Is It Like My Dil-Doe? (Tribal Bonus) - Eddie Lock - Ibiza Club Classics Vol 3 (Cassette)

In the meantime, Volker. Please check out their other musical undertakings as Echoel and Goodmemory. The New York indie disco crew delivers their third song to the Berlin dancefloor label. This is just a warm up! The boy wonder from down under, Slamb, delivers his first solo EP, packing three booty poppin' summer jams. In Addition , the - stunning - Mixing brings back the "Front" itself and must be heard by old and , most of all, new fans , all over.

When I was teenager on the outskirts of Frankfurt in the very early nineties - and before the name Klaus Stockhausen rang a bell - Boris Dlugosch was not only at the helm of said club, but also one of Germany's finest purveyors of house music. Front was his home as well as the playground for a colourful bunch of club kids from all walks of life.

Its roots went back to the eighties as a gay club and it branched out to anyone who couldn't - even dance straight '. The rumours about this club were strong enough to get people like Playhouse's Ata on a road trip and have youngsters like me fantasizing about it. The musical menu during that time was the monster house sound from the US and the UK that rotated deepness with hysteric glamour.

Of course, Front's sound was finely nuanced. Boris Dlugosch learned his craft from Klaus Stockhausen, who stopped his DJ career in because - as he told me in an interview about ten years later - - every Bratwurst wanted to be a DJ all of a sudden' to pursue a career as fashion editor and stylist. On the contrary, the sound of Front is one of the most interesting, you will ever lend your ears, too.

So, why a Front mix and compilation 21 years after the club closed its doors On the one hand, because it's story hasn't been told yet and it's worth telling. On the other one, German clubs like Robert Johnson or Berghain - as divergent as they might are - both resemblance Front's spirit, diversity and musical open mindedness. And finally, because dancing is still fun. Spread over a double-CD and two compilation LPs that are mainly chronological, Klaus Stockhausen and Boris Dlugosch picked and mixed some of the club's most cherished records and sweetest moments.

This is the sound of Front. And even, if I was never able to move my feet on its dance floor, I for one would be a very different DJ without it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Gerd Janson. The combination of pride, anxiety and anticipation is almost unbearable. In the end, you get to hold your own record in your hands and realize this could be the start of something beautiful. One of the best UK producer is back on Robsoul Recordings!

Incredible spirit!!!! Release comes in Red or Black Cover! Straight outta kampen It's that time again! Be enlighted by this divine four tracker, out of the windy dunes from mystic island. They say all good things comes in threes, and with the marking of Nachtbraker's 3rd release for Heist, we can confirm this universal truth once again. Maurits Verwoerd comes back to Heist with more dancefloor muscle than ever before, and shows us great development of his sound: while keeping his unconventional drum patterns and love for the deeper side of house, he adds some filtered funk flavor along the way.

Add his loose sense of arrangement and changeovers, and it's still anything but straightforward. The B- side gets nice and weird with 2 versions of Intermezz l ow, the one being a lovely textured interlude and the other a rough drum workout built around the same theme. When we asked Maurits who he wanted to have as a remixer, he suggested he'd do a remix himself.

We knew better than to argue with him, and since he is who he is, we're not entirely surprised he came up with a great dubbed out acid-tinged flip of 'Gotta act to react'. This EP really shows Nachtbraker's steady rise and will most likely take him out of the shadows he so enjoys, into headline territory and we're glad to support him in this journey.

Two banging original cuts plus a dancefloor dub version of the title track by PJ himself, for an effective 3-track EP. The series 2 of NewYork House Edits. He opened the store with a sparse selection of Rock records but after crowds from the Paradise Garage started showing up he realized his market was with the house heads.

Sadly Vinylmania closed its doors in after almost 3 decades of business. Intangible Records and Soundworks presents another great re-issue! This record came originally out in and it will be now re-released with a bonus track. Terrence Parker found an unreleased version which will be included - a must have for all Detroit House lovers!

Special Vinyl edition for Gitex Audio. Corrugated Tunnel deliver us those 3 house gems that cannot be only digital. Sounds great, especially Four Beats. Will play on next week's show.

Dj Sneak : hola chica is my fav, others good too. Some of the finest tracks that edwin has produced so far. Fabrice : Thx richie hawtin : download for r hawtin francesco bonora : superb release, i really love it! Edwin it's a cool artist. Congrats Gitex! Thanks for the music! DJ Mag Espana : Nice! Ekko Chance McDermott : nice This follow up E. Duke tried to keep the tracks as close to the feeling of these pioneers, selecting the right drum machines, sounds, and overall vibe, but still keep the tracks fresh and not derivative.

Polarize : Quike is always quality sound, love this guy, mood track for moody people my pick this time but the whole release is excellent,. K7 Collective. A meditation on love, the intimate and personal offering is a product of turning their thoughts inward after time spent considering the state of the world and politics over the last year.

The third Cachai LTD comes from the Russian heavy weight Tripmastaz who almost single-handedly has been making Russia decidedly more funky over the last 10 years. Hitting the label's 15th year anniversary, Cr2 unleashes it's first of many releases to celebrate the occasion. The reactions on the dance floors speaks for itself! With a career spanning for more than 25 years, MC Feva is joined by household name Paul Rayner, a veteran electronic music producer known for his remixes of a multitude of artists including Visage, Ysa Ferrer, Mel Merio, Spagna.

Adelphi Music Factory return with a mahoosive, peak time, fist pumping piano house bomb that harnesses that signature spiritual feeling that they do oh so well. Rapturous, unadulterated ecstasy bottled up and ready to be unleashed at will. Big bassline mashup white label sampling Stevie Wonder and Omar. Fantastic DJ support!! S , exceptionally reuniting here for a big Mood2Swing revival moment, recalling the pioneering duo at their hypnotic best. Eskimo Twins stay faithful to the original while injecting some London acid chug and that ALFOS flavor while Mugwump finally rewrites his killer original with fellow partner DC Salas into an arpeggiated disco-techno monster digital- only.

All bases are duly covered with this summer package. Big Miz is back again with a massive self released track perfect for the dance floor. With rolling drums, skippy percussion and morphing synths this is sure to boot off. Also includes a banging remix on the flip from Mella Dee. Transatlantic legends Fast Eddie and Liquid in their debut release.

If you can remember that feeling of opening a brand-new, shrink-wrapped piece of USA house music vinyl then you are going to love this new release from Music Mondays. Get involved. Step to this, because when they're gone Warm Fiction proudly announces the label's third record from Floor Four abstract, yet classically-indebted sampler-house tracks suited to work out the club, or a daytime affair mark the artist's debut.

Raumakustik should be a notion - at the latest after their successful single "Glaub Mir Doch" this year. The duo from Dresden, Germany was always on the go in with several releases and remixes for Labels like Deich Records, Klang Gymnastik or Keimzelle. And right before they strike back with "Traumtanzen". This is pure dancefloor pleasure and already approved within the last months. We journeyed to this island in search of long-buried treasure and struck gold: four energetic gems from Curtin's unreleased archive circa Get ready to let loose.

As Pathway Traxx finds itself embarking on a dawn of maturity the now familiar colourful label welcomes in its 4th vinyl only release. This bright yellow vinyl 4th installment welcomes on board relative newcomer on the house scene, Amir Maglajlija a.

Amir delivers a truly sublime A-side with sprinkles of jazz influenced house and funk. He effortlessly intertwines melodic keys with jazzy horns whilst keeping things moving along nicely through his infectious drums and percussion.

Having released on the likes of Tomorrow is Now Kid, Swink and ALIVE Recordings to name but a few, its clear to see Manooz is a force to be reckoned with, and a name well-known for quality house productions. And last, but by certainly no means last, in typical Pathway Traxx style, they've saved the heavy weight banger for the last track on the B-side.

This out and out club ripper is delivered by close label friend and well renowned groove maker, Kezla. Expect nothing more and nothing less than Stripped back drums and a bone-shaking baseline! Taking inspiration from a vast musical sphere, the Munich-Vienna pair Jorkes are widely recognised for their open-minded and passionate approach to electronic music which is translated through their Freeride Millenium imprint and own unique productions.

Jorkes invite Live At Robert Johnson artist Massimiliano Pagliara and Philpot founder SoulPhiction aka Jackmate for remix duties which tops off this distinctive release highlighting the openness and sensibility of their musical philosophy.

Ivaylo is next up on his Bogota Records imprint with a pair of fresh new cuts that come complete with a remix from Hugo LX. Bulgarian native Ivaylo is based in Oslo, and has vast experience of the dance music industry, having continuously proving himself as an essential DJ and producer, most recently his release on Cassy's Kwench Records 'Ae Way'.

He delivers again here with Hausa, a deep roaming tune with a bassline that immediately lifts your energy. It makes for a back room track that is super tasteful and filled with warped synths and deft percussion that gets under your skin. Hugo LX serves up a tripe remix with tiny little sonic details, a spooky sense of late night mischief and neon melodies that really standout. Last of all, House Moult is a busier, more bristling cut with jostling drums and underlapping bass, an inventive sense of musical warmth and plenty of fresh ideas that are finished with an anthemic vocal that will get the crowd on their toes.

This is another standout EP from all concerned, and another great chapter of Bogota Records. A record that sits half way between house and hip hop, in terms of style and tempo. Another mighty fine Quintessetnials release that shows all the talent of Greymatter! Burek family welcomes Detroit house don Javonntte into their circle with four infectious house bangers spread across the whole spectrum of the genre.

This record has something for each part of the night, from the easy mood setting vibes to soulful bangers and straight up jacking peak time tracks that will make you sweat. This pure head-bang house track will give you a run for your money. A side is concluded with 'Journey', a proper soulful house track which keeps all of its energy in spite of a slightly more subtle approach.

Closing track 'Enter The Disco' is a slower, disco-sampled jam, perfect for that in-between time in the club when the action's about to happen. KosmoramaDisco Vol. This is a follow up of what the label it's been trying to show in the last 2 years. For this we have a new bunch of artists which music styles fit again with the philosophy and taste of the label: from Italo to Dark Disco and Slow Mo all wrapped, as usual, in club dancing format.

New York producer and pianist Eric Maltz lives in Berlin. He produces and mixes his music in a simple, subtle and elegant way and puts his music out on his own label - Flower Myth. In , Eric Maltz released his first record on Levon Vincent's Novel Sound, including the splendid 'We Have Power', an ode to freedom and celebration of life, featuring the warm vocals of Peruvian Cristina Valentina.

On the brooding rhythmic dancefloor, Cristina's voice opens up and reminds of the power of a meaningful lyric, how a loving message can touch the heart ever so strongly. Over the past year, 'We Have Power' has become a permanent fixture in the Possible Futures record bag. The two had to learn more about Eric and Cristina.

A hot groover rooted in a rich NY House tradition, featuring di erent versions for the adventurous DJ. Phonogramme, the house subdivision of parent label and integral Parisian record shop Syncrophone dedicates itself directly to the French music scene, with previous releases from the likes of Professor Inc, John Jastszebski, Aleqs Notal and a handful of other local heads. Phonogramme continues to keep things close-to-home through the labels next edition presented by Gibs, who's most notably known for works on his own imprint, 'An.

Art Records' - a family run label with music shared by himself and his two brothers. Last up, 'Der Germain' offers up a fluid, groove filled number balanced with charming, jazzy flutters and tender keys providing a warm, breezy atmosphere to the end the release.

Since marking BBB's tenth release in 'Forever' has been snapped up by Universal, racked up half a million plays worldwide and played on Radio 1 by Pete Tong. To some such success may seem common place, or not that remarkable, however for artist and label these were very proud moments, not to mention moral boosting confirmations in their personal belief in the music they were presenting. A belief that has brought them back together for one more record.

Z' is a hauntingly beautiful record with live double bass, searching strings, Jazz like keys and a whispy yet penetrating vocal all conspiring to dazzle the senses with its thought provoking beauty.

Not your typical club record, but we're hoping that shouldn't matter. Following Sunlight is 'Shade' and like the title suggests there is a commonality as much as there is a stark difference between the two. An African spoken word sample sets the tone, as crisp weighty drums groove another 3am curveball straight into your record box. To be heard, not pontificated about with flowery words. Rounding out the package is a remix from the rather enigmatic and elusive Hackman. Hackman takes things down a slightly more linear route as he chops and reorganises the main elements to compliment his own engaging melodic interpretation of the source material.

There are those records you like working on and then there are those records you LOVE working on We could not be more excited to welcome back to the camp, the beautiful, amazingly talented Tamara Wellons.

Along side her again on this journey at the helm is one of our favorite producers Anto Vitale that co writes and produces this project. Phil Weeks releases his third album 'Raw Instrumental' in March and continues his recent dedication to sampling and creating music with classic Akai MPC sampler.

Following on from his critically acclaimed 'Love Affair' album from early , the Parisian house producer once again focuses on digging in the crates to find samples which are then cut, chopped, sliced, diced and expertly tweaked into 14 fresh dance floor bombs.

Soul legend Candi Staton is back with new mixes of herr alltime classic hit 'You got the love'. The Item is out of Stock. The item is already in stock and will be shipped from 14.12.2019. You can order the product now. This item has not yet been released. You can pre-order the product now. Order now. Collecting orders for repress. Studio equipment. Drum machines. Studio headphones. Digital recorders. Guitar accessories. Studio accessories. GBP My Language. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist.

Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:. Play All. Sort Artist. Items 1 to 50 of on page 1 of 6. People also bought Gigolo Germany. In , three young DJs began making music on a 4-track recorder in a Baltimore basement studio. Little did they know at the time that more than 15 years later they would be viewed as pioneers of American dance music. In addition, they continue to expose and nurture new talents on their own label, Basement Boys Records, which was established in The Basement Boys have been responsible for some of clubland's biggest anthems and their hit "Searchin'" is as relevant today as it was ten years ago.

Earth People's aka Pal Joey house masterpiece reach up to mars originally released in on Underworld Records finally gets a re-issue on Gigolo Records. The original with its monster drums shuffling guitars synth stabs great use of vocal samples and incredible production skills still withstands the test of time sounding like it could have been made yesterday.

This is classic material here that will destroy any dancefloor!! House maestro Pal Joey released this tune, a funky cross-pollination of garage classics from Toney Lee "Reach Up" and Dexter Wansel "Life On Mars" , in , and you have to thank Hell for making it available now once again to a audience. There's a fine line between classic and dated. Hell knows this well and selects only for his 12" series "My Definition Of House" those which were groundbreaking when they first appeared and still sound hot to 21st century ears.

So keep your mind and ears open, for you never know what Hell will dig up from the basement next. Stay tuned for "My Definition Of House part 4"! Drums 1 12". Fit Sound US. Amidst the dizzying, jazz influenced rattle of Shake Shakir style rhythms that characterise the A Side workout our erstwhile protagonist weaves in desperate vocal strains and overtly dramatic piano and horn stabs which only serve to increase the panic inducing pace.

The flipside treatment is slightly slower in its execution, yet increases the jazz funk melodic elements which make it the less a hectic and more involving production. A Jackin' Phreak. You EP 12". Pomme Frite. Lowdown 12". Studio Mule Japan. Minimal 12" repress. When I first won, I was still working at Littlewoods and flying off to places like Switzerland at the weekend to do gigs, before turning up to work in my shirt and tie on Monday morning.

But as I write, my diary is full until April. When I won the competition, I'd seen a few Bedroom Bedlam DJs who got a few gigs out of it, and I'd seen some who were never heard of again. So I never thought I'd be able to make a career out of it. I sometimes wonder, why me? There are so many DJs who've been plugging away longer than I have. There have been so many high points. Playing at Pacha for the first time with Renaissance.

Being asked by the Ministry Of Sound to be a resident. Being at Cream, talking to Roger Sanchez and someone asking me for my autograph! If you want to succeed as a DJ, you shouldn't be scared to have a blag, togetyourfingersdirty. I phoned up the Ministry and said, "give us a gig. They came down to Pacha to hear me play and signed me up there and then. I did the same thing with Hard Times. You should always introduce yourself to promoters, promise you'll get them a tape, get to know as many people as you can.

It's not just about what you do behind the decks. But the more successful you get, the more your health suffers. I'm no fitness fanatic, but the lifestyle really does pile on the pounds. I've already put on nearly a stone this year! You've got to be ready to miss at least one night's sleep a week, do lots of boring travelling and put up with some late nights. Sounds great, but it does take its toll. I don't want to end up having to go through what people like Nicky Holloway and Brandon Block went through.

Mind you, after the millennium, I think I just about know what they felt like! Judge Jules. Fie sounded like the prefect everyone hated at school. I want big ornate trees. Released Well, you can forget text messaging fora start - the Nokia 91 1 0 has already rendered them irrelevant. It's the first phone to give complete access to the internet.

E-mail and web sites can be accessed in seconds. Canada can be called with the touch of a button. It will even tell you which code to dial. Want to know the time in Thailand? The 91 1 0 will do that too. Unlike that Psion that's been sitting unused on your deskfor months, this mobile is incredibly easy to use.

You can write messages, send faxes and remind yourself to feed the cat on Sunday. There's a diary, a calendar and a jack to plug in a digital camera. If you're worried that the mere touch of a mobile may ruin your health, then fret no more. The 91 10 has a built-in speaker system that lets you speak and listen without the aid of headphones.

Little wonder that the little buggers are being snapped up in their thousands. The perfect way to organise a hectic social schedule, the 91 1 0 will sit comfortably in the hands of global travellers and world- class DJs alike.

Technology freaks will have hours of fun. An entire life in the palm of your hand. Just don't lose it. I'm just phoning to say I've sent you an e-mail with my fax number on it. Punta, as it's known, is around kilometres east of the capital Montevideo and lies on the edge of the River Plate facing the Atlantic.

Buenos Aires is 45 minutes away by plane, and many Argentinian jetsetters spend the summer season mid-December until the end of February in their houses or villas there. If historical enemies like the Brazilians and Argentinians can get along like brothers there, the same can't be said for the clubs. Both hold over 2, beautiful people. Space has its own Diesel room with underground techno from resident DJ Diego Ro-Ka and your basic house and trance in the main room.

La Morocha is located by the city's most beautiful, La Barra, with plenty of pubs and restaurants along the coast. La Barra is a fair distance from the centre and sometimes there are traffic jams with clubbers coming back from the club in one direction and families going to the beach in the other. South American hospitality, European sophistication, good music, wild beaches, breathtaking sunsets at 9pm and amazing clubs.

And all while everyone else is shivering at home. And notthat many peak time dance records are made by artists with as prosaic a name as Des Mitchell. I kicked off pfavfng funk and northern soul on the Midlands Mecca circuit.

Then I landed a job at Radio Birmingham playing funk and reggae. The money was fantastic! And this was 1" In Des went to Tenerife on holiday.

Everyone assumed I was from London. A month later, he was back in the sun, banging out expertly mixed crowd-pleasers. And along the way his charm and hospitality has led to BCM being the essential stopping off point for every half decent British DJ on their way back from Ibiza. So how long will we have to wait for his next track? Let's face it, I'll look pretty daft then, and no one will recognise me!

So it's no mean feat to have the biggest tune of the year and that honour undoubtedly belongs to Donnell Jones, with the mighty 'U Know What's Up'. Out on promo way back in June, the classic-sounding yet resolutely modernist soul anthem will finally be released in the UK this month and will give the 26 year-old singer his first U K hit.

While the album flopped in America it was an underground hit over here and saw Donnell travel to the UK twice for gigs.

You don't get that anywhere else. However, Jones says he's not having his head turned by his current success. But the experience I had on my first album keeps me grounded. Singles, albums and obscure music memorabilia can all be bought via the wonder of the web.

But the internet also provides the perfect opportunity to sell music to a worldwide audience, Richard Branson, BobGeldof and Alan McGee have all seen the future of sound - and it's no longer round. Which is where peoplesound. The ultimate Demo Derby, the site offers free downloads and distribution via the world wide web.

But the key features are quality and ease of use - peoplesound directs users straight towards their favourite sounds. Peoplesound is the biggest site on the market and is already experiencing a huge influx of dance music.

Judge Jules has just come on board as a consultant todiscover fresh new talent. That's driven by people hoping that Jules will play it. Gary sees the site as an ally rather than an alternative to the major labels.

We don't take any money from these deals. We're on the artist's side I" Click on this. RM Global Underground The best mix albums ever, or an excuse for two Geordiesto go barmy in strange places? Ana we're not quintessentially English. The DJs we choose are huge' [ internationally. Andy admits that the lure of far-flung thrills is i; very much part of the plot. Or lack of it.

But James and Andy already have Iresh ideas up their sleeves. RM Ufii "'Forgotten' your travelcard, have you sir? Whitney's man had a dodgy ct edit card receipt - it's not tight, hut hey, il'sokay. TLC don't need i to scrubs, so they'll just put them down wilh their customary wit and sass. Shouting out the "I hate you" -. I've learned the hard way. It is, in short, utterly brilliant, and with vocal talent combined with saucy pin-up looks she's set to be everything for the year that t.

As previously spotted on Tenaglia's Global Underground mix. All very continental. Just pure pulsing deep house music the way it was meant to be, all night long. Moodymann - Blessed white label Hallelujah! KDJ gets testifying with this gospel-charged bit of disco preaching. Proof you don't have to be Cliff to be a Christian. No, it's breakbeat. But a bit UK garage. Yes, more bamboozling genre-defiance to keep us all baffled on the dancefloor. Big, beefy breakdown business.

Hunt it down. The original, illegal, Kiss was one of several pirates that sprung up in the wake of Dread, LWR and Invicta in inner city London, and was an admirable attempt at building a multi-cultural radio station. Who was there? The whole Kiss team, though a few days earlier 2, kids had whooped it up on Highbury Fields in celebration of Kiss winning its broadcasting licence. What happened? For aficionados of the original Kiss, this shiny new baby gradually began to change into something else though it did-and has still, to some extent-retained its specialist evening programmes.

What do they say now? Norman Jay: " It was inevitable that it would go huge and commercial. I remember saying in confidence to a few people that after September 1 st, 1 it was over. We love a good loser. The thing was we'd done what we set out to achieve.

We'd made the station legal. Nowadays, Kiss is just a training ground for Radio 1 , except they don't have to spend any money training them. For all its faults, Kiss has had an enormous impact on modern radio broadcasting. If it wasn't for Kiss, it's possible that Radio 1 would still be dominated by Smashy and Nicey rather than Tongy and Julesy. Salty Balls supremo hosts a game show. Skill level: A lobotomised gerbil could play this. Which doesn't mean it's crap, just that it's really easy to get going.

Fun level: A kind of University Challenge for the terminally flatulent, there's tons of South Park trivia and a host of mini games thrown in, Thumbs up: Basic graphics and gameplay but fun all round. Thumbs down: You might have to be a dedicated fan to enjoy this and it's not going to be as good as South Park Rally - keep your eyes open for that. Would it be too obvious to say it's a bit like Ace Combat 2? Skill level: An awesome selection of missions and planes to fly and it looks like Namco have had a touch of the old Wipeout's Designer Republic guysgraphics-wise.

Fun level: This is fantastic. If you've always wanted to fly planes, apart from all that sudden death business this is probably exactly how it felt to be flying around during the war.

Thumbs up: Honestly, you could train Tom Cruise on one of these, no problem. Good versus evil. Skill level: You're a small, cute angel called Bob working for the big G. You've been sent down to possess the bodies and souls of scum in the future world and kill lots of people. Satan's out there and he's running the joint.

Fun level: High. Vast, shiny 3-D worlds to run, fly and shoot your way through with over AO characters to inhabit, Thumbs up: State of the art graphics and plenty of stuff that goes bang.

Thumbs down: MDK-phobes may do well to avoid. It's not the same but you get the idea. Like on 'Irregular Chickens' which features squawking chickens manipulated by Eric's accomplished turntable touches. So has the Kid got any advice for his listeners? You could create a vocal track by filtering across the midrange, making it possible to do acappella mixes without having the acappella version.

Oryou could beef up a mellower track by bringing in a hefty bassline from another. So how did this stoned idea end up in the shops? We just thought we should introduce the idea in the most simple way possible, so that's why we just have the three faders, with the three ranges. All DJs are used to EQs andare totally at home with the crossfader. But I really like the idea of being an inventor. I was going to wear a white coatand glasses today. For more information check out www. February 1 4th I was born in Singapore.

How did you start DJing? Through breakdancing. It all started from there. You'd always see the DJ at the back when the b- boys were working and I thought "hey, I can do that! I was I started a mobile disco with some friends. Back then we were playing pop music and new wave. Anything thatwason the radio. Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and Bananarama!

What is the club scene like in Singapore? I think it exploded when Zouk opened in 1 That was the first taste of the early rave sound. People were really shocked. They didn't understand it for a while.

These were the people who formed the regularcrowd. Now Zouk opens five nights a week. I play on Friday. The best night! What was the first record you bought? What was the last record you bought? Where do you buy your records? I buy them direct from record stores in England and also from a couple of shops in New York. I really got to the people on that night.

Unfortunately we had to end at 3am- it's very strict back here. How would you describe the music you play? I play a mixture of deep, dark house with a bit of techno, some American produced house and even a bit of garage. What do you listen to on a Sunday morning?

I like dubby, downtempo things that you'd love to get horizontal to! I really love that. Favourite labels? Yoshitoshi, Circulation, Pagan and Twisted. Favourite DJs?

I love his style and choice of music. He's the best in his field. Favourite club to play? At the moment, Zouk. It's the people and the atmosphere. You can't get it anywhere else on this island. The people are really into the scene. And Zouk gave me my big break. What would be your dream line-up? I'd warm up for Tenaglia. I'd follow him with Terry Francis and then end with Dave Angel. What can we expect from Aldrin in ?

I'm hoping to do more gigs abroad and start making music of my own - deep house of course! Inner City Good Life Virgin 3. Junior O Fun Beats Gossip 4. Los Diablos Locos Dream Oboro 5. Circulation 3rey Circu! It's got the mostamazing production. Brainstorm's bass player Deon Estus] ended up playing bass for Wham I - he was a bad bass player! When I feel depressed it really lifts me up. Music with Alexa. Amazon Music Originals. Best Sellers Updated hourly. New Albums See more new albums Previous page.

MP3 Music. Next page. New Songs See more new songs Previous page. We are very happy to present "Entropy Ep", a three incredible original cuts by producer Yotam Aflalo and a remix of one of the finest of Liverpool, Reedale Rise. Yotam invites us to a trip through breaks and electro, where his taste for rhythm stands out. Subtle acid lines mixed with mysterious pads, along with masterfully programmed percussions are the signature of the EP. In B2 we find our first remix on the label, and certainly no one better than the wizard Reedale Rise.

RR redesigns "Four", building on some original elements, and turning the cut into a delightful dream lucid through the classic sound, bouncing bass and crystal clear keys. A solid Ep that fits in any bag of a good musiclover, for club use or home mental-pleasure. We are also excited to announce a collaboration with talented photographer Dan Cohen. His photos will accompany our music during our next releases, and we can't be happier for it. Hello operator, you have a collect call from Girl Ringing in their fifth releases following appearances on the label from Kasra V, Dream 2 Science, Brian Summers, Mark Seven and more, Feelings Worldwide line up three emotive rave cuts from long time friend Girls.

Making serious noise across the digital airwaves and a piece of the furniture on your suggested panel on YouTube, Girls delivers his second solo EP via Feelings. One for the sad crew who like to rave the release features three tracks filled brimming with thick pads and atmosphere for those long dark winter nights in the dance.

Hard-hitting drums that fire down onto the dance floor like cannon balls. Intense key patterns that are as twisted as they are uplifting. Beautiful melodies that seamlessly interlock with each element. Big-sounding, infectious grooves and killer hooks generously sprinkled with the infamous Fitzpatrick magic over the top.

In short, this EP is everything we have come to expect from Alan over his long history with Drumcode this is his 10th EP as a solo artist! Moving away from the naivety of his previous sounds and incorporating a range of newly found inspirations into his soundscape, ARS contains some of Aleksandir's most high-bpm, club-friendly tracks to date.

As with his previous release on the label, Blue Caves, the Melbourne producer delivers a rich and affecting release, blending genres and moods with ease. I then chose some interesting excerpts for the record.

The same track is given a re-work by Patrice Scott, thickening up the groove and providing the most out-and-out dancefloor. Here Mota provides us with a diverse four tracker. Latin flavoured House as the title would suggest, with scattered percussion and cheeky vocal samples. Cutting a path through an overgrowth of nostalgia around 70's acid folk and 90's acid house, Joyful is an invitation to till a n old garden in a glistening new light. Headphones covering his awkwardly aged ears and connected to a jam-packed mp3 player, he experiences an intense synchronicity when the car careens over a mountain crest in the Otway Ranges right as the track in his ears peaks.

Finding Ian Van Dahl nestled next to John Fahey, William Orbit spine-to-spine with Shira Small, the harmony between folk music of the early 70's and dance music from the 90s becomes perfectly audible in unimaginable ways. Through an afterglow from both summers of love seeped in shared sonic soil, on Joyful, Wilson cultivates melodic drama and tenderness, memorable hooks and rapturous arpeggios; sentimental strings summon both joyful aspirations and the shadows of faded dreams.

Always a couple years behind trend. Fearing that in many ways the culture is looking backwards, confirming the narrow outlook of a parochialism that many have worked tirelessly to disprove. Vinyl Only Andrey's second release on Nervmusic incl. Limited, Vinyl Only,. For over 25 years, KOMPAKT strives to bring Techno, House and everything in-between to the dance floors of generations that come from or live in the past, present, and future.

ANNA brings her most voracious production skills to date interwound with KITTIN sounding at her best in an explosive consequence that we can only describe as being a must-hear Techno hymn. Not to be misinterpreted as a dub version, ANNA keeps the potency of the original but expands the core instrumental elements that moves from suspension to release in a decisively throttling means. A more classic approach to end the first part. B side is surely a masterpiece, a 11 minutes track taking over the whole side with a trippy approach containing so many musical inputs; throughout the whole composition we can hear how scrupulous is the sound research that the artist made, from sound design, to sampling and structuring, and the groove itself exploding in a mix of world music-afrofunk-beat belter, with the vocals giving it a touch of a tribal dance.

A track to remember which surely lifts the level of the whole EP. A track we are, amongst the others, proud to release on our own label Apparel Music.

Pleasure Zone proudly welcomes Archie Hamilton to the family! Archie's intelligent DJ sets interpret a hypnotic trip through house and techno, with deep rolling bass and groove. He asked Hifi Sean if he would be interested in doing something with them. Within one play Hifi was blown away and brought on board Yam Who? Salvaging the useable sections of the tape that were not worn through time and 2 weeks later they bring this percussive disco monster back to life.

They currently hold down long term residencies at the legendary Marble Bar and TV Lounge in their hometown of Detroit. Their new album 'Big Bad Crazy' points out the broken state of our world, and on the flipside the ongoing struggle to make it through the pain. Part one of this two-part album sampler opens with the brooding synthesiser soundscapes of 'Daggers Drawn' before leading into a bumping vocal house groover in the form of 'It's My Time'.

On the flip side 'Blow by Blow' brings an introspective late-night feel to proceedings, setting up 'The Persuit' to close out the e.

Repress Headlining the package is a showdown of Crosstown Rebels stars, with the red-hot Jamie Jones and Art Department each turning in massive renditions. Jamie's mix is a full-blown, driving party anthem, while Azari's fellow Torontonians elevate the pop flavours with a more laid-back approach. Brianna Price turned plenty of heads when, earlier in , she swapped out her well-worn B. Traits moniker for the new title of Baby T.

A change of name also signalled a departure from the booming techno-centred sound Price had been pedalling as B. Traits - she promised, all guns blazing, that Baby T was about 'hardcore junglist shit only'. The project's debut drop, an EP for Samurai Music entitled Portra, put that manifesto into action, running the gauntlet of darkside drum 'n' bass, ardcore soundsystem techno and dark ambient.

From the whip-crack electronic drums which usher in Baby T's second record I Against I it is apparent that we're in for another wild ride. Emerging here via Central Processing Unit, Price meets the CPU sound halfway on I Against I's A-side, delivering two super-snappy broken-beat electro joints which both have a malevolent, dystopian edge to them. The levels are high from the off, with opener 'I Wish' fronting nasty, high-wire machine-funk that draws its strength from the Bunker, Djax-Up-Beats and BPitch Control sounds.

Though this track's title may promise acid, the snaking bassline refuses to lock fully into the perpetual-motion madness of a TB Instead, Baby T chops the lick up to move in and out of the drums, an effect that has one thinking of Cardopusher. The intro skulks and broods, a pulsing kick-drum and intermittent whirring in a cavernous atmosphere. You get the sense that something is brewing, especially given that the tempo has increased to junglist speed.

However, when the breakbeats do enter Baby T opts to lurk rather than strike, locking into the sort of murky drum 'n' bass roll that wouldn't sound out of place on the UVB imprint. This is jungle to shadowbox to. Beginning with a grainy, mournful ambience that recalls Biosphere and Kevin Martin, the track gently unfurls with the introduction of synthetic strings and muted breakbeats. If 'Estrogen Attitude' was indebted to Metalheadz, there is plenty of Goldie's more grandiose soundscaping running through 'We Could Disappear'.

At the end of the track, the atmospheres dissolve to leave only the hum of sub - both a reminder of the bassweight principles that drive the Baby T project, and also representative of how I Against I has progressively etherised itself across its four tracks. Baby T's Central Processing Unit debut I Against I tackles dystopian electro, impressionistic drum 'n' bass and dark ambient, all while adhering to junglist principles.

This is a brave new world for both the artist and the label. It is with great pleasure that Public Possession and Cascine present to you the debut album of Bell Towers. Junior Mix is the sort of pop music that one is always looking for, but rarely finds - bright, charming and a little bit mad. We sincerely hope you enjoy. PP, Nov. Belpaese's exotic airways is ready and waiting once again!

Globe-trotting treats from lands far away, unearthed and rejuvenated for a whole new audience. The Item is out of Stock. The item is already in stock and will be shipped from 14.12.2019. You can order the product now. This item has not yet been released. You can pre-order the product now. Order now. Collecting orders for repress. Tips only. Styles All. Input Update Release Highlights.

House Disco Nu Disco. House Tech Techno Techno. House Minimal Vinyl Only Dub. Adryiano add artist to watchlist Snapback Grooves. House Deep Nu Disco. Alan Braxe add artist to watchlist Vertigo. A1: Vertigo B1: Virgo Edit.

House Disco French. Alison Limerick add artist to watchlist Where Love Lives. House Deep Disco Nu Disco. House Minimal Tech Neotrance. House Deep Electro Slow Ambient. House Disco Nu Disco Edits. Avision add artist to watchlist Culture. Baraso add artist to watchlist Sleepless EP. House Electro Beats Bass. Belpaese add artist to watchlist Belpaese Booka Shade add artist to watchlist Trespass House Minimal.

Lipelis B2: Boden Pt2. Calibre add artist to watchlist Planet Hearth 2x12". Cally add artist to watchlist Yes Or Not. House Deep Vinyl Only. A1: The Solution B1: Dmt. House Deep Tech. House Deep Tech Nu Disco. House Detroit. CoFlo add artist to watchlist Lux incl. Kaidi Tatham Remix.

House Deep Tech Funky Jazzy. House Deep Chicago Tech. A1: Crue House Deep Chicago. House Deep Vocal Latin Jazzy. Dino Soccio add artist to watchlist Dino Soccio Edits. Disco Bits are back with 4 more essential edits aimed at late night dancefloors

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