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Listen Now. Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. Sample this song. Title by Artist. Sold by Amazon. Additional taxes may apply. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Warofdreams talk , 8 June UTC. In Brazil we always vote on Sunday, and election day is a holiday.

Anyway, I'm not sure how interesting this information is. There is a disagreement on whether an military conflict infobox should be included in the Trojan War. We would like to know if it is official Wikipedia policy to have infoboxes in fictional and semi-ficitonal Wars.

Harry Evanson was my great uncle. I know that he was a burlesque comedian. Form Wikipedia and the internet I have also found references that state that he worked with Bud Abbot of Abbot and Costello fame at one time.

I would appreciate anyone who could lead me to sources of additional information. What is the estimated distance traveled in undeveloped countries for water? Did any of the workers or people involved in the carving of Mount Rushmore die? During construction, of course -- What is the difference between logical doubt and psychological doubt? I've been checking the status of some Bushisms mentioned in a Sydney Morning Herald article. The third one is "One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures".

Some web pages cite this article. But the article doesn't give any details about where or when it was said. Is the quote real or false? Andjam , 7 June UTC. My fav Bushism paraphrased : "Terrorists are trying to destroy America, but we can't let them, that's our job.

My grandfather graduated from college with a degree in chemical engineering shortly after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. As a patriotic young man, he joined the army.

Once he finished basic training, he was told that since he had the degree, he had two choices: he could be part of a secret project in southern Utah, or be part of a secret project in northern New Mexico. He chose Utah, and spent the war designing explosives. He's always wondered what the other secret project was. The obvious candidate is the Manhattan Project, but were there any other secret projects going on in northern New Mexico at the time that would have needed a chemical engineer?

What form of greeting should be used towards a Burmese Theravadin monk? Is a bow with folded hands sufficient, or is there something one would say? Hi there! This is a very random question, but here goes: I'm looking for the title of a short comic video clip which a friend showed to me a while back unfortunately, she couldn't remember where she had found it! It's about ten minutes long and is about a dog puppet who 'interviews' the people standing in line for the opening night of Star Wars Attack of the Clones.

The dog often has a cigar in his mouth, speaks with a strong accent something like Italian, I think and permanently makes fun of the people he interviews. Amongst others, he talk to several people dressed as Jedi, someone dressed as Darth Vader, a girl, and someone dressed like a wizard. I know this all sounds very strange, but does anyone have the slightest clue what I'm talking about? Thanks muchly in advance! I am looking for a list of the largest academic libraries in the United States, by volume or any other measure.

Try Library of Congress. I was wondering what year the song "Hail! The Gang's All Here" was written? My music states that it was written by Arthur Sullivan. Is that the same Arthur Sullivan who collaborated with Gilbert Sullivan?

Does anyone know what this music: File:Unknownmusic. When was it written, and by whom? I will delete the sound clip if it turns out to be necessary for copyright reasons. Thanks in advance. Hi peeps! I was reading somewhere recently about a mobile food distribution system in India New Delhi I think that is considered to be the most efficient delivery system in the world. The basic idea is that business people that are far to busy to leave their office to go out for lunch have meals delivered to their door - hot, steamy, on time every time, down to the last minute.

I'd really like to learn more about this system but can't find the info anywhere. Can someone help? I am looking for a ranking of the largest university presses in the United States, ideally by book output, but any ranking will do.

I am looking for a list of United States colleges and universities ranked the number of students in fraternities and sororities, percent of students in fraternities and sororities, or the number of recognized fraternity and sorority chapters.

I know the Nazis allowed some of the French couture houses to remain open during the occupation, but I don't know which houses. I have also read that the houses that did remain open during the occupation produced some very elaborate collections, but I have never seen any photos or illustrations of any examples.

I'm also wondering if these collections pretty much maintained the silhouette, or did the clothing evolve into more of a 40's look? Thanks -. Your local library should also be able to help you get copies of both. I am seeking information regarding pickerism spelling may be incorrect , which I anecdotaly understand to refer to a preference for poking or stabbing with a tool or utensil.

It may be a form of sexual sadism, but I do not have sufficient informations to so classify. I have been told, with no referene authority that it is commen in gay male relationships that are characterized by violence within the relationship.

A "google" search only referred to some response to a question about song lyrics. I would like some more credible information regarding this phemomenon. Does any one know of any laws against people being Physically ugly??..

I was wondering if anyone knows information about the Persian demon 'Dev', all I know is that it was a God of War but I would like to find out much more about it.

In the Article of Arthur C. So anyone who knows the exact details of that book, It is better to update the article. Thank You. Please provide much details on munagapati in kshatriyas Is there any relation between padmashali munagapati, kshatriya munagapati.

Does anyone know about the civilian aircraft shot down in the USSR during the cold war that was a scandinavian air liner? The plane was shot down on a frozen lake and survivers were seen by another airliner. The plane had American citizens on it. President Clinton declaired their fate an offical secret of the US early in his administration.

The matter was remarked on in a work of literary fiction but was actually a fact. I am Rahul, and I need to make a project on forts of indai. Even after searching all I could, I was unable to find out these details, and if you could help me, I would be eternally graterful. I will really appreciate anyone who might help me out. Thanking you, Rahul i dont know how to sign, im sorry.

Have you read the article on the Nazi Party? Within, you will note that it was a small party formed by discontents with the Wiemar government after WWI. Hitler was assigned to infiltrate it and then took the party over, changing the objectives but retaining the name. Socialism was always strong in Germany: prior to WWI it was more influential in Germany than any other European state, having won advances in protection, wages, working hours etc. Also see National Socialism and corporate state.

Does Shakespeare' s words sell in Japan? I want to look at a sample. And I want to judge. Although there is little marketability, I think that there is idea nature. Sincerely yours Masami Kiuchi. Where in Japan do I go to purchase copies of Shakespeare's works in Japanese language?

Thankyou Peyton Jones ukupfront yahoo. The article on waistcoats says the coat should be cut from the same material as the rest of the suit but I saw someone at the summer ball wearing a waistcoat with a white swirly sort of pattern on it that their dinner jacket did not have. What is the origin and any verifiable history surrounding the phrase "gospel breakfast". Thanks in advance for any help with this. I am beginning the process of writing articles for each of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Would it be considered original research to engage in some light, unadventurous analysis of the text? I realize that sometimes criticism can be subjective, but perhaps explicative analysis of generally-held interpretations would improve ones understanding of the article and improve the quality of Wikipedia. Adambiswanger1 , 9 June UTC. Often when searching for Game Genie or similar patch codes I find the author has made claims of copyright see The Code Hut for instance.

I'm not asking for genuine legal advice, but are such claims valid under US copyright law? The way I see it patch codes are facts, and therefore uncopyrightable. The Master Sword dealing 3 damage would be a fact, and that damage rating being stored in the memory address 7FFFFF would also be a fact. Therefore you can claim ownership of your presentation of these facts, but not of the facts themselves. So, anyway, am I right or are they? Hm, some very interesting replies!

I had no idea even the database claim has been challenged. For my part I'm only intending to pick out a few choice codes in order to embellish some guides without delaying for permission, and it looks like I can definitely do that. Thanks for all the feedback.

I can not figure out what this case is. I would be very grateful if you could help me with a brief summary. Neither WP nor WT has anything on it.

Anyone know? Does a man who wants to run to become a member of the Assembly of Experts have to be a mullah, that is, does he need to have attained doctoral-level education in Islam? If not, do you know how many of the 86 members are not akhoonds? Patchouli , 9 June UTC. Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in and John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in Lincoln 's secretary was named Kennedy while Kennedy's - Lincoln.

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights. Both wives lost their children while living in the White House. Both presidents were shot on a Friday and both in the head. Lincoln was shot at the Ford theater, Kennedy was shot in "Lincoln" made by "Ford". Lincoln was as shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse. Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran and hid in a theater.

Both presidents were assassinated by Southerners and were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson. Both assassins were known by their three names and both names are composed of fifteen letters and both assasins were assassinated before their trials.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in while Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland. And a week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.

Creepy, huh? Is anyone aware of a game on the internet where they show you the photo of a person, and you have to guess where he's from, based on facial features, costume, etc. Or, maybe, any other similar games? Twemlow in Chapter 2.

This description refers to Mr. Twemlow as a "piece of dinner-furniture". The text goes on to say:. Veneering, for example, arranging a dinner, habitually started with Twemlow, and then put leaves in him, or added guests to him.

Sometimes, the table consisted of Twemlow and half-a-dozen leaves; sometimes, of Twemlow and a dozen leaves; sometimes, Twemlow was pulled out to his utmost extent of twenty leaves.

I've figured out that the Veneerings must see Mr. Twemlow as someone essential to have at a dinner party, but at the same time, they must not value him as a person, hence the "piece of dinner-furniture" comparison. I'm guessing that the leaves might refer to tables that can be extended by adding additional panels leaves?

Going further with this metaphor, if Mr. Twemlow is like a dinner table, then the addtional leaves must represent the additional guests, who like Twemlow, are not particularly valued as people but rather as furniture or decor--something to lend prestige to Mr. Needless to say, this is not a homework question. Many definitions vaguely indicated that they are 'guidelines' or 'best practices' which suggest that they are not rigid but flexible depending on the particular situation and the intent of an organization.

Please do not use Wikipedia as a soapbox or a chatroom. If you do not have a real question or a real answer, consider not posting your thought to the reference desk. Skittle , 11 June UTC. I looked over United States Constitution but couldn't find an answer quickly: Does a state of the USA have the right to leave the union?

What would be required for this, would a majority vote of the state's population be sufficient, or would there need to be a majority in all of the USA? In view of the recent polarization, has any non-bible-belt state seriously considered leaving the Union? I am convinced that for example California could well hold its own as a sovereign state, and would economically probably be better off than as a part of the US. Also note that no US state has anywhere near a majority who would vote to secede, including Hawaii.

Some US possessions, like Puerto Rico , are closer, but still not there. First, with regards to the feasibilty of secession, the people of a giant state like California would have no problem holding their own.

In fact, to pick a nation from each continent, the population and economy of California is greater than that of Canada, Argentina, Greece, South Africa, Saudi Arabia yes, even with its oil its economy still pales in comparison to California and Australia. In fact, should it seceed, it would be an obvious candidate to be the ninth nation in the newly renamed "G-9".

But one need not look at a giant state like California. Even an average sized state with an average sized poplulation such as Pennsylvania or Michigan would still find itself among the richest nations on the planet, and would certainly be able to hold its own on the international scene. Finally, with regards to the "legality" of secession, this may dissappoint many, but to the extent that the Constitution may forbid secession, the Constitution is irrelevant.

To the extent that the Civil War may provide a precedent forbidding secession, it too is irrelevant. We no longer live in the 18th or 19th centuries, but the 21st, and sensibilities are simply different today. Should a state like California hold a referendum on secession, for example, and should the people of California vote overwhelmingly to separate from the United States, and should the Government of California proceed on its course to sever all legal ties with the US, while maintaining a good faith approach to settling such sensitive issues as nuclear weaponry, etc It is simply inconceivable that the Government of the United States would actually, in this day and age, use its military might and send troops into California, killing many Californian and US citizens in the process, to prevent the people of California from pursuing their democratic will to separate from the United States.

Fortunately, however, this is a pure intellectual, hypothetical debate, as there is no indication that any state is actually considering secession. Loomis51 , 10 June UTC. Agreed Stu, that's why I stuck in the bit about "maintaining a good faith approach to settling such sensitive issues as nuclear weaponry etc Nukes would definitely be something HUGE to consider.

I think we're pretty much in agreement on this one. Loomis51 , 11 June UTC. What would be a good criteria to determine what is the biggest or most culturally important sport of a given country?

YOu can't go with "official" sport, because for example, for Canada the answer should be ice hockey , but the official sport is lacrosse. For Brazil the answer is clearly football soccer. How could you analyze it for USA? Is American football bigger, or baseball, or basketball, for example? Anyone know the meaning and orgin of the name baljit.

I believe it may be related to indian culture. I have been told it comes from some kind a symbol that witches used in a certain curse. Do we have an article on it? Too many Ls. Thanks for telling me. Its a simple mistake. By the way, you should have put a ":" between "must inform you" and "due to" rather than a "," and I think that's a lot worse than a typing error. Oh well.

I would still like someone to tell me the answer to my original question though. To answer the original question, the A over the O is the symbol of anarchy and represents Anarchy superseding Order or "Anarchy is Order". See here. Thak you very much. That's exactly what I was thinking of. Ah,the good old days of punk! Wales's Flag contains a red dragon and a green land. What is the exact pantone number for that red and green color?

Recommend that we add claims of Jesus Christ, including: Jesus claimed to be the only way to God: "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

Apparently this is true. How dare you, Patchouli, edit another's question in such a crass manner? As mentioned, personally, I don't believe Jesus was the Christ, but for those who believe Jesus was in fact Christ, it is their right, their "freedom of thought" as you put it on your userpage, and their writing should remain untouched. Believing that Jesus was Christ is in no way offensive to non-Christians.

It's simply a belief. Editing their question is simply unacceptable and extremely rude. Please reconsider and reverse your edits. I crossed the word Christ and didn't hide that by I inserting I edited your statements above.

First, the original question seemed as if that person was a skeptic. Second, I do believe in freedom of thought ; however, this is project page; as such, being a little artful shouldn't offend anyone except those people can't wait to get offended in order to justify vituperation. Next, I address the issue of opinion. That, Jesus was Jesus of Nazareth is a fact. On the other hand, that he was Christ is an opinion of Christians. On a tangential issue, I deem it reasonable to speculate that Jesus of Nazareth had a secret agreement with Biblical authors to remain celibate and sacrifice his life and that they would in turn him into a literal God.

What is the big deal? Isaac Newton who was a bachelor for 85 years and made tangible accomplishments that changed the course of humanity doesn't get divine titles. Yet a guy who was pulling people's legs as a living is now deified. A good sign of maturity is seen in the following statement: "Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it.

I dont talk very well English, and I try to link various articles or categorys about feudalism with technical names derived from old Castilian language. Another question , without relation is about the use of a traditional tool in agriculture, in spanish is named Trillo , in English can be translated as Threshing-board or Threshing-sledge.

Is it correct? Perhaps Feudal? Loomis51 , 14 June UTC. I remembered reading somewhere about how a South African Airways airliner was nearly shot down by mistake by a British warship in over the South Atlantic while the plane was en-route from South Africa to somewhere in South America. The warship was on its way to the Falklands. The article said something about mistaking it with an Argentine Boeing that was supposed to be shadowing the Task Force.

Can anyone on this esteemed panel shed light on this incident? What is the haircut worn by and called? First my background - I have a Masters degree in philosophy, with emphases on philosophy of science, ancient philosophy, and the history of ideas. I have been following a number of articles on topics that are traditionally tagged as pseudoscience in nature or discussion of philosophy or sociology of science such as Pathological skepticism and a more controversial article misnamed Objective validity of astrology.

Much material that describes the viewpoints of people who hold these views. In the first topic, information on the views of the likes of well-known philosophers of science such as Paul Feyerabend and Thomas Kuhn is being deleted due to the claims that philosophers who hold these views are dubious which seems to mean to some editors, they are not lab scientists publishing in Nature.

In the second article, the topic is up for deletion because it references studies produced inside the astrological community - it reflects the beliefs of some astrologers that there may be a scientific basis to astrology.

This article is being voted on for deletion by editors who think this information is not scientific so not appropriate for wikipedia. I think the article is valuable by showing attempts to prove or disprove with statistical studies - it reflects the state of affairs on a very popular topic, astrology.

How can an encyclopedia be a forum for any anonymous person of any educational background to decide upon scientific validity. Shouldn't an encyclopedia be a place to survey writing and thoughts in a field? Not prove or disprove?

Should 'just the facts' apply to editors who are believers as well as skeptics? It seems that discussion of philosophy of science and information about people who believe in pseudoscientific a loaded word itself, says some philosophers of science is considered inappropriate for wikipedia. Topics that are in the domain of the humanities are being treated as though they are in the domain of natural sciences. A crude uninformed censorship seems to have much support here.

Can someone from humanities weigh in here, or does scientism hold the weight on wiki? The good thing about Wikipedia is that there are so many editors that good information will be offered. The bad thing is that zealots will overwhelm the staid and reliable sources on "secret history" and occult topics. Wikipedia is a target of special interests, but most of the targeted articles have such avid watchers among the ranks of admins that the NPOV version prevails.

In the case of pseudo-science and fringe subjects, there aren't many watchers with access to the protection buttons or rollback, I suspect. Get an RFC started, and then get an active admin to watchlist. The Bigfoot article, for example, was absolutely clobbered by believers a while back, and one in particular.

We need more sane eyes on these articles. Not me, I'm afraid: I'm not very good at conflict and whomping on zealots. I am an admin, but I'm pretty laid back. Geogre , 11 June UTC.

I've heard rumours that Albert Speer jr. Could someone confirm or deny this? There's gotta be a common name for "fiction" tv-shows :D Anyway, the longest running I've stumbled upon so far is actually The young and the restless , premiering in Who debuted at pm, November 23 , Therefore, if you were living in Omsk, not that you would have received Dr.

Who started on the same day. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date March 11, Track Listing - Disc 1. Barry White. I've Got So Much to Give. Honey Please, Can't Ya See. Baby Blues. Let the Music Play. You See the Trouble with Me. Big open air demonstrations by the Independents ware held m the northern and eastern suburbs of Ber- lin.

At Htettln the large works are Idle. In Saxony, however, there hi no strike, and In Brealau a majority of the workers have refused te strike. At Spandau all important gas and eleotrlo workers hare stopped operations. Despite Minister Noske's prohibi- tion, thousands gathered for the In- dependents' meeting in the Urune- wald. A procession was formed and marched toward the city. Shortly after noon troops with machine guns and flame throwers dispersed tho assembly.

Shots were flred In the air. Other large gatherings were held in Treptow Park and'Unter den Lin- den, but all were dispersed under pressure of the troops.

The troops fired In the air and then polntblank Into the crowd, wound- ing two men and a woman. The crowd then broke up. The Incident was the cause of sen- sational reports throughout the city, but order was maintained.

The Berlin electricians gas workers promised to work tonight. Berlin now la without artificial light or transportation. Eight news- papers did not publish or did not de- liver papers to their subscribers. Northwest Mounted Police, It is expected, will be numerically stronger than ever. The fecrutting opened in May is progressing favorably. The objective is a force of between 2, and 2, and Comptroller Maclean today ex- pressed the opinion that the men re- quired would be secured before the end of the Summer.

He stated that already several hundred splendid men have been recruited, many of whom are returned soldiers and for- mer members of the force. The order-in-counctl extending the territorial Jurisdiction of the Mounted Police as far East as the Great Lakes and westward to the Pacific Coast also made provision for Increasing Its slse to 6, men, but It is not plan- ned to raise more than the number mentioned at present.

During the war the strength of the Mounted Police force dropped to less than men, so the newly constitut- ed force will be more than six limos as great as then. Owing to the greater scope of the work under- taken, however, the larger force Is necessary. In an order Issued to the troops on Saturday in connection with the victory celebration, congratulates all ranks on their efforts, "which ren- dered tbls day memorable In the his- tory of Ireland.

The reason for this. Members of the German delegation at Versailles, the statement contlmfc-s, have been waiting vainly for weeks for the Entente to 'name Its commis- sioners. Germany can only beg the Entente to hasten matters.

Mine officials, he added, continued the pumping for 35 minutes after the men left. The Yorkshire coalfields, the Premier said, produced 36,, tons of coal a year, and were the second largest in the United Kingdom.

The Government he said, had sent messages to the miners' federation aHklng what action It is prepared to take and stating thatthe Government was prepared to withdraw the men it had sent to replace the strikers on the mine pumps as soon as the strikers returned to work. Until this hap- pened, he added, the Government woulld take every means at its dis- posal to save the mines and to afford protection to those willing to work. He said the special commissioner sent there.

The action of the miners' in striking, the Premier stated, not only Jeopar- dized their own moans of livelihood, but threatened disaster to every one In the district.

Thousands of hands were thrown out of work this morning by the stop-' page of the engineering works in Sheffield, which announced that short- age of coal will necessitate their re- maining closed until the end of the mem. In addressing the congress called by the state economic council, Anatole Selzonov.

Gavrilov said. Boresov- shy, speaking In their name, "brought up and educated on the tradition of loyalty to their country, are fighting at the various fronts for the 're-es- tablishment of a free great Uussla,' and will continue to fight until Bol- sheviki tyranny is broken.

It was announced here today. Tonight's banquet tendered by th. Victoria Board of Trade to Dr. Mcintosh, member for Na- naimo, will afford excellent oppor- tunity to the people of Victoria to extend to the two Federal representa- tives that meed of appreciation duo to ihem for their continued and suc- cesHful efforts for their respective constituencies. The members. Tickets may be obtained from the secretary of the Board of Trade. In strong force, ft Is estimated that 4.

After fighting throughout the night, the Af- ghans captured the convoy and two guns. Four British officers were killed and two wounded. There were about canualtles among the In- dian ranks.

When they saw all the British officers virtually casualties, the native fighters bolted. Death of Rev. Casseroles and iMe Platea'jwith tempered glass linings. We particularly recommend them.

Other lines with wljfce linings if you prefer them. Pie Plate Pyrex Vorn. Covered heels. Faultless fitting last. Pollard and Nursing Sister L, M. Of these, four officers and other, ranks were dispersed here, the remainder proceeding West within a few hours. There were only SO civilian passengers,'. The Royal George left Liverpool at 7 o'clock the morning of July A large part of the troops were medicals and men discharged from Hospital No.

Peace was celebrated- on board on Saturday night by a concert. Following are the British Columbia officers arriving: Lieut. Pollard, Victoria; Nursing Sister. Rickison, Vancouver; Nursing Slater L. Kirk, Victoria. The general disem- barkation took place this morning. Among those on board were Brig. Panfet and Mrs. But, he asked, was there the remotest chance of ex- acting that sum? How could she pay that? It is useless to talk about Ger- many's waterways, continued the Pre- mier.

It is useless to talk about German soil. You can only talk about the produce you can get outside of Germany and get the eash for. That was largely due to Germany's policy of establishing little colonies here and there in order to Prussian- ize Poland, and the peace conference had taken the only possible course in accordance wit , principles accepted for the basis for the armistice. Conscription and Russia Turning to the question of con- scription, Mr. Lloyd George reiter- ated that it Was necessary to retain a strong army until peace and tho fruits of victory had been secured, but he hoped that by the beginning of next year Great Britain would hove a voluntary army meeting all her needs.

With respect to foreign trade competition and armaments every- thing depended updh the sincerity of the nations in their desire for peace. Concerning Russia the Government still stood by the policy he announced a few months ago. Concluding he said that he did not claim the peace treaty as a whole was perfect but looked to the or- ganisation of the League of Nations to remedy any defects, to act as a court of appeal and to readjust cred- its, Irregularities and injustices.

The conference had redressed many wrongs and he believed had created no new ones. O'Connor Disappointed T. O'Connor, Nationalist, ex- pressed profound disappointment over the Premier's speech. He asked whether Mr.

Lloyd George meant to withdraw from his contract with re- gard to Ireland. One was Sir lOdward Carson and the other was Mr. Lloyd George. What was the good of the Premier talking about German perfidy In breaking the treaty with regard to Belgium when he him- self was breaking his contract? July SI. This ruling will apply to all officers and men coming within the scale of grat- uity payments who have, since Feb- ruary, , or who may hereafter be retired or discharged from either tho military or naval forces.

Some ten thousand farmers are af- fected by the decision. Farmers' Association with the great farmer organizations bf the Prairies will come up later. It Is expected that they will decide to join forces with the farmers of the interior Province.

Is greatly Improved, but he still remains Indoors. Konowahl, who led the peace par- ade on Saturday night, was arrested and charged with the murder. Six men, three of whom are Austrians, are held as witnesses In the case. To Constable Cole, who arrested him, Konowahl said: "I've killed 62 of them; that makes the fifty-third. According to his story, the blow was struck in self-defence, but as he was the only one of the party, including Article's family, who spoke English, it was hard for the police to get.

Dledik, accord- ing to Konowahl, went inside, he re- maining outside. There was a call for help from Diedlk, and Konowahl rushed. Inside, to find himself attacked with a knife by Artick. The victim died immediately. Rwa- sell, Wm. Ivens, W. Heaps, George Armstrong and R. Bray appeared before Magis- trate Noble at the law courts this afternoon facing charges of seditious conspiracy.

Other Informations have been laid, it was anounced, against the other strike leaders, who ,did not appear on this charge. Further, according to a statement by A. Andrews, K. In addressing the cousjt. Dixon; M. Cbarltinoff, Almazoff, Blumenbcrg and Schoppel- rei are the ones affected by the with- drawal of charges.

After some evidence the case was adjourned for one day. Immigration officers -are dally de- porting undesirable aliens from the country and prosecuting offenses committed against the Imtmgratlon Act, it was officially stated at the immigration office today. The dead man, who is believed to be a German, flred four shots at the advancing officers, but none took took effect.

The German, whose name is yet unknown, was mortally wounded in the left breast, while other shots entered the body. The escaped man is believed to be wounded and his arrest Is expected hourly. July 21— Rev.

The late Mr. Miller was borri in Bruce County, Ontario, and was in his 69th year. While the fourth victim met his death by jumping from a train near L'Eplphanle. The victims, three boys and one girl, were all un- der 20 years old. This can now be done, and any weak-blboded per- son can quickly be made strong and well.

Already a small army of ailiag peo- ple has proved the merit of taking after each meal with a sip or two of water, two chocolate-coated Ferrosone Tablets. This Is easily dose, and even one week's use of this wonder- ful blood-food will prove how nour- ishing and strengthening- and flesh- building the treatment is.

Just think of it— Ferrosone uplifts the entire nervous system, renews the blood, makes It rich and red- gives the sort of aid that's needed In throwing off weakness and languor. Tens of thousands enjoy the advan- tages of renewed health through Fer- rosone; — if you'll only use It, you'll surely grow strong too; its beneficial action is noticed even in a week. Tou see It goes right to work, removes the causes of the trouble and then quickly makes a cure. Where there fa paleness, poor appe- tite and languor, Ferrosone makes the patient feel like new in a few days.

In tiredness, nerve exhaustion. Spring fever and debility, the power of Ferrosone la known from coast to coast and universally used with grand results. Let Ferrosone build you up, lot it win you back to robust health,— It will do so quickly if you give it the chance.

Sold by all dealers. Remember the name Ferrosone. Footwear Visitors! The most popular topcoat in the world is undoubtedly— The Burberry It is obtainable in Victoria only at the store of-.

Phone See Our Window Display Now is your chance to buy 8b couple of pairs of shoes for the price of one. Sale price J4 AK S. Cathcart Co. Government roads surround the property, iclcpbone communication with outside points.

OO p cr Acre No information over the pbonc. Are you insured? Saanich Waterfrontage About 50 acres, triostfy good arable land, of which almost one-half is cleared; large water frontage and beautifully situated. The Canadians were foremost In the Dominions' sec- tion of the procession, and were given a very hearty reception along the en- tire route.

It was noted that whereas all mili- tary bodies except the Imperial home forces went by in alphabetical order, the Canadians were placed at the head of the Dominion forces. Another feature of the Canadian representation was that. Turner "on the light and Currle on the left. General Macbrlen and Colonel Morrison marched with the troops. Generals Currie and Turner were quickly recognized by the crowd, who accorded them and their men a whole- hearted cordial reception.

The Australians followed with a drum-major and band, then came New Zealand and South Africa, these having also nursing detachments with them. One of the best benches on Coast. About 2 acres cleared; bungalow of 5 rooms and bath; stable and boathouse. A real bargain at. These are both bargains. Very fine electric fixtures, etc. Good basement, with laundry tubs, etc.

Plumbing Is all first class ' Oarage for 2 cars, underground gasoline tank. Two large lots, all in lawn and flowers and studded with fine oak trees. This Is a first-class residential property, being well situated, near car line, school, beach, etc. Price and particulars upon application. The single row of chaplains who marched also, had a great welcome.

There was some groaning in fun when the military police went by. Canadian airs were Included in the music by the brigade of guards' massed band outside the saluting point at the Palace. General Currle sails for Canada on August 1.

General Turner about a week later. Can- ada could not properly be missing from the gallant company, and the whole Empire would be sorry for the lapse. Lon- don demonstrated quite clearly how far her sympathies lay now, as always. Pity It is. At best, this unfortunate business was due to an exhibition of stupidity, for which somebody's head should fall. But whether it was merely thick-headed ' incompetency and sodden failure, to appreciate a great occasion or a deliberate slight due to jealousy or personal design, the people will , demand not only an explanation that shall explain, but exposure and punishment of those responsible.

Jul, S. Provision is also made for the refund of any such income tax that already has been collected. The first sections of the terms were presented to the Austrian delegates at St. Germain on June 20; the final sections were delivered to them at the same place on Saturday without ceremony by M.

Dutusta, sec- retary-general of the Peaco Confer- ence. Granulated Sugar — 20 lbs. Who Says Beef Is Dear? Shoulder Roasts. Special today, at per lb C. The financial terms provide that the Austrian pre-war debt shall be apportioned among the- various former parts of Austria, and that the Austrian coinage and war bonds, circulated in the separated ter- ritory shall be taken up by the new governments and redeemed as- they sec lit.

Army Reduced Under the military terms the Aus- trian army is henceforth reduced to Within three months the Austrian military forces shall be reduced to 30,, universal military service abol- ished and voluntary enlistment sub- stituted. The army shall be used exclusively for the maintenance of internal order and control of frontiers. All officers must be regulars, those of the present army to be retained being under the obligation to serve until 'forty years old; those newly appointed agreeing to at least twenty consecutive years of active service.

Non-commissioned officers and privates must enlist for not less than twelve consecutive years, including at least six years with the colors. Within three months the armament of the Austrian army must be re- duced according to detailed schedules, and all surplus surrendered.

The" manufacture of war materials shall be confined to one single factory under the control of the state, and other such establishments shall be closed down or converted. Importation and expor- tation of arms, munitions and war ma- terials of all kinds Is forbidden. While recognising that Austria's re- sources will not be adequate to make complete reparation, the Allied and Associated Governments requested and Austria undertakes that she will make compensation for damage done to civilians and their property, In accordance with categories of dam- ages similar to those provided In the treaty with Germany.

The amount of damage is to be determined by the reparation commission provided for in the treaty with Germany, which Is to have a special section to handle the Austrian situation. The committee will notify Austria before May 1.

It will bear in mind the diminutions of Austria's resources and capacity of payment resulting from the treaty. As Immediate' reparation, Austria shall pay during , and the first four months of In such manner as provided by the reparation committee "a reasonable sum which shall be determined by the com- mittee. The amount shall be divided by the Allied and Associated Governments In pro- portions determined upon in advance on a basts of general equity. Represented on ommlmlnn The Austrian section of the repar- ation commission shall include repre- sentatives of Great Britain.

United 8tates. France, Italy, Greece. Poland Roumanla, the 8erbo-8lovene State and Czecho-Slovakia. With- drawal from the commission Is per- mitted on 1J months' notice.

With a view to making good the losses in river tonnage she agrees to deliver up 20 per cent of her river fleet. The Allied and Associated Powers reuuire, and Austria undertakes, that, Treat Baby in 'part reparation, she will devote her economic resources to the physi- cal restoration of the Invaded areas. Within 60 days of the coming into force of the treaty, the governments concerned shall file with the repara- tion commission lists, of animals, ma- chinery, equipment and the like, de- stroyed by Austria, and which the governments desire replaced in kind, and lists of materials which they de- sire produced In Austria for the work of reconstruction, and which are to be viewed In the light of Aus- tria's ability to' meet them.

Austria also agrees to give an op- tion of five years as to timber, iron and magneslte in amounts as nearly equal to the pre-war Importations as Austria's resources make possible.

Sue renounces In favor of Italy all cables touching territory assigned to Italy, and In favor of the Allied and Associated powers. A fine Go-Cart for te money.

Cash, It will pay you to inspect our stock before you decide on your purchase of Furniture. A large flhlm- ney, feet high, waa struck by lightning, and. Prudence, who happened te be In the building when the crash oc- curred, was Instantly killed. About 2, of them assembled at the armories, and headed by Colonel John I. Mc- Laren, inarched to Dundurn Park, where addresses were.

Colonel John I. Mc- Laren and others. Each speaker was greeted with the cry from the soldiers: "We want our beer. These "sick headaches" quickly disappear as soon as the stomach is relieved of its bilious contents. With btaJhonn- coming-, epeculatlon will becole ' about hie future.

Tho -a aroJ many of his admirers who are anx ion's he should enter politics; but if we know Sir Arthur he will not do Ihlav i He is a citizen of Victoria, and the I people here hope he will settle, down again in our midst; yet that is un- likely. There are political interest", both at Ottawa and In jLh? Canadian military administration in England, who are bitterly opposed to Sir Ar- thur Currle, possibly because they!

Hlf Arthur himself will ask for nothing. To our way. It cannot be claimed there are any distinct signs of commercial activity in this country since the signing of the Armistice. Trade returns show tell- ing figures, and the reason is the lack of security that prevails, or. In other words, trading interests in Canada do not know how Ions; the policy of protection will prevail, and cannot make arrangements far ahead. A trade policy which is the shuttle- cock!

Britain Is suffering com- mercially because of lack, of fore- sightednesa In a policy which should be adopted as an outcome of the war, whereby British Industries would be-' conserved for Britons arid for their kinsfolk' overseas.

There must be protection, or else the countries where cheaper labor a,nd lower stan- dards of living prevail will flood our markets with their products, which Will inevitably lead to growing unem- ployment in the Empire. Irresolu- tion In a matter of this kind at such a. Germany is praying and hoping that this Empire will go on economically in the same old hap- hasard way, which — through the ability of Germany to secure all the raw material she wanted — was one of the direct inspirations of the war.

A I policy of lalsses faire on the part of Britain and the Overseas Dominions li the most certain way of enabling.. Germany to recover her economic Strength in the quickest possible fashion. Liberal before the wfcr. He has no politics now, for anyino who has graduated In such a icntar of experience as the Great War can no longer be bound by 'the ties of any political party.

He deserves will". Jt the hands of the country. Hughes, the Prime Minister of Australia, have recently drawn attention to the necessity for a permanent trade policy in Great Britain. The former pointed out that during the war the Km pirn learned the vital necessity of depending on Itself and Its own re- sources In a manner which had never been realised before.

His theme was to encourage Inter-Imperial trade, for he held It would be in the 'best Interests' of all concerned-, If it. A prominent and salutary lesson of the war was to show Great Britain how much better it would be for the Interests of her- self and the Overseas Dominions If there was common industrial' and commercial action.

The British Par- liament has recognised this to some extent In passing a measure of Im-. We In Canada have been equally i low to avail ourselves of the war's! On account, and because as a rule the great mesa of the people ere guided by the dictates of common sense, the policy. Here In Canada the ffoont budget waa anathema to the gra'. The public, who pay the 'olHs. Now, for nearly nine months past, they have been endeavoring to obtain recognition of their long 'overdue needs, and while they have been given bonuses, as a stopgap, these have not met the great fallin.

Boauaes, too, have left an element of uncertainty about the future Which is not in the interests of the public yervice, where there snou id be. Long before the last session of the Legislature,' We urged he desirability of a new salary schedule being drawn up, but our plea fell on deaf ears. By now we believe the Government is persuaded that something must be done.

Probably the authorities have hesitated bdekuse of a belief that public opinion would not sanction the necessary salary Increases at a time when expenditure outruna revenue to auch an extent. The Labor Department ,of the Provincial Gov- ernment has in its possession full statistics showing what is a living wage, and what are the wages being paid to skilled workers In various branches of Industries.

The authori- ties have only got to compare these wages to those which it pays to its own employees, the vast majority of whom, because of their training and experience, must be' termed "skilled workers.

It ain't love babe, until you give it No, it ain't life babe, until you live it Come give me your love babe, come on and give it Oh, live your life babe, I mean really live it.

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