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She is not seen wearing her dangling earrings. Her fourth outfit was either her sleeping attire or her swimwear, a loose short sleeved olive midriff which shows off the strap on her red bikini top on the right side with different designs, a red micro bikini and she was barefeet. Her shoulder length black hair was tied in tangles while wearing her gold hoop earrings and a gold anklet on her right ankle. Her fifth outfit which was unused in all other story routes.

She wears a gray v-neck long sleeve shirt with a black sports bra underneath, brownish khaki cargo jeans and black hiking boots. She also wears a black necklace on her neck. In the last part of Chapter 8 at the second season of Sebastian's route, she wears this outfit and she covers her entire head and neck in a long red keffiyeh and the player mistook her jeans being her hiking pants. She also retains her gold crescent moon shaped dangling earrings from her school outfit.

Sarah is described as a calm, witty and fun-loving woman as the player initially describes her throughout Drogo's story. Episode 3 66m. Episode 4 69m. Episode 5 64m. Episode 6 64m. Episode 7 64m. Episode 8 65m. Episode 9 65m. Episode 10 66m. Episode 11 67m. Episode 12 66m. Episode 13 64m. Episode 14 65m. Episode 15 67m. Episode 16 68m.

More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. Matt is a slender but lean and muscular man, he has short, wavy styled dark brown hair with fringes in each sides and hazel eyes. In Chapter 7, he has a large vertical scar on his back presumably from an tragic accident in the illegal car race.

He has four outfits seen on his portrait as his jeans appear as hipster to show off his sexiness, his sporty attire consist of a blue denim vest along with a blue gray long sleeved openly hoodie with the sleeves that are pulled into cuffs, beneath his outfit is a black tank top, blue gray trousers and blue gray and black sneakers and white soles. This outfit also serves as one of his casual outfits.

His second outfit is his corporate attire which he works as a graphic artist, he wears a black leather sports jacket and a beige long sleeved button-up shirt which is folded into cuffs, a purple short sleeved v-neck loose undershirt, blue hipster jeans with a gray belt and black biker boots which are tucked to his jeans.

He also wears a shark tooth necklace on his neck. His third outfit, is a black leather jacket with a white short sleeved undershirt, charcoal gray hipster torn jeans with a silver chain and a gray belt along with a side belt around the waist and his black shoes with silver toe caps, he also wears a black beanie on his head and wears a dog tag necklace on his neck.

Unlike two of his outfits, Matt has an earring on his left ear. In his promotional poster of the game, he wears this outfit but his hipster jeans are blue and no longer torn, his belt is black but without the side belt, his black shoes had no toe caps and is not seen without a black beanie, the earring on his left ear and his dog tag necklace.

In Chapter 11 during one of the secret scenes, Matt was not seen wearing his beanie while wearing his third outfit. In Season 2 where Matt and the player are snorkeling at the beach, he wears blue swim shorts.

Although his portrait showed him in a red swim shorts with a white trim and a matching drawstring which is the same color as his sweatpants. Matt can be described as a man with guts and a rebel without a cause. As a graphic designer, he is a bit lazy and gives the player some advice about the intense work that her boss, Ryan Carter , gives her.

Matt also has a playful side, which shows with his constant jokes and nicknames towards the player. In addition, Matt shows his jealous side when the player shows attraction to Gabriel Simons and asks her directly if she is attracted to him. This also happens in Gabriel's story in Chapter 10, when he realizes that the player has a relationship with him, which causes a fight between the two boys.

In the second season, Matt's jealousy to the player became more apparent than before and taking a war of words with the player because of her relationship with Gabriel and his hostility to Gabriel is similar to his twin brother Daryl's in his main story. He was mad when he found out that Gabriel had paid for their entire trip to Atlantic City for Lisa's birthday since it made him feel like less of a person, as Gabriel could afford all of it and he could not. Matt had also told the player that he and Gabriel used to have a friendly competition on picking up women at Starlite, which Gabriel would always succeed at because of his status and money, and he was afraid that Gabriel's feelings about her weren't genuine.

In Chapter 3 within the second season, Matt is also the main reason for the player cheating on Gabriel in her dream, due to her feeling bad that he is in love with her until in Chapter 4, where he overhears both the player and Gabriel getting intimate from her apartment on his phone, leading him to end his call from the player in anger and frustration.

During the events of Chapter 4, Matt reveals that he had a childhood friend named Markus which he becomes the opponent to Jake Stewart at the boxing tournament he had hosting on.

In Chapter 6, Matt also borrows Daryl's Lamborghini besides his motorbike when he takes the player at home. In Chapter 2 of his route, it is discovered that Matt has a twin brother, Daryl Ortega , with whom he does not have a good relationship with. Matt warns the player about her brother, even though she wants to know more about the rivalry that exists between them.

Lisa adds that now both brothers compete for the player's heart, which makes their relationship even more complicated. Lisa describes Matt as a calm and pleasant person and like Gabriel, he is very brave and sure of himself when he protects his friends, like when he hits the man who threatens to hurt the player to steal her things.

Matt is a good friend of " Nightmareden " vocalist and programmer, Colin Spencer , with whom he can be seen during his work or when he helps the band in the backstage during the concerts. In both Adam and Colin's story, it was Matt who takes the player to one of the concerts of "Nightmareden", in which he introduces Colin and his band mates, Adam Peterson and Doris.

But on Chapter 8, Matt is shown to be very secretive about his family problems as he tells the player not to get involved. However from Chapter 10 through Chapter 11, Matt has a tragic side when he finally explains to the player about how his ex-girlfriend Lana died from a motorcycle accident especially when he became extremely guilty for his actions when he's reminded about his tragic past which also causes him and the player to have a fall out. Their intense argument became more prominent in the bad ending where Matt decides to break up with the player leading her to have a relationship with his brother Daryl.

Despite this, he still believes that Lana was "dead" but not knowing she was alive by faking her death. In Season 2, Matt retains his personality from the first season and became surprised and shocked to see Lana was alive which caused him to faint. From Chapter 3 through Chapter 7, Matt is also shown to be stubborn when his brother Daryl or the player warns him about Lana and being gullible which he was deceived from Lana's deceptions by breaking the player up.

In Chapter 10, Matt was suspended by Gabriel when he trash talks at his own boss and did not care when the player is trying to reason with him. His true love with the player leads them to get married at the end of the chapter. In most of his secret scenes on both seasons, Matt became attracted to the player and also shows his strong romantic side, going as far as he constantly went intimate with her.

In both Colin and Adam's story, Matt was the one who takes the player to their concerts and during Adam's story when both her and Colin discovers that Adam had perpetrated the cyber attack with his group Safeplanet, Matt was oblivious to see Adam's true motives but also got mad for what he did to his company he had worked for.

But in Ryan's story, he and Lisa are the only ones to support the player in her job as an Executive Assistant and later as a Department Manager of her own department in the second season. He was delightful and happy after the player recruited him and Lisa on her own department even he befriended Thomas Gordon.

Like in his main story route, Matt was also victimized by Alicia Boone when she managed to injured him seriously from getting shot. At the third and final season following his promotion as the Director of Communications instead of Gabriel, he displays his defensive side and being supportive to Joe who decided to run in politics and had arguments with Thomas during the political debate.

In Daryl's story, Matt retains his personality within his main story and his hostility towards his brother Daryl or sometimes when Colin remarks about their family relationship which he glares at him. It encompasses friendship, romance, care-taking, and many different kinds of relationships.

As two people change, its elasticity allows for the transformation. Infatuation, one the other hand, is stagnant. It is stuck in one form, unable to accommodate the change in the people involved. Segel, A. Elite Daily. Naim, R. Thought Catalog.

Harville Hendrix, H. New York, NY: Holt. Therese J. Borchard is a mental health writer and advocate. You can reach her at thereseborchard. Find help or get online counseling now. By Therese J.

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  1. Apr 15,  · In romantic love, your passion is still high as well as your intimacy. According to Langeslag and her team, romantic love equals a mixture of infatuation and attachment. Infatuation is .
  2. The first Otome (flirting game) of our series “Is It Love?” is available in English. Discover the “French Touch” of love games!
  3. Jan 10,  · Is It Love? Lyrics: Look at those hazel eyes / Givin' me butterflies / Making me feel it's getting real / But I just don't know / It's been a minute now / Since we been going out / We get along.
  4. Is it Love?, Paris, France. K likes. Devenez l'héroïne de votre histoire d'amour interactive dans les jeux de la série "Is It Love?" À travers de nombreux choix, influencez le cours du scénario!
  5. A lot of people hate loud and excessive FLs and while that is a thing of taste (not mine, because I love screaming FLs, I even like most of Hwang Jung-eum characters), .
  6. Nov 25,  · Love is a force of nature. However much we may want to, we can not command, demand, or take away love, any more than we can command the moon and the stars and the wind and the rain to come and go.
  7. Dec 18,  · While love seems to be a universally valued attribute, defining it in behavioral terms can be a challenge. As the Harvard study's lead researcher, George Vaillant, wrote of his team's findings.
  8. Aug 11,  · Acquired by Ubisoft in , the studio continues today to create interactive stories in the visual novel genre to feed the Is It Love? series. With a dozen of mobile apps - 4/5(K).

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