Cachito - Mazz (6) - Standing Ovation (Its A Killer) (Vinyl, LP)

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A -;t. COOK V ru. C Cassette single availability. D CO single availability. M Cassette mam-single availability. T Vinyl ma Hi-single availability. LEO, L. VN - Mi. Commercial availability is not indicated on the recurrent chart. The No. The topic was one of the most-talked-about by record company and radio leaders during the Country Radio Seminar in March. Despite the concern, there were those on the label side who stated they were eager to sign new artists.

And there were radio programmers who said they would definitely be on the lookout for new music by new art- ists. What is ironic about Keith's and Montgomery's breakthroughs is that they were both signed at about the same time as Billy Ray Cyrus. Yet each had to go through a long waiting period before having his product released. For these two, patience proved an important virtue.

That is also the retail availability date of "Solid Ground" by John Anderson. The artists' respective labels have deployed two different marketing strategies for these two crucial al- bums. Anderson's label, BN A, has attempted to time the release of Ander- son's album to coincide with the maximum amount of airplay on the album's lead single, "Money In The Bank. The video will be released that same day. Mercury also is providing radio stations with a one-hour special featuring tracks from the album with comments by Cyrus.

The Grea- test Gainer will be the album showing the greatest unit sales increase for the week. The second designation goes to the album showing the greatest sales percentage increase in sales for the week. Berry's self-titled first album for the label, produced by Chuck Howard, will be released June Berry played the col- lege-club circuit around the country.

He moved to Athens, Ga. He also set up his own record label, on which he re- leased six albums. His last indie al- bum, "Saddle The Wind," sold more than 12, copies.

Berry also organized and staged a series of benefit concerts on his farm near Athens for Georgia's mentally and physically handi- capped. In a move to gain the attention of a major country label, Berry began playing showcases in Nashville in the early '90s. A talent scout for Lib- erty spotted him at one of the shows, and the label signed him soon after. The Americana Network, profiled here last week, has increased its time on the Nostalgia Network from 15 to 80 houi-s a week.

LiUle Big Town. OH MT. A -curb 60t Makes perfect sense — especially to Graver Washington Jr. The saxo- phonist whose 'Winelight" pulled down a couple of Gram- mys — vintage, is preparing for a 21 -city tour of the States, slated to begin in the fall and underwritten by the same corporation whose jazz-search competitions have proved a winning strategy for supporting new talent and promoting its patron-of-the-arUs reputation.

The announcement of the tour was particularly significant because it took the form of a charity perfoiinanee — held May 25 at the Five Sjxit in New York— designed to benefit the relatively new Jazz Foundation Of.

America, an organiza- tion that akls duwn-on-their-luck jazz musicians. Specifically, it provides medical and financial assistance, legal counseling, and other referral services. Washington has long been known as a supporter of just causes. Here, Hennessy joins in, putt- ing its money where Washington's sax is or something like that. Seems those guys lacked good fashion sense, not to mention a philosophical attach- ment to the tenets of hard bop only. It's reassuring to report that the pendulum appears to be swinging back.

Columbia is about to launch a new series it calls the "Legendary Pio- neers Of Jazz," featuring new recordings by older artists who have not had the opportunity to record for a major label.

First out of the box? Today, try telling that to the hordes of jazz festival-goers who count on these blow-outs for seasonal release while you're at it, try telling that to the jazz producers and promoters who virtually live for the next two months. The following are coming up fast: Jazz Aspen, which used to take place precisely where you'd expect it to, has shifted its geography ever so slightly to the west.

This year its actual site is the town of Snowmass, Colo. The North sea Jazz Fes- tival in Holland, which thrived under impresario Paul Acket, will be tested now that its much-loved founder has died. Acket was a hero in the Netherlands. This annual event, thefest's 18th, runs Jury The term of his pact is four years, with at least three CDs sched- uled for the period First up is an album of popular arias performed with the Bavarian Radio Symphony led by Mar- cello Viotti.

Among projects planned is a disc of Neapolitan songs. Alagna first came to public attention in when he won the Pavarotti International Competition in Philadelphia. Bach, and Schumann. Tradesters long in tooth will recall early binaural experi- ments that provided a rare sense of musical reality, but gave way to conventional and more practical stereo. The tech- nique, however, has persisted on the fringes of mainstream recording. Kraman says he will make use of the Neumann "dummy head," which places a pair of microphones at ears distance apart.

Headphones must be used for playback for best re- sults. Sennheiser, a headphone manufacturer, will cooperate in the project. CDs will be gold-coated to provide a report- edly better reflective surface. Six discs a year are planned, says Kraman, and will in- clude chamber music as well as other orchestral projects. Newport Classic production will continue and will be mar- keted at conventional prices. Denon producer Nobuo Nakazato officiated, and the label's chief engineer, Norio Okada, along with New York freelance engineer Jim Anderson, handled technical matters.

Next up for Chee-Yun is a concerto. Williams and the orchestra did, however, use the early June dates to record an album of pop standards identified with Frank Sinatra. One copyright law written 18 months ago has drawn little notice in Venezuelan congress. But Vene- zuela's congressional lethargy has attracted plenty of attention from the U. Now push has come to shove with the U.

According to Rittman, Venezuela provides no copyright protection for sound re- cording. Trade representatives from both countries have been negotiating for an intellectual property rights agreement, says Rittman, "but the perception is that Venezuela is by John Lannert stalling and isn't sincere in its com- mitments. Rittman remarks, however, that the timing and loca- tion of the confab is a coincidence. Ed Murphy, president. So, it's a focus of attention of having people of power, if you will, come to these different locations to help people on a local level move to where others are.

Finally, you have make sure that there is a good, respected col- lection society or organization to collect this money and pay it out to appropriate or correct parties. Williido Vargai and 'El [tails del Pernio". Sergio Vargas and "ta Veniamta". Elias Santarta with "Chuleiiai". Wa had la name them ill!!! Merengtie en la Calle B'93 it certainly the alhan to dence end eajoy all year long a mutt for your collection!!!

The fiat tingle al the same tille it hot and heading up al radio ttationt rodven in Puerto Rico arid the U. We're sure thai thit album ill definitely take Edgar Joel to the top af the tropical music talet chart.

Llamenos hoy mismo para mas informacion y reciba su catalago gratis. More than a dozen business categories. The largest coverage of artists and their representatives in the Latin market to be found anywhere in the world.

All listings updated and reviewed for A must buy to reach the Latin music market! An ad program kicks in Monday 7 , complemented with price discounts and prominent in- store displays. Behar reckons that the success of the "Latin Classics" campaign will be fueled by retail accounts that "will aggressively carry the prod- uct, so that when the consumer goes in and makes that impulsive purchase, it's my catalog in there and not somebody else's.

The albums are due out in early ' Producer K. The lyrics were penned, by the w f ay, by Luis Angel. Too-much timbalera Sheila E. Michael Jackson will embark on his first Latin American jaunt in October. Madonna may not be far be- hind. A FflAA certification for sales of 1 million units. Special discount program commences June 7, Contact your local CEMA representative and place your order today!

TALK forefront starsong 21 weeks at No. A RIAA certification for sales of 1 million units with each additional million indicated by a numeral following the symbol. All albums available on cassette and CD. If that's indeed the case — and Norman's health has been giving him trouble for the past decade — then this is a major loss.

The iconoclastic, often reclusive Norman dominates the early Jesus Music scene. But his recent songs are just as powerful, just as convicting, just as in- furiating. Alas, much of his seminal early work is out of print. This would be a great time to begin a systematic rere- lease on CD of some of his classic projects.

Christian rec- ord company execs — I'm talking to you! Get well, big guy. You're still the best. Continuing our sports metaphor, several CCM artists have switched teams in recent weeks. Sweet, of course, was a member of the best-selling Christian metal group, Stryper, when it had a couple of platinum and gold albums for the Enigma label which was distributed in the Christian marketplace by Benson.

Sweet's first Benson release should be out in the first quarter of " Star Song also nabbed two important artists with the inking of distribution deals with Forefront techno-house act Code Of Ethics and John P. Kee and Kee's gospel- oriented Tyscot label. Kee is one of the best-selling art- ists in gospel music and beefs up Star Song's presence in that market segment considerably. The latter chronicles the couple's loss of five children through miscarriages and early births and their grief, searching, and ultimately, renewed and strengthed faith.

Now when artists come in, their managers come in first, beating me over the head and saying, TVhere can you take us? I be- lieve anybody can do something original if you get in touch with yourself. Soundtrack, "The Bodyguard," Arista, 8 million. Eric Clapton, "Unplugged," Re- prise, 6 million. Linda Ronstadt. Drc, "The Chronic," Inter- scope, 2 million. Sade, "Love Deluxe," Epic, 2 mil- lion.

Dwight Yoakam, "This Time," Reprise, his sixth. Arrested Development, "Unplugged," Chrysalis, its second. Confederate Railroad, "Confed- erate Railroad," Atlantic, its first. C, "Walk This Way," Profile, its second. Assistance in preparing this story was provided by Carrie Borzilh. Then he'd say, "Shun, you better watch out for Leslie, she's catching up.

Then he'd say, 'Les- lie, watch out for Lydia, she's coming up,' " says sister Les- lie. Today, they're all coming up — all eight of them. Evi- dence of that is "U Know," their debut release on Savoy Records. It was more than 10 months ago that the album found its top 10 slot on top gospel sales charts, and it has remained there.

Says Leslie, 'The older sisters really love the traditiona] while the younger half leans more toward contemporary. With that mixture, we can reach a lot of people and hope to be around a long time. A far cry from when the sisters, who range in age from 19 to 35, were told they wouldn't make it.

But my mother instilled in us the belief that what- ever you're going through, when it's your time to come up, you'll come up, no matter what. We've been singing the songs on this album for years. Now, everybody's receiving them like [they're brand new]. It's just our time. Nearly 9, flocked into the 10,seat arena to hear John P. Robinson's gospel extravaganza punctuates the trend of gospel retailers expanding beyond traditional boundaries. Monies generated aided Robinson in the purchase of a radio station, to be fully operational in October, under the call letters WGOD.

Shanachie Entertainment re- leases two new companion projects from Spirit Feel Pro- ductions. Earle Hines. The collec- tions span recordings from through Notes: c ongratulations to Marvin Winans on the fourth anniversary of his Detroit-based Perfecting Church, marked by weeklong convocation services May Jerry Mannery takes over as director of the gospel division at Malaco Records.

Mannery had assisted former director Frank Williams before his death in March. For the past four years, this Richmond- based TV producer has used the magic of television to bring the "Tropical Beat" of reggae music to viewers around the country.

Miami viewers who subscribe to Storer Cable began re- ceiving the show May 29, a major coup for Warner and the artists she pro- grams. At that time, she forged rela- tioaships with the late Bob Marley and his family, the late Peter Tosh, Burn- ing Spear, and Inner Circle, all of whom are well represented in the "Tropical Beat" mix.

It is Warner's long-standing link with the reggae community that lends "Tropical Beat" its personal flair. Her access to rare footage of Marley en- hanced a birthday special she recently produced in his honor, and her historic perspective about the development of the genre gives her insights that few- other programmers share.

She is pictured here with members of the group Aswad. Photo: Richard A. Williams they work and it's so great to see them achieve success. The secret is bee pollen, she reveals. Warner hosts the weekly, hourlong program in the guise of her alter-ego, "Mona. The mood at "Tropical Beat" is light, positive, and inspirational.

Music television, Warner notes, is a powerful tool to educate people and break down cultural barriers. I haven't made any money off this show, but I figure if I'm going to work this hard, I might as well love it. John Hopgood produced the clip. Arturo Smith directed photography on the shoot; Tom Pi- cirillo produced.

Tom Forrest produced. Asym- metrical Productions produced in conjunction with the II. We have been working on this Ideal for nine months. We've tried every which way to sort it out to where we can build it up and get the deal going, including structur- ing deals with cable dis- tributor. It is specializing in cutting-edge music, and I am always interested in that.

There are no game shows ami otter things in between. One of the possible test for- mats— get this — could feature music videos 24 hours per day. What a con- cept in music television! The majority of stations will begin airing shows in mid-June. Michael Bolton opens the segment PBS series.

Mike Edwards from Jesus Jones hosted. Now we've made it more valuable by listing "new adds" for the five monitored stations. The BDS- monitored playlists rank clips pro- grammed diaing the week prior to the publication of each Issue of Billboard. The "new adds" now listed below the rankings are reported to Billboard for the week ahead.

In other chart news: Ever since Billboard's Top Music Video Sales chart began using SoundScan data April 24, the top of the chart has un- dergone an intriguing realignment. And in other Billboard news: The magazine's fifth annual song contest has added a music video cate- gory to the competition. Entrants are welcome to. Dre, and Duran Duran. DC 1 Mary j.

That's The Way It's Alright 25 P. Ton,' Tone!. Should' ve Been A Blame It On Your.. A Bad.. Queen Of. More Where That.. Shame Shame It You're Not..

Daddy Laid The Fly Me South m Continuous programming Broadway. Dawn, Looking Through. Mc Knight. Is It Like Today? She Talks To Angels 47 U2. Mysterious Ways 48U2. Tht Heart of Country 30 hours weekly Oprytand Dr. Dance With The..

Under The Light,.. NY 1 Janet Jackson. Somebody To.. McK night. OH The Ground 8 Expose. Don't Take Away Love Shack 24 Steve Winwood. Who Let In The Can t Help Falling In I Get Around 95 South. Kid Rock. Falling In Love Onyx. Slam " r. Tor te 5 Da Nite Silk.

ABC- M. Taylor Dane, Can't Get Enough. Walk Outside. Michael Jackson. Who Is It? Run D. Down With The King Silk. Paul McCartney. Truganini Whitney Houston, Star Spangled. White Heart. I'm Gonna Be. Truganini PJ Harvey, 50 Ft. Janet Jackson. That's The Way. Lyle Lovett. North Dakota Ramsey Lewis. People Make The. Are station newspeo- ple too lazy in searching out other sources of information?

Those are the questions raised by a recent article in Bolton Research Corp. Rosin, who thinks "The Nation's Newspaper" translates to radio morning shows so well precisely be- cause of its coast-to-coast scope, along with its "breezy, blurby" writ- ing style, warns stations that depend- ence on USA Today is bad business.

With stations desperately needing to differentiate themselves in an in- creasingly crowded broadcast field, he argues that following the pack is the wrong move. During the last 10 years, the num- ber of local news-gathering teams, particularly at music stations, has shrunk, according to David Barlett, president of the Radio-Television News Directors Assn.

That has translated into a greater need for newswire-type information. During the early hours of each day, that in- formation is sent via the ABC net- work to its affiliates, giving the air staff access to USA Today stories be- fore the paper even hits the news- stands. The idea that condensed versions of USA Today dispatches represent the key source for many radio audi- ences no doubt makes some news ed- itors queasy.

Frank Raphael, VP of line net- work programming for ABC, explains the network's job is to deliver as many news tools as possible to the af- filiates. It is then up to the individual stations to make the most of those tools.

Rosin agrees, and places the blame squarely on radio and its lackadaisical approach to news. I'm just concerned about [radio's] single- source attitude. Tuttle Co. Since birth, the girl has lived with Twilley's ex-wife. If anyone hadn't guessed, this latest nonblessed biography of the appar- ently never-alone Rolling Stone is far from highbrow entertainment That's not the complaint It's also somewhat short on the low- down: There's not much here that's fresh, and less that's truly daring we're talking rock'n'roll, after all.

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Nov 19,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Grupo Mazz - Cachito YouTube Jimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo Mazz - Quiero Volar feat Elida Reyna and David Lee Garza (Video Oficial) - Duration: freddierecordstv 4,,

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Standing Ovation (It's A Killer) on Discogs.5/5(1).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Mazz - Standing Ovation (It's A Killer) at Discogs. Complete your Mazz collection.5/5(1).
  3. Explore releases from Mazz at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Mazz at the Discogs Marketplace.
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  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Mazz on Discogs. Label: Santos Records (4) - santos • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Latin • Style: Tejano5/5(3).
  6. Jan 23,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - MAZZ Standing Ovation 02 Cachito YouTube Joe Lopez Y Mazz En Concierto Live - McAllen, TX - Cachito - Cumbitas - Duration: Tejano2DaBone.
  7. MAZZ Vinyl Records and CDs. This Grammy-winning group (three Latin Grammys and a regular one!) are considered one of the premier Tejano groups in the U.S., thanks in large part to the contributions of Jimmy Gonzalez. Lead vocalist Joe Lopez left the group in to start his own band.

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