Its Not True - Larrys Rebels - Feelin Good! (Vinyl, LP)

Elderbrook : Coachella was amazing. It's something I think every artist wants to play and I feel lucky to have been able to myself. My favorite part about it was testing out some new material that I've wanted to do for ages.

I think it went down okay! Dance Spirit : We always craft and play original music and material and we've been jamming out in the studio writing new grooves and moods that we think will be appropriate for the festival. They have always strived for a top quality production, and most importantly, their attention to the sound.

The mood is always fun and always on. It's is a shaded structure and when it gets hot enough they water down the crowd with giant squirt gun hoses. Overall, it's super vibey and fun. Their reputation brings in the right kind of heads, but also attracts new ones as well.

I think they did a great job curating the stage this year, and we are honored to be asked back. KMLN : Their vibe there is all about family feelings, colorful, playful and most of all inclusive.

And the water guns. Elderbrook : The energy of the crowd was great. It was the first day of Coachella so everyone was full of energy. I love playing festivals but this was a new level! Water guns, bubbles, friends…And [you meet new people and] you're like, "Ah, we can be friends too. You've played Lightning in a Bottle before too; do you feel like the Do Lab stage is like a mini version of that within the larger Coachella vibe?

I would have to say that LiB is its own unique festival considering the fact that it is a varied curation of many genres over three or four stages. The LiB festival goes further into musical territory in my opinion.

As far as context at Coachella, I would assume that the Do LaB experience is for people who are excited for the lineup or others who are looking for something new. You [can] go to listen to a band, but at Do LaB you go to feel it and let it move you. In the end, we will let the Instagram influencers decide [laughs].

The main difference is at Coachella you're missing all the beautiful art, workshops, games and the adventures you can have finding strange little nooks of delightful surprises that makes LiB so special. Elderbrook : Yes, definitely!

The whole experience of the stage and the art behind it definitely reminds me of LiB. What does it mean to you to be a part of Do Lab's curated Coachella experience?

Needless to say, we are excited, and dare we say one more time, excited to play on that sound system! KMLN : It's so exciting and an honor to be playing on the same grounds as so many legends of music history.

We love Do LaB so much and wanna grow old with them. Elderbrook : It means so much. Like I said, playing Coachella is so many musicians dream and to be part of it just felt amazing. I love how people dance on stage, as a DJ it really feels like you're a part of the party. They see the festival as a pivotal turning point in success as a group, especially in the U. This time they are listed at the top of the lineup for their Friday evening set both weekends, and will be premiering their latest project, a degree short film to accompany one of the fan-favorite tracks from 's Solace , "Underwater.

Read on to hear from band members Jon and James about who and what they want to check out at the fest "We can lose hours in the Yuma Tent," says James and working with Frost for the video.

They also discuss the creative process for recording their last album they got fancy synths and set up shop in Los Angeles! James Hunt : For us it's pretty special because we played Coachella for the first time in That felt like a really important turning point for us in our career, especially in the U. It felt like after that set we found a lot more momentum. I think the visibility that it gave us, and the ability to play in front of that many people really helped us out.

It feels really special to be returning to the site of it. And one thing we love about Coachella, especially from that time when we were there roaming around and exploring, was how it isn't just about the artists and the bands that are playing, but it's a really well curated array of experiences and interactive art pieces; it allows the ability for everyone to curate their own little journey.

So we're excited to gallivant around and go on our own little journey. Jon George : Childish Gambino , [ Anderson]. James : Tame Impala , fellow Australian. Stephan Bodzin. The electronic contingent is always really strong at Coachella too, we found.

We can lose hours in the Yuma Tent under the disco ball shark thing. Can you talk about working with James Frost for the "Underwater" short film that you are releasing soon? James : It's been a really pleasurable experience working with him. And especially considering his resume, you know a talented director of music videos for Radiohead, for Coldplay. We love his work and so then we found out we were able to work with this guy and he was gonna have a visual response to our song "Underwater," we were pretty blown away.

Beyond that he's just a really humble and really nice, personable person. He's allowed a lot of creative back and forth, which we really enjoyed that kind of process. The flyer landed. Blaine was rushed down the elevator to the Governor General's floor.

There wasn't a woman in the building, although Imperial government offices usually bristled with them, and Rod missed the girls. He'd been in space a long time.

He gave his name to the ramrod-straight Marine at the receptionist's desk and waited. He wasn't looking forward to the coming interview, and spent the time glaring at blank walls. All the decorative paintings, the three-d star map with Imperial banners floating above the provinces, all the standard equipment of a governor general's office on a Class One planet, were gone, leaving ugly places on the walls.

The guard motioned him into the office. Michael and St. George, was seated at the Governor General's desk. There was no sign of His Excellency Mr. Haruna, and for a moment Rod thought the Admiral was alone. Then he noticed Captain Cziller, his immediate superior as master of MacArthur, standing by the window. All the transparencies had been knocked out, and there were deep scratches in the paneled walls. The displays and furniture were gone. Even the Great Seal -- crown spaceship, eagle, sickle and haminer -- was missing from above the duralplast desk.

There had never in Rod's memory been a duralplast desk in a governor general's office. Cziller didn't look around from the window.

Rod stood at stiff attention while the Admiral regarded with an unchanging expression. Finally: "Good morning, Commander. I suppose I haven't seen you since I last visited Crucis Court. How is the Marquis? He hasn't changed, Rod thought. An enormously competent man, who fought a tendency to fat by exercising in high gravity. The Navy sent Plekhanov when hard was expected.

He's never been known to excuse an officer, and there was a gun-room rumor that he'd had the Crown Prince -- now Emperor -- stretched over a mess table and whacked with a spatball paddle back when His Higness was serving as a midshipman in Plataea.

You had to fight your way to the rebel Field generator. You lost a company of Imperial Marines. Did you have orders to go down with the boats? What was his name? Jonas Stone. Immunity from arrest. Restoration of property. Damn you, do you imagine that every naval officer has authority to make deals with subjects in rebellion? Or do you hold some diplomatic commission I'm not aware of, Commander? He wanted to shout, but be didn't. To hell with Navy tradition, he thought. I won the damned war.

While commanding the prize Defiant, I recieved a signal from the rebel city. At that time the city's Langston Field was intact, Captain Ckiller aboard MacArthur was fully engaged with the satellite planetary defenses, and the main body of the fleet was in general engagement with rebel forces. The message was signed by a rebel leader.

Stone promised to admit Imperial forces into the city on condition that he obtain full immunity from prosecution and restoration of his personal property. He gave a time limit of one hour, and insisted on a member of the aristocracy as guarantor.

If there were anything to his offer, the war would end once the Marines entered the city's Field generator house. There being no possibility of consultation with higher authority, I took the landing force down myself and gave Mr. Stone my personal word of honor. As Lord Blaine. Not as a Navy officer. If he disavowed Blaines word, Rod would be through, in the Navy, in government, everywhere.

On the other hand, Admiral Plepkhanov would have to explain to the House of Peers. Yes, sir. I might point out that Mr. Stone's message described the city prison camp where they were keeping the Imperial officers and citizens.

I've no use for traitors, even one who helps us. But I'll honor your bargain, and that means I have to give official approval to your going down with the landing boats. I don't have to like it, Blaine, and I don't.

It was a damn fool stunt. He continued to stand at attention, but he felt the knot in his guts loosen. The Admiral grunted. Almost got us both killed on Tanith. It's a bloody wonder your family's survived through eleven marquises, and it'll be a bigger one if you live to be twelfth.

All right, sit down. The Admiral's face relaxed slightly. He did. His influence put me in this seat, and he asked to have you under my command. Now I wonder why. If it had been a trap? There'd have been no time to send for another assault carrier and more Marines. If you'd lost your command, I'd have blasted this planet into the stone age, Blaine.

Aristocrat or no, don't you ever put anyone in that position again! Do you understand me? But -- What good would the Marines have been with the city's Field intact? Rod's shoulders slumped.

He'd have done something. But what? Maybe you weren't. You do another stunt like that and I'll have your sword. Is that understood? Not a battle. And I wouldn't want to see her go far without a refit. Now he sat uncomfortably and wondered. MacArthur's captain stood at the window, obviously listening, but he hadn't said a word. Why didn't the Admiral ask him? As Blaine wondered, Plekhanov made up his mind. Bruno, You're Fleet Captain. Make your recommendation. Rod was startled: Cziller no longer wore the little silver replica of MacArthur that showed him to be her master.

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Inside Looking Out. Speak My Mind. Dream Time. I'll Make You Happy. Painter Man [Australian Version]. Let's Think of Something [Australian Version]. Coloured Flowers. Everybody's Girl. Terry Melcher.

Larry's Rebels discography and songs: Music profile for Larry's Rebels, formed

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Feelin' Good! on Discogs. Label: Raven Records - RVLP,Impact (3) - IR • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation Vinyl 7 Larry's Rebels - Feelin' Good!/5.
  2. The cover states: "18 Stunning Songs including I Feel Good, Dream Time, Painter Man, Let's Thing Of Something, Halloween, Mo'reen. Track C1 is a interview with the band and it's subtitled "Personal Messages from Larry, Viv, John, Nookie & Mal to their friends and fans."/5(6).
  3. Featuring a well-written history of the band by Grant Gillanders and lots of rare photos and clippings, I Feel Good: The Essential Purple Flashes of Larry's Rebels is a definitive single-disc overview of the band's brief but remarkable career, and anyone with a taste for U.K. R&B or freakbeat of the era will enjoy this sampler of the 9/
  4. released compilation taken from original master tapes! I Feel Good: The Essential Purple Flashes Of Larry's Rebels Top hitters on the New Zealand ’s pop scene who recorded storming versions of mid to late 60’s mod pop-art .
  5. Larry's Rebels, an EP by Larry's Rebels. Released in on Impact (catalog no. IEP ; Vinyl 7").
  6. Complete song listing of Larry's Rebels on Larry's Rebels ~ Songs List | COVID We have resumed very limited warehouse and shipping operations.
  7. 7" Single on 45cat: Larry's Rebels - Larry's Rebels Sing Christmas Songs - Impact - New Zealand.
  8. Jun 17,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Larrys Rebels YouTube Larry's Rebels - A Study In Black (FULL ALBUM) [Classic Rock/Psychedelic Rock] - .

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