Its Been A Long, Long Time - Oppachi & His Sounds - Among My Souvenirs (Vinyl, LP)

Or you or Tempelhof? Do you have any other collaborations planned? Collaboration is the salt of life, I am always excited about it. The project with Marco and Jonny took a break, between the various commitments, and the time I took to realize Calypso. Paolo and Luciano, from Tempelhof, have decided to embark on a new project to which they gave the name One Million Eyes. They have a new album due in the coming months.

Difficulties of various kinds have slowed down that project over the years, but it is a path that is not yet at its end. I hope that in the future we can talk about it again.

People might not know, but you were a radio DJ for around 20 years. Is this a job you would consider doing again? Above all I am a radio DJ, down to the bone. Well, to be honest it is not such an easy thing to do in Italy right now, where the quality of FM radio is very questionable, but there is a growing quality among web radios. You can catch Gigi live at the following gigs:. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Portrait photo by Riccardo Roman. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Collecting them into an album and releasing it comes from a crazy, if not pathological desire to share that joy with others.

With her heart-swelling, folk-inflected pop, music's bright-eyed anthropologist, Alex the Astronaut, uses uses sprawling narratives and rich vignettes to unravel the joys and struggles of everyday life on her debut album. Brough to life with infectious melodies, plucked guitar, and Alex's unmistakable vocals.

The Theory of Absolutely Nothing is the work of a storyteller attuned to the world around her. Narratively, H. She followed up with her breakout album, Tanto Tempo, positioning herself as one of the top-selling Brazilian artists since the 's.

She continued with a streak of critically-acclaimed albums on which she refined her sound and showcased her strengths as a composer. Her new album, Agora, which translates to now, chronicles the moment in time in Bebel's life after a period of great change. Featuring the world record breaking summer smash 'California Gurls' with Snoop Dogg. It also features three brand new songs as well as versions of "E. None of these alternative versions have ever been available on CD until now.

Also features a limited edition lenticular cover. And that thing is my 8th studio album, folklore," she said, letting fans know she poured all her whims, dreams, fears, musings into the 17 tracks. Glass Animals has also made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The LP features heavyweight collaborations from lau. Moreover, the trio recognized that their own battles were merely microcosms of the surrounding world.

The hope was to craft a body of work that was reflective of that duality of lightness and darkness inherent to the human condition. This previously-unheard, high-quality soundboard recording of the original Stooges lineup's final performance -- recorded just before the release of their earthshaking album Fun House -- will be available on vinyl, CD and digital on August 7, , nearly 50 years to the day after the performance.

Luke Bryan will be releasing his latest album on August 7th. It also comes with a square photo card available only outside of Japan same design across all editions. Quick View. One of her beauty staples — Uka body oil. Reuse this content opens in new window. Promoted Content. Comments have not been enabled for this article. Follow the topics in this article Jewellery. Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition.

Search the FT Search. Woke up and thought about last night It was such a crying shame Must I really go outside If so I better wear my shades Don't want to know what is the hour Don't think I want to get out of bed But I'd better take a shower And wash that girl right off my hair Had to go down to the grocery I could see them all staring at me Saying "How could you fuck it up?

Just don't go blaming lady luck" Well, I just had to laugh Must I get used to that? Not even in my lies Have I got a place to hide I thought about us all the time I could picture our golden days That went on until last night When she had to put me in my place At the service station I was told "Man you should always take it slow Why not resign to your fate At best you're an acquired taste Well, I just had to laugh I'm getting used to that Now not even in my mind Do I have a place to hide Throughout my town In every damn street Everyone I know Everyone I meet Knows the whole story Will they speak of it Is that embarassing Well, a little bit But I was ill-advised By a little kid Yeah, I was in the clouds I must admit Ever since I saw you And could not resist Ever since the beat That my heart skipped.

The Hippodrome Ancient Ruins Seize the Day When I Still Smoked Class of '99 She was a middle-aged white woman, but to a boy fresh out of college who took care of his mind and body, middle age was relative. She might have been a hard-living thirty, for all he knew. He thought she might be lonely, but she never showed it.

A pack a day of Marlborough cigarettes seemed to fill that void. When he left for work in the morning, she would sit on her daybed watching Jeopardy , and when he returned eight hours later, she would still be watching Jeopardy. Only the food in front of her changed. She did not own a single pan or pot. The overall effect was ascetic, slovenly, and claustrophobic. Where was the common area?

Where was the living room? But he had not yet secured a new living arrangement. She turned and stared at him for the longest time. She lit a cigarette. It was seven thirty in the morning. Her hair was red but her roots screamed brunette.

She chuckled. People had ideas about Iowa. They confused Iowa with Kansas. People had ideas about Kansas. Something in the way she asked the question made him want to withhold. Trust me. Go home. It was true: Theo hated his job. He hated the subway, the bus, the pollution, and crowds. He would stroll down Ninth Avenue and cut over to Sixth Avenue every morning so he would have time to compose his thoughts, to compose himself.

He worked in the sales department of an expensive hardware store in Chelsea. They sold tony reproductions of antique fixtures and faucets and lamps. She was a skinny girl from Fishkill, New York with an overbite. The overbite made her self-conscious. When her colleagues told a joke, she would cover her lips and stifle the need to laugh.

They could afford to eat out for lunch every day. Otherwise, he worked through lunch or he brought spanakopita.

His landlord stopped him one morning on his way out the door. They lived in a tomb of silence. He could not even bring himself to utter salutations. Nowadays people would say the woman brought the hate out in him. Back then, Theodore reckoned with what his father called the inherent thirty percent. He resented that she had him pegged. His architecture degree in interior design from Purdue University meant absolutely nothing in New York City.

The previous week, he had scored an invite to this house party in Williamsburg where every other architect was a Yale graduate who had interned in Barcelona or Rome. There was talk of windmills in Africa and temples in China. Iowa was prone to sudden thunderstorms and blizzards that could leave you homeless. Theodore cared more about where people lived and how they resided in their homes than the havoc wreaked on them by the elements. You see the roughness reflected in the uneven scale of the neighborhood.

Al Smith had some logic about him when he erected the Empire State Building to give this side of town something to look up to. But not if you stall, not if you sit on that daybed and wait.

The brownstone next door has already corrupted the foundation of your property and the first one to sell leaves the other to shoulder the financial hit—so that the new management company or real estate firm can declare eminent domain and buy you out cheap. His landlord turned the television off. Once she had been a looker. Not really. Theo could not resist the sudden urge to mark territory and establish authority.

Album sales have been anemic since at least the advent of Napster, and certainly since iTunes, Spotify and the host of streaming services that followed changed the way millions of people — including those who grew up listening to albums — consumed music. Until its alleged decline, the album had long been the preferred way for musicians to make an artistic statement beyond the pop song format. And with the advent of the minute-capacity Compact Disc in the s, the misses soon far outweighed the hits.

A fixed pattern of long and short notes that is repeated or varied is known as. a rhythmic mode. Which term describes the texture of two or more melodies performed at the same time? polyphony. The text setting of Gaude Maria virgo is. highly melismatic. Gaude Maria virgo is performed. a cappella. Gaude Maria virgo is sung in.

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  2. CDs Vinyl. Gifts. Books Magazines. Low Shipping starting at $ Order by Phone Your Among My Souvenirs; Born To Lose; It´s Been So Long, Darling; For Now and Always; It's Been a Long Long Time - Les Paul & Mary Ford; Tennessee Waltz - Les Paul & Mary Ford.
  3. Originally released for Records Store Day in April , where the album was a single LP picture disc in a die-cut sleeve the album is now being released as a CD and standard black vinyl LP. The LP has been half-speed mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Mastering and comes as g vinyl and a hi-res download code.
  4. Feb 18,  · Time-Life Album Discography, Part Your Hit Parade Series By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries Last update: February 18, The Your Hit Parade Series was a reissue of pop music from the s and s, typical of the music played on the old radio and television shows "Your Hit Parade." Generally, the fidelity on these was excellent.
  5. Song and Dance Men - When I Still Smoked by TBTCI Rec., released 02 October 1. Opening Act 2. Bugs Are Nowhere To Be Found 3. Nouvelle Vague 4. The Beat that My Heart Skipped 5. The Hippodrome 6. Ancient Ruins 7. Seize the Day 8. When I Still Smoked 9. Class of '99 Circa At the Goldfish Ball Song And Dance Men - Nouvelle Vague.
  6. "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" is a British music hall song written in by Jack Judge and Henry James "Harry" Williams. In fact it had been written 3 years earlier, and then put aside as "It's A Long Way To Connemara", a ballad to appeal to the Irish emigrants, who were missing their homeland.
  7. a. His smooth, highly polished vocal style dissuaded other artists from producing covers of his songs b. He was a constant presence on the R&B charts in the s c. His Latin-tinged trumpet playing on songs like “A Taste of Honey” was widely imitated d.
  8. Re-mastered from the original tapes and pressed onto purple vinyl, J-pop pioneer Momoko Kikuchi ’s Adventure returns to the LP format for the first time since its release way back in The sound of an already established artist discovering the full extent of their potential (Kikuchi had only just turned 18 when it was released), Adventure.
  9. Start studying Ch. 12 Music Quiz. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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