Filtration - Government Alpha + Linekraft - Gloomy Rust (CD, Album)

Black noise experimental. A collection of sixteen tracks that have been culled from several planned but cancelled releases: the "Death Musick" split cassette with PTC tracks 1, 2 and 15 , the "Co.. Step by step improving and challenging himself to rise to new heights. Hurtcore harsh noise cut up. While being compilation, mastered to CD format it sounds as solid noise album. Full color digipak. Many such an.. To me this material sounds like Endon has taken some of the traditional Japanese noise like Hijokaidan.

While at most wildest Hijokaidan would combined free-music.. Nearly an hour of suggestive "border" music, equally divided between the relaxing and ambient atmospheres contaminated..

Edition of ! Limited edition of hand-numbered copies on CD in metal boxes including page boo.. Limited edition of hand-numbered copies on CD, jewel ca.. Black pulses guide through a Lovecraftian void of murk horror and total darkness. Following a recent Hanson Records cas.. The m.. Quiet and relaxing. Ground Fault Recordings.. Full length CD of Eric Lunde combines noise and concept art. From fierce tape recycling to field recordings, spoken word, digital edge meeting harsh analogue damage.

Unique quality of Eric Lunde.. Including the material of the 7" and double 7" releases and 20 minutes live performance only existing in form of VHS. These both originally released in by RRRecords, documenting sonic terra..

These both originally released in Some bonus material from very limited tape that was available.. Eskatozoa's sound is rooted in the abyssal depths of the early universe and extends as far as the most distant future. Hurled across millions of ages, experience the darkness of a photon-devouri.. Since then. Jeremy Bamber Ta.. Greek Bill provides the hits! Feedback squelches and toe-breaking barrel experiments! Audio vomit, Brighton style. Comes in PVC sleeve with insert and tissue.

Turgid Animaldiscount prices on all noise.. This could be said to be the band's first proper.. Frail and delicate ambient atmospheres, clusters of rarefied piano notes lying on discreet drones, soft and evanescent clarinet riffs, suggesting and catching natural sounds Light and ethereal past..

Inspired by A. Tarkovsky "Stalker" movie Based on samples from the original movie. Constructed March - May First full length CD from Texas industrial noise project Filth. On The House of Concrete Faces, Filth brings together a blend of industrial based beats and distorted synth to produce a compositi.. Since resuming recording this past Autumn.

Drawing a.. Siberian madness! Crude and nasty basement Power Electronics. Folkstorm returns to follow up the successful album "Ortodox" with another crushing assault on your senses.

This time Nordvargr pushes the sound even further and adds a more classic songst.. Long awaited, finally Folkstorm returns with a new full length assault in the classic orthodox Swedish industrial style - no computers or modern tricks, just old analogue junk and a pissed off giant t..

Imagine yourself by a campfire underneath the open sky, far away from the rattling of society. Nearby you notice a raven spreading its wings; croaking as it solemnly stares out across the surround.. Nine tracks, about 43 minutes of finest Finnish noise and industrial sounds. Deep perforations into electronic territories, burning trails of.. Sections of complex deep sound work juxtaposed with stillness in this 43 minute epic of sophisticated industrial environments full of suspense and engaging darkness.

At times. He is a true underground figure, the fighter of invisible front, who realized a number of project.. Pick 3 items normally 8 euro each for 20 euro price. Mention in order comment section which titles you pick! Weight of 3 items is equal to one normal CD. So shipping of 5 euro iternational is valid.. Show: 25 50 75 Quick View. Hau Ruck.. Aarniaallot : Koskelle CD Aarniaallot is not really band name, but publishing company. Aarniaallot: Soutu cd Aarniaallot is not really band name, but publishing company.

Aarniaallot: Tulilla cd Aarniaallot is not really band name, but publishing company. AKALA "the end of the beginning"-cd.. Astromero "Astromero 2" 3xCD Now available again, many c. Aube "Imagery Resonance" cd recordings of Aube Autumn Wind Productions BRUME "landed" 3"cd in dvd size frame packaging, edition of CCCC "chaos is the cosmos"-cd japanese cult noise band.. Cisfinitum "Industriewerke " cd Industrial ambient project of russian musician Eugene Voronovsky.

Cisfinitum "o vs o" cd Industrial ambient project of russian musician Eugene Voronovsky. Citalopram Shunyata - "Vanilla Bloodshame" CD First full-length album of the Scatmother side-project dedicated to murky, textured and harsh , rumbling Noise. Limited copies. Colossloth "Plague Alone" cd When these tracks were recorded in spring-summer , when the prophetic album title was set in stone, who knew what turbulence the world would undergo, what social isolation we would endure.

White, in glass frame!.. DVD size digipak covers, pro CD From Russia Da-Sein "Mirror Touch" CD With their latest album, Da-Sein are well on their way, have made some live appearances in front of diverse audiences, and have been gathering experience. This release still carries all of the marks of recordings coming from Gordon, but with a more electro-acoustic streak.

Old school Cali harsh noise done right. Focus on timing and attention to lingering detail. Two side-long tracks. Sickness pulses of the analog synth, stomy feedbacks of heavy electronics, inundation of metal grind noise. Edition of The source material is presented in Discord 1, which was made up of sounds from a gutted upright piano, which was then amplified repeatedly until the desired result was achieved.

The remaining movements were created using the same source material, but manipulated accordingly through various means. Another process in regards to the development of the work is that each movement is increasingly amplified. A two second pause occurs in between each movement. For maximum effect, it is advised that volume is not adjusted at any point during this side of the tape.

This piece is dedicated to Greg Garbage, whose work with cassettes and sound has inspired me to complete these pieces. The cassette consists of four tracks, one of which was recorded at Obscurex container and the other three were recorded at BU bunker. If you have had the pleasure of seeing Nate perform live you know that he is known for destroying giant metal chicken feeders with a power drill, and his recorded noise output is no less harsh.

On this tape Nate opts for a more subtle and dirty approach — the sound of airplane engines buzzing along then failing due to interference from unknown entities. Degraded atmospheres accompanied with minimal rhythms. Subversive and fractured. This project is dedicated to analysis of new world order and related conspiracy theories.

First full length of this USA based power electronics project, featuring all stars of the scene. Anti war, anti new world order album. Fecalove ranges from violent cut-up harshness to eerie field recordings, everything here being among his best material. SSRI goes from looped minimalism to extreme, almost glitchy harshness and back. Slightly unusual material from this project un known best for lo-fi noise recyclings. This issue is easily solved with proper volume knob usage by the listener.

Artwork by Tisbor. Professionally duplicated tapes with bodyprints. Francsico Meirino flawlessly mixes concrete field recordings with the most abstract sounds gathered from the field recordings themselves, but also from failing electronics, magnetic fields, room acoustics, raw drones.

Francisco is nothing if not a virtuoso of source material. This is a journey through a shapeless world. The new phase of GRIM is start from here. Available exclusively from GSR! Heavy fuckin metal! Very heavy sounding, near non-stop, loud Harsh Power Electronics.

Pro-duplicated tapes. Limited to 55 copies. Every copy comes with a safety pin, and a small, handwritten note of the purpose of this object.

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The live experience throws these methods up the air, cranks up the volume and adds a visceral, seething human presence before letting it fall all over the audience. Despite the excessive use of electronics and processing, the over-riding feeling is one of a raw, ecstatic communion with the music, a million miles from sterile "electronica" Here is a musician issuing records and giving concerts all over the world.

He is dealing with creating and alternative experimental electronic music. His work takes on various interesting forms, we will focus on his dark ambient side. A very technical album, titled 'The Great Disintegrator' which was created between and It will appeal not only to listeners of industrial music but also to those who like well-developed musical episodes. The general climate sucks the listener in from the very first second.

What happens next, consequently confirms the first fascination. Beyond the borders and even further - into the void of all perception. This is such a strange journey that you do what the artist wants.

You will use his items, but it will be interesting for you and you will see how much you will be satisfied. You will start to enhance yourself. Packaged in exclusive 2-panel digipack. Graphics based on Paint of Iwona Murawska - young, great painter.

His debut album relies mostly on processed shellac and vinyl loops, field recordings and assorted instruments gamelan, organs, guitars, pianos among others to forge 8 tracks of surreal ambience and crackling grooves. The carefully constructed arrangements make this more than just a patchwork of random sounds and the pieces even have a somewhat bittersweet and emotional quality to them.

Last but not least, the tracks linger just long enough to leave an impression without wearing out their welcome. Kristian Olsson has compiled the latest album Behind Thee Bars of the sound recording sessions, while Harii was still on the rampage in freedom, and so far it seems it may be the strongest album BOTC ever made. The tracks contain brutal vocals of both Harii and Kristian, very intense lo-fi noise, and morbid samples of trash films.

Most probably because the sound in Blood Ov Thee Christ project is mainly managed by Kristian himself. Only a man and a rack full of devices.

Jewel case. So no wonder that his debut album "Injection" is an explosive mixture of harsh electro tracks "Liar", "Impact" and pure EBM "Selfless", "Dreams" , which can go directly to club dancefloors.

Special surprise for the lovers of more mild techno-pop - one of the tracks "Fulfillment" features Darrin Huss from Psyche on vocals. The base of it's music goes back to my childhood spent in a small village of Gremikha in Murmansk region, located at the shore of the Batents Sea picturesque nature of tundra, hills, polar nights, northern lights, blizzards Northern ambient - because I grew on far north surrounded by severe but indescribably beautiful nature: tundra, hills, snowy white spaces, snowstorms and the most picturesque natural phenomenon - northern lights Northern ambient is my outlet, this is a kind of tribute to that unforgettable moments of my life which are unlikely to return.

These words say everything about the climate of this material. Yield is the most metal from all industrial, or the most industrial from metal productions of Different State.

In their musical work, Geid and Dega build the atmosphere reminding of a horrible nightmare where the future can be glimpsed only in eerie fragments of the past. The new post-apocalyptic world is bizarre and hopeless, therefore, the surviving people dream to wake up.

Sadly, the dream would not go away. That is a new reality with no existential meaning, an absolute dead-end that has destroyed the majority and made the surviving ones wish for death. The message of the album authors, like the films of the Russian director, is crystal clear: the dream is soon set to become the only prospect of the human civilisation.

Moreover, it is a clear warning that we have come to the limit. Once we step over the line, there is no way back. The first Dissecting Table recordings are quite unique in the Japanese Industrial scene, as the band was working with very concrete rhythms and screaming voices and they even had dark and slow songs, which was completely untypical for this time and region.

Nimbus is the debut full length; chock full of enough sinister beats and atmospheric noise-scapes to seriously mess up your face. By harnessing the power of hot wired mixers alongside countless other home made electronics, Dreamcatcher has no trouble carving out a distinct sound. An interstellar combination of cosmic proportions This is Dreamcatcher.

The artwork and sound both depict images of decay, ruins and of places still haunted by the ghosts of past and nameless conflicts. Tense and brooding at time, serene at others, but always executed with a purpose. Released on Propergol's home label, Hermetique. Ego Death - overdrived noise a la "vent shaft in a milling shop". Actually this album is an invitation to find some misty places in your dreams Frail and delicate ambient atmospheres, clusters of rarefied piano notes lying on discreet drones, soft and evanescent clarinet riffs, suggesting and catching natural sounds Light and ethereal pastel-coloured musical plots Wonderful ambient stuff from these two Russian artists in the same vein of some of Harold Budd's works These are the incessant and uncontrollable screams of a deified ego mired in its own fallacies, of the pious and the possessed, of hypocrisy and holocaust, of resurrection and insurrection, of suffocating paranoia and immaculate deception, a final descent into a mind consumed with lies left to putrefy since youth, a head first plummet into the burning depths of malignant neuroses where the borders between reality and aberration have been razed, a maelstrom of auditory hallucinations and recurring apocalyptic nightmares.

All tracks are indeed intricate, complex and original sound fabrics. Each frequency, sample or rhythmic we hear in them has been composed by the author himself without the use of any other source. Some tracks are in drone style, others in ambient, while the third contain dynamic, elemental rhythm. However, all tracks in the album have one common trait - they cannot be compared to anything else you heard before.

Even the general mood of the album, although it is very close to human emotions, is practically indescribable in words. Most probably the title of Nameless Islands has been purposefully chosen for this musical journey, so that various listeners could explore and discover their unique vision emerging from the play of sounds.

Edited in May This format lends itself well to the implementation of a maximum of ideas within a minimum of space. Clocking it at under 20 minutes on the cd player, this release proposes a journey that is indeed short but full of variations. Here is an excellent introduction for this promising artist from Montreal. Influenced by the post-industrial universe as well as the minimal or noisy avant-garde, Grkzgl strings 6 pieces together, which represent so many micro-adventures, interrelated and presented in an uninterrupted fashion, the whole forming an entity driven by multiple jolts.

His ingredients? Spacious ambiences, cracklings originating from everywhere and nowhere, short-circuits, underlying hummings, psychoactive noise …one already feels, upon the first moments, the presence of each of the many sound components which will compose this mini-album. Except that in the very beginning, each one goes its own way …and very soon, the unison happens, all particles and corpuscles meet with each other and, in concert, all those elements lay the foundations, terribly structured and chaotic at the same time, of a universe that is whacked-out but full of a constant lucidity and direction.

The various preferred sound sources of the artist are, of course, triturated and recycled in a peculiar way, resulting in organic abstractions that are carefully thought out, evocative, evolutionary and saturated. After flirting with American Tympanic Audio, [haven] comes back to the Polish market. The fifth album of one of the most interesting projects on the Polish independent scene released on Zoharum - [haven]'s 'Amity'.

The new album can be quite a challenge for the current [haven] fanbase. Spiced up with oriental melodies and beautiful voice of Magda Glocka, it constitutes an attractive alternative for listeners from the outside of the independ music circle.

The former move from cavernous noise ambient to aggressive tribal pieces, while Marspiter sticks to a subterranean form of neoclassical with a restrained and buried sound suitable for the epic movies of yore. A nice combination that covers a fair amount of sonic ground. Last track is a percussive avantguard industrial. Avantguard work referring to the recordings from ies. Jewel case, cardboard cover, silkscreened print, band's autograph, vellum insert. DVD-box with inserts.

First long track nearly 29 minuites - samples of traffic controllers and recordings of rail station stmospheres interlaced in mild yet persistent substance, balancing between melody and drone, merging altogether into an unhurried ambiental soundscape.

Second track features same kind of melody combined with wave-like celestial noise creating more active and cosmic feeling. Fuelled by the rage of sonic power-houses like Whitehouse and Brighter Death Now, they recorded a demo tape that landed them a deal with Cold Meat Industry. Immediately upon its arrival, "The Red Album" was met by great enthusiasm as it breathed new life in a genre gone quite stagnant at the time.

Also the monochrome cover designs that IRM chose to work with stood in stark contrast to the cheap shock tactics that had infested the power electronics scene for so long. On subsequent landmark albums such as "Oedipus Dethroned" and "Virgin Mind" IRM honed their sound and dug deeper into the maze of the human psyche, while in parallell both Bladh and Jarl have explored new aestetic avenues with diverse solo projects.

Now when looking back, it is perfectly clear that IRM have fulfilled and surpassed all the expectations that the release of "The Red Album" promised. More than ten years down the road, the adolescent debutants have become the revered minstrels of industrial gospel. It-Clings vs. Not exactly the "hearing faint voices inside your head" kind either, this is more like inviting a spiteful cynic with a megaphone to rant away to his heart's content from the comfort of inside your cranium.

From lucid observations to over-the-top diatribes, there's thankfully enough black humor in here to keep it from turning into a neurotic moan fest. You'll also find out more about a new creative use for a spoon. In terms of music, Erik Jarl remains loyal to his original but dismal style.

Very long, hypnotic tracks convey unbearable, depressing and morbid states of human psyche. The composer remains loyal to the style he propagates. Slow, very heavy and dismal sound waves grip the listeners and take them into the colourless, uncanny and morbid world. Like the previous ones, this album reminds a person who could earlier see the colours but became colour blind and in order to adapt to the new situation has to understand familiar yet irreversibly changed signs anew.

The aesthetics of Erik Jarl's sonic decoration is like always very austere and merciless, however, it is marked by endless charm resulting from especially sensitive and subtle construction. Regular edition in digipak, limited to copies. The magic number thirteen may imply that the album contains anything special… However, let us leave these considerations for the numerological masturbators.

All Jarl's albums smack of enormous and refined weariness. This is already the thirteenth album and this is the thirteenth tomb on your little grave, this is the thirteenth swing of the spade with the soil onto your coffin. The coffin sealing you off with all your squeaks of madness from the outside. The coffin doomed to choke you out of your life.

This is an existential coffin with existential suffocation caused by unbearable, morbid and monotonous reality embodied in the sounds of the album. This is the ice in which you are frozen and where, beholding the inexhaustibility of the infinity, you may neither move, nor speak or even wink.

So, you are that mechanical toy paralysed by sadist existence. Jarl is a ghost monotonously repeating this to you, so do not expect anything hopeful from the thirteenth master's album.

Nor from the fourteenth that is still to be composed. Nor from the fifteen either. Suffer because you are worth it! Like the earlier albums, this one generates particularly severe emotions that could be shortly defined as isolation, intoxication and especially negative, poisonous intuition.

This impression is enhanced by the contrast. Erik opens the album with a track that has a construction uncharacteristic to his previous compositions. This composition contains quite strange rhythmics and is rather dynamic, which generates deceptive elation.

This is one more remarkable album for potential suicides. Active in fields of electronic music since Andrey is a cross-genre experimental sound artist combined acoustic and digital aesthetics, tiny melodies and noise.

This material was recorded live on If there's a comparative point of reference for Kotra , it's Carsten Nicolai's Alva Noto whose material is also inhumanly cold yet rhythmically funky too.

Coming out from the ashes of multiple rock, progressive, blues and metal bands, Christian Lecompte joins forces with Simon Thibaudeau's oscillated and noiseful world. Witness the birth of Low End Ensemble. We promise no knobs to be left unturned, no feedback left unheard and rumble that would make an earthquake feel ashamed. Treasures unfold over the 4 long tracks that compose this first official production …In the end, a disc that is more atmospheric than full-on noise.

Now the circle is closed and this CD represents the pieces almost in the same order as they were created. The album reflects a certain period of creativity and especially author's interest in proto-Eurasian cultures. This dose of music of nearly one hour emanates strong and solid atmosphere that grows, develops and changes during each exquisitely constructed track.

The notional indexes of the album touch upon a variety of religious aspects. Yet, they all are related to violence in religion and religion as an arcane or masked violator acting in informational reality.

Auditory Hallucination Of Drowsy Afternoon. Tune of Oblivion. Impregnable Storm. Seventh Continent. Subtle Drugs. Gloomy Rust. The Oranda Nippon Conspiracy. Into the Stupor.

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  4. escdGOVERNMENT ALPHA / LINEKRAFT [Gloomy Rust] cd /$11 /¥ *split/collaboration by japanese artists. industrial junk noise style escdGOVERNMENT ALPHA / TORTURING NURSE [Countercurrent] cd /$11 /¥
  5. Top CD Stubs; Documentation Gloomy Rust: Government Alpha + Linekraft: 1: The Oranda Nippon Conspiracy: Obscure Pulsation: Government Alpha: 1: Album + Compilation. Year Title Artist Rating Releases; 記憶の解像度 Resolution of Remembrance – Government Alpha: 1.
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