reel is mostly just the cast goofing off on set, with some of the usual bleeped out cursing.

Arguably, though, the best bits here are from Ruffalo -- especially the last gag! First, we have an alternate opening of the movie that features Agent Hill being interrogated by the council after the events of the film, making The Avengers entirely a flashback! The second scene is additional dialog between Loki and the zombified HawkEye.

The next scene, arguably, should have been left in the movie. Just by watching it, I can understand it was probably clipped out for pacing, but it's a must-see included here. It begins with old news reel footage of Captain America from his original time period in the war. We then see that Steve Rogers is watching this on a laptop. He stops it and examines some dossiers on his desk of Peggy and Bucky. He also learns here that Peggy is still alive somewhere, despite in her old age now.

We then see him walking the streets alone and sitting at a cafe all alone where he meets the "waitress" character for the first time--whom he rescues at the end of the film. This was her introduction which makes her highlighted appearance later actually make sense. It's also in this cafe where we see a more substantial Stan Lee cameo.

Army vehicle falls into the eponymous pit, necessitating use of TB2's pod five, containing the Mole. Thunderbirds - Episodes 15 and 16 VHS Video - PAL format "City Of Fire": The team are called to rescue a family who are trapped inside a shopping mall which is on fire; "The Imposters": Lady Penelope is called upon to track down a group of people who have stolen some secret papers while disguised as Thunderbirds. See Also: Fanderson U.

Main Titles 2. Sun Probe 3. Tracy Island and International Rescue 4. Monorail To Disaster 5. Thunderbirds Are Go! Dangerous Game - Latin Rhythm instrumental 7. Vault Of Death suite 8. The Man From M. Desperate Intruder suite Commercial Break Dangerous Game Let's Play Ad Lib Lady Penelope On The Move Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:.

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4 IDEAL PORCH SHADES, 3 x 6 ft. virgin warmth wool, 41 for-2/3'thrift_ rayo /3 J5,"%4 tse: by laundry tubs, too cotton. /2 Ibs Pastels with contrasting I Hade.f tb best hemp from Bauwood. long wearing and attractive border Rug Deptnd Floor.

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  3. The film releases in theaters on May 4, Review. Grunge icons Soundgarden will release their first new song in 15 years for the soundtrack to Marvel's upcoming "Avengers" film. The group's last album was released in , although they officially reunited in -- Billboard, March /5().
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  6. (Jun 27) UK Ace Records CDCHD Magic Colors: The Lost Album with Bonus Tracks It's a Happening World, Magic Colors, Where Can I Go, Brink of Disaster, On a Day Like Today, You Sent Me Silver Bells, He Won't See the Light, How Can I Be Sure, To Sir With Love.

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