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Free parking is what allowed me to give it one star. There was enough seating and space for players and spectators. Free Gatorade stations were set up throughout the facility. Zero stars in all other categories for all the reasons mentioned in other posts. Zero stars!! This sports complex is a joke. You have to read all the standing boards to direct you to the entrance.

Furniture is all old or previously damaged but lets tape it up, to be used by the public. Walking on the uneven floor-boards, feeling like you are about to fall through. No place for the public to watch. Bathrooms are a joke. They want to hold sporting events If I could give this place 0 or negative I would.

It's the middle of July for AAU nationals.. No indoor restrooms! You have to go out side to a port-a-potty trailer. Concessions are outside as well. The score keeps were constantly messing up time and score. Not a good experience here even though our team made it to the championship.

Good luck! There needs to be a way to review and give zero stars. I participated in a sporting event at Jam On It this past weekend.

I hadn't heard of it or been there before, and can't believe how bad the facility was. The event was a martial arts tournament that lasted the full day. Athletes are dressed in competition uniforms long sleeves and pants and judges are dressed the same, or wearing business suits. The outside air temperature in the early afternoon was degrees.

With that in mind, here are the issues: 1. The facility has no air conditioning. It wasn't clear if they normally do or not. Some folks were told they do; others were told they don't. All we know is they didn't for this event. I couldn't tell that any of the visible ductwork led to an actual air conditioning system.

What was clear was the few swamp coolers they had in place to attempt to cool the air appeared to have been there for a long time--long enough that the condensation running off of them had severely buckled the flooring around them. There were also large fans mounted high on the supporting columns inside the facility which looked pretty permanent. Newcleus recorded "Jam-On Revenge," a block-party favorite featuring vocals that were sped up.

The group released several albums during the following years, but these were the creations of producers putting out material under the Newcleus name. Some of these featured classic Newcleus tracks touted as live versions but simply added crowd noise atop the original tracks. In , Cozmo D released an album, Destination Earth: The Definitive Newcleus Recordings , a collection of hip-hop tracks from the group's entire catalog.

The Best of Newcleus. The majority of the songs on this release were restored and remastered from the original master tapes. The definitive versions of the songs "Destination Earth" and "Why" taken from this CD were also released on inch vinyl on the German record label Dominance Electricity.

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Chorus with singing in backround So jam on it, so jam on it I said jam j-jam j-jam on it I said were rocking to the bright early morning I said jam j-jam j-jam on it. This is the one to keep inside the jam And make you get up and just do that dance This is the one to keep inside the jam And make you get up and just clap your hands New York you got to jam on it And Atlanta got to jam on it And BK you got to jam on it Got to jam on it, you got to jam on it And Miami you got to jam on it And California you got to jam on it?

10 reviews of Jam On It Sportsplex "This facility has no AC units!! Playing basketball in degree weather!!! Absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable".

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  1. Jam On It is the host of the largest basketball tournament in the World! The Reno Memorial Basketball Tournament has become a must attend event with over Amateur youth teams participating. Check out our events in Reno, Las Vegas, Salt Lake, Scottsdale, Hawaii, and other locations!
  2. Jam On It continues to assess how COVID impacts our tournaments and events. We are constantly consulting with each venue, who in turn work with their local and state government and health officials. Jam On It takes the safety of our athletes, spectators, volunteers and staff very seriously.
  3. “Jam On It” was the 9th rap song ever to appear on Billboard’s Hot The single peaked at #56 on the Billboard Hot in July of It also reached #89 in the UK earlier that year.
  4. JAM ON IT. Home Events > Districts Our Academy News Protocols big mountain jam. JULY , Mike Killpack - [email protected] For pricing/details on admissions or to PURCHASE ONLINE ADMISSION TICKETS CLICK HERE (Spectators numbers will be limited due to Covid Safety Protocols & Social Distancing).
  5. In , Newcleus released "Jam On It". By the primary members of this band/collective were Cenac, Yvette "Lady E" Cook, Monique Angevin, and Bob "Chilly B" Crafton. There were two active females at this point and is apparent that at least one female played instruments for the band (per photo), both of which are of significa.
  6. Mar 26,  · The Jam On It app will provide everything needed for team and college coaches, media, players, parents and fans throughout an event.
  7. What more do you want, jam on it? A rhetorical question indicating one's belief that what has been provided is sufficient or generous, and that requests for something additional or superior are ungrateful or greedy. We provided the client everything they requested, plus a few bonus features, but now they're asking for some add-ons.
  8. If you want the full version of "Jam On It" & not the cutting corners version of this song, then you should get "Jam On It -The Definitive CD Single" like I bought. It is also for sale here on poetiafintakinrods.soikmarvictivabcogebbaresagalvie.co This so-called "Essential" album isn't nothin'.4/4(13).

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