Found A Cure (Mood II Swing Original Vocal Mix) - Various - Massive # 1 (CD)

Hed Kandi: Back to Love Ministry of Sound: Anthems: 90s. Top Of Lounge Bar. Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Guide. Twix Party Mix, Volume 3. Cafe Mambo: Cultura Ibiza. Chartmix 8. Saturday Night Club Classics. Dancefloor Anthology By FG. Villa Papeete Club Selection. Pacha Ibiza Dance Anthems. New Kind of Medicine Remixes. Funky House Classics.

Maxima Reserva, Vol. HR3 Madhouse - 90er Dance Classics. Hed Kandi Back To Love. All 90's original 90s Classics. D:Vision Club Session Maxi Dance Sensation, Volume Top 40 Classics - Deel 2. Strictly Rhythm Est. Cream Club Classics. The Annual 15 Years. Strictly Rhythm Essentials.

Culture Anthems 90s - Ministry of Sound. Zouk Classics - Celebrating 20 Years of Music. Addicted to Bass Strictly Dirty South Unmixed Version. RFM Night Fever. Pacha Original House Anthems. Disco's Revenge "The Disco Collection". Ibiza Mix Dance Culture Dancefloor Generation By FG.

Summer Sessions Bargrooves: Bar Anthems, Vol. Classic House Divas. Wild Volume 5. Strictly Rhythm House Classics Pump It Up - 90s Classics. Strictly Classics: Miami. Strictly Rhythms, Vol. Ku De Ta Vol. Masterpieces The Finest Vocal House. House Party - Ministry of Sound. Found a Cure Part 1. Found A Cure Part I. Destination Dance, Volume 2. Amnesia: Ibiza Experience. Coca-Cola Hits 1. Dance to the Max House Classics. The 90's. Miami Contact Pure Energy, Volume 5. Club Rotation Volume 1.

Chartmix 1. Best of Summer. Sound Check 7. Everybody Dance: Tous les tubes dance des 90's. Club Fever. Pete Tong Classics. Disco Funk Dance Hits avec Hotmixradio. Winter Jam Descend from Heaven. Greatest Ever 90s Groove. Anthems House. Elite - Fashion Fantasy. Birras Mix. The Best Dance Album Ever. I Love the 90's Deluxe Box. House Every Weekend. Azuli Presents Ibiza House Anthems. The Electronic Music Anthology: House.

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RFM Night Fever Greatest Ever Nineties. Ministry of Sound: Anthems House. Topradio - De Schaamteloze , Vol. Deejay Time Reunion. I Love the 90s - Ministry of Sound. Reloaded Part 1-The Remixes. Reloaded Part 2-The Sugar Sessions Hits Classics. I Need House. Hed Kandi Classics. Selfish Love. Skitzmix 90's Anthems. Top of the Pops - Dance. Kadoc - The Night Sessions 2. Vintage Ibiza Classic Vol. Sensation - Celebrate Life: Copenhagen ' Dancefloor Hits Mix by FG.

Blanco y Negro Hits Clubbers Guide to Ibiza Strictly Bob Sinclar Mixed Version. Clubbers Guide Summer Strictly Bob Sinclar. Men's Health Playlist Workout Vol. Back to Eurodance, Vol. Studio Ibiza Topradio - De Schaamteloze - Volume 3. Ministry of Sound: The Annual 15 Years. Promo Only: Mainstream Club, May Dance Power 5. Electricidade New Kind of Medicine radio edit.

Free Mood II Swing edit. Free Full Intention dub. Automatic Tikaro J. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. The duo's production career began modestly, however. Early productions such as Sylvano's "Helpless" and Wall of Sound's "Critical" were a step in the right direction, as were releases such as "I Need a Bitch" for Cutting and "Searchin'" for Groove On, but it was the… read more. Related Tags deep house house soulful house lounge electronic Add tags View all tags.

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You may delete and block all cookies from this site but some elements may not work correctly. To find out more about online behavioural advertising or about the cookies we use and how to delete them, please refer to our privacy policy. By closing, you're agreeing to cookies being used in line with our Cookie Policy. Strictly Mood II Swing is a new 33 track collection of music from one of the most influential house music duos of all time.

She sang in church and studied medicine at the university in Baltimore. At weekends she went to clubs, where she met house music production team The Basement Boys. They started writing songs together, and released the album Blue Notes in the Basement. After she was dropped from the label, she signed Strictly Rhythm in New York.

The famous riff was played by Woody Pak, a friend of Springsteen. The title of the song came up completely random in the process of making a song that everyone could connect to.

From there, the single went on becoming a global hit. The gay community saw it as a song about empowerment and made it a huge anthem. The reviewer said, "This is a solid package from Curvve Recordings. An absolute crowd puller, and an essential release for any house DJ that is looking for something to fill up a dance floor in seconds. In the latter country, it reached number 4 during its second week on the UK Singles Chart , on June 15, In addition, it peaked within the top 30 in the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Sweden, the top 40 in Australia and Austria, and the top 50 in Germany.

On the Eurochart Hot , "Free" went to number 8 in September On the Billboard Hot , it managed to peak at number It was certified Gold in both France and United Kingdom, with respective sales of , and , There are two different edits of the video, with some different scenes.

Feb 19,  · Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix) · Ultra Naté Ultra Nate - Found A Cure Mood II Swing Extended Original Vocal Mix - .

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  1. Found A Cure (Untitled Mix) * Items below may differ depending on the release. Ultra Naté Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts.
  2. Found A Cure (Mood II Swing Radio Mix) Various - Cyber Active - The Final Edition ‎ (2xCD, Comp) PolyGram Belgium, PolyGram Belgium, PolyGram Belgium, Antler-Subway , ,
  3. Jul 07,  · Found a Cure (Full Intention Club Mix) Found A Cure Mood II Swing Extended Original Vocal Mix - Duration: Massive Mellow Mix - - Duration:
  4. 1. Mood II Swing 'Need Your Love' (Lem Springsteen Unreleased Mix) 2. Mood II Swing 'Dance Now' 3. Mood II Swing 'Need Your Love' (John Ciafone What Mix) 4. Mood II Swing 'Runaway' 5. Mood II Swing 'Dance Now' 6. Mood II Swing 'Praise Him' 7. Mood II Swing 'Sexy Whisper' 8. Chronic Chapter II 'Keep On Pushing Harder' (The Swing Vocal Mix) 9.
  5. Check out Mood II Swing on Beatport. Check out Mood II Swing on Beatport. Genres. Afro House; Bass House; Big Room; Free Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix Mood II Swing, $ 3. Move Me Original Mix Mood II Swing Music For Your Ears. $ 4. Ohh Original Mix Mood II Swing, John Ciafone Groove On. $ 5. Rushing Mood II.
  6. 1 – Stacey Chandler: All Of My Life (Funky Mix) 2 – Ultra Naté: Found A Cure (Mood II Swing Original Vocal Mix) Producer – Mood II Swing: 3 – 49'ers* Let The Sunshine In (Extended Mix) 4 – Mark Van Dale With Enrico: Waterverve (DJ Quicksilver Remix) Remix – DJ Quicksilver: 5 – Disco Blu: Alright (String.
  7. Found A Cure (Mood II Swing Original Vocal Mix) Producer – Mood II Swing: – Jay Williams: Get On Up (KJ's Dub Mix) Remix – KJ (5) – The Face (3) Needin' U (Original Mistake Mix) – Jestofunk: Stellar Funk (Funk'N'Space Vocal Mix) Vocals – Cinda Ramseur: – Fire Island: Shout To The Top (Fire Island Extended Mix.
  8. Mood II Swing is John Ciafone and Lem Springsteen, a duo of American producers from New York, who produce house, deep house and garage Sites:, SoundCloud, Facebook,, YouTube,, Wikipedia.

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