Looking For Occultism I - Frank Riggio - Psychexcess II - Futurism (CD, Album)

Meaning Of Meaning Aqka Torr The Epicness Stupidity TTTT Elesdee Diffuse Elesdee Flying Psyche II Skahizgon M90 To M Ridzo From Dust To Dust Looking For Occultism I Thank you. Enter to Exit by enduser. With breakbeat always at the core, these tracks drift effortlessly from melodic to industrial.

To Be Predetermined by Troy No. Explore music. Npyu System. Asa Walker. Psychonavigation Records launches its new name with a slew of fall releases. The label has always been the best at making timely announcements, and this season is no different.

Also on Further is the latest production from Donato Dozzy , who continues to confound listener expectations. This time he concentrates on mouth harp, yet lines his path with electronics. The Loud Silence is released on 9 October. That track is a perfect demonstration of the kitchen sink approach, with samples of horns, a dog and cut-up vocals. Hard beats form the core of Dax J.

On the Skandha EP , he decorates his beats with drones and field recordings, inviting listeners to delve into tunnels of sound The Bunker New York, 1 September. For those who missed the creepy yet playful preview video, here it is again. Electronic textures form the binding of the sonic tome. Cover image to the right. Matches is percolation and drone, meshing shruti box, prepared pump organ and tape. The duo of Nicola Fornasari and Andrea Poli combines digital samples with distortion and bass to create a surprisingly non-meditative mood.

Fans of free jazz improvisation will be overjoyed at the sound and the presentation. I used a lot of different tools and techniques for this one too. FR: From the very start I wanted to make sure that each album will sound coherent and different from each other; also to build a logical continuation between each album. How far would you say you are to completion? It took me 8 months to complete. This project is very dear to me. Besides that, third album I added a cherry on the cake in order to complete the trilogy in triumph.

Nobody listened to it for now, expect for my girlfriend and my daughter. LIS: Do you have any plans after the trilogy is complete?

FR: Yes, I do have a plan. I have a new concept for an album and cannot wait to start working on it. I should be able to start the production maybe before the end of this year. FR: Nope! I just stay deeply focused on one only. I had the opportunity to focus on Psychexcess III only the past 8 months. Actually it was a sinequanone parameter to be able to give life to this project and its concept.

FR: Not so much for now. I want to keep this creation just for me. Is there any story behind TTTT? I really love that piece of music, it take me everytime I listen to it.

Part I has played in my car more than any other album since putting it on my mp3 player. FR: Yes, maybe about the current music consumption. LIS: Do you mean the depreciation of music, and how consumers mostly seek the newest sounds, causing an abandonment of patience in the sense of listening deeply to an album? Could you elaborate on this subject? FR: Yes, exactly. I try to avoid leak. When I adore an album, I want to live with that album.

That kind of light is what this music has, hazy but light, and at times the shadows brings in a bit of darkness. There is quite some cosmic delight in this music, not of the nicely arpeggio variety, but experimental, moody and still delightful. A special mushroom indeed.

It's great to see this in print again. Perhaps these days it helps to water down your style, and have a quasi- interesting hook 'look: all modular synthesizers' , be an imitation of something else, from way down the line. Anyway, not so interesting, this story, but that unnamed artist is not on par with say with Idea Fire Company: that's something we both agreed upon. I told this before and since I am never tired of repeating myself: why isn't the Idea Fire Company on the same level as some of those post cosmic, ambient, industrial acts?

Is the band old hat, or just old? Too underground? Or Scott Foust too eccentric? The latter would certainly be a main attraction, I'd say. In recent years the focus, certainly on LPs, shifted from the use of synthesizers, sound effects and radio towards the extended use of piano played by Borecky, who did a fine solo piano LP, see Vital Weekly and Foust on synthesizer here on one piece , trumpet and radio twice. The music now has a much more acoustic character, especially when trumpet and piano are the only instruments.

Of course Foust is not really a trumpet player or rather: he is the perfect non-musician in the best Brian Eno sense of the word , but it's Borecky's piano playing that creates the foundation for Foust to let himself go with his curious playing of instruments. It gives those elements a remote quality. Much of their music gains so much more this deliberate lo-fi quality. It remains intimate, personal and partly obscured.

I am biased of course; a long-term fan-boy if you want, and I don't care. Screw the big bad world. Along the way I bumped into a few that I knew but never actually heard as well as various tapes and labels that were entirely new to me. It filled up a hard drive full of music, which I am still trying to wade through, if time allows me. And even at that there is still tons of stuff from those lively 80s that I never heard of and which all of a sudden pop up, out of nothing.

This LP is abridged version of that cassette and you could think: oh damn, incomplete product, surely some musicians will be disappointed to have been left out? That is, until you realize that much of the music is the work of Bing Selfish anyway, and some of these with his close friends such as Amos, sometimes known as L. Voag, the Homosexuals or Xentos, and that he is one of the more difficult people to pin in the world of underground music. One of the reasons this release may not have been on my radar before is that it operates in the world of lo-fi rock music, post-punk improvisation and downright weirdness.

Nothing so much about electronics, home-taping and such notions the ones I was all into back then , but all about squats, small studio's and alternative strategies into the world of rock music; people who believed something else, different, out of the ordinary and even punk was something ordinary by then was possible, past such things as 'musician hero' or 'fan', in which all of that would merge together.

This is the world of free jazz, improvisation, odd rock, outsider art, This Heat, The Homosexuals, Die Trip Computer Die, Recommended Records and if you dig into this world, a whole alternative universe opens up; if you dug into this world before and you missed out on say this excellent outsider rock tape compilation then I'm sure this is your thing.

Playing music, doing writing,drawing comics and everybody is an artist - not because you want to acquire fame for 15 minutes like everybody seems to want these days, but because you have something of importance to share. No comic book this time, but a lovely 16 page stencilled booklet in very few colours in which Kosten Koper interviews Big Selfish in a most unusual manner, but which offers lots of insight in those crazy times, which, sad as I think it is, will not return.

This particular version of the 80s: how much I miss them! Science is still out on that one, but it is a mysterious background story that colours the experience of the piece of sound art imprinted on this floppy plastic square. The track launches into a collage of noise and click loops scattered across the channels with sudden intermezzos of lo fi-recorded voices, whose merit I imagine must be their phantasmal origin or at least something EVP related.

The different phases of the track each have a pleasant way of filling up the audio spectrum with a decent amount of low-end gush that has layers of respiring noise stacked on top of it. Check it out, preferably after dark. Jeely is someone who likes to play the guitar as we will see , but on the lathe cut 7" there is less evidence of that. No titles on the actual piece of plastic, so I am not sure which side is what, but maybe the piece with the more or less organ-like drone sounds is the piece called 'Priest' and then the other side must be 'Vanguard Ghosts'.

That one sounds like a bunch of low-resolution guitar loops being played together, with tons of laptop processing. A highly minimal piece of music, with shifting loops, going back and forth at the same time.

Shoegazing bytes the processing, senses working overtime? Highly atmospheric, and both are gorgeous computer pieces. The download contains two extra pieces of fuzzier guitar drones. Something may be lost in the world of lathe cuts however. And indeed the role of the guitar in these eight pieces is omnipresent. Jeely strums it, plays solo's, derives drones from them; it cries, whispers, howls, bursts and rings.

There are as far as I can tell no other instruments involved, and Jeely knows how to create a wall of sound with just six strings and no doubt a whole bunch of boxes on the floor.

psychexcess I - presentism, an album by Frank Riggio on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.

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  1. with 'futurism' frank riggio presents the second part of the ‘psychexcess’ trilogy which is designed to be similar to a three movie series in an aural format. this long-term project is about birth, life & death, related to space & films, and also inspired by the concepts of the time & the psyche. all of these influences are connected to each other and driven by sound .
  2. Psychexcess II - Futurism by Frank Riggio, released 04 September 1. Echap 2. Futurism 3. Meaning Of Meaning 4. Aqka Torr 5. The Epicness Stupidity 6. TTTT 7. Elesdee (Diffuse) 8. Elesdee 9. Flying Psyche II Skahizgon M90 To M Ridzo (From Dust To Dust) Venusian Philosopher (Future Vision II) Looking For Occultism I
  3. Psychexcess II - Futurism, an album by Frank Riggio on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  4. Psychexcess II - Futurism is the second part of Frank Riggio’s musical trilogy about birth, life and death. It is a rich, colourful and dynamic work designed to play out like a movie tracking the lifecycle of a human being. Riggio mixes experimental soundscapes, ambient passages, throbbing dub and IDM.8/10(1).
  5. Buy psychexcess II-futurism CD from Frank Riggio for $ and pay no postage. Listen now for free. More than CDs, DVDs, Vinyls, Games, Technics, Equipment and Toys since at your service. free shipping.
  6. Aug 31,  · Psychexcess II – Exclusive Premier and Rare Interview with Frank Riggio Frank Riggio (35, France) has never been one for conformity when it comes to musical production and composition. His music cannot be pinned into one genre or label and has been featured through various respected labels including Hymen Records, Tympanik Audio, Enig’Matik.
  7. psychexcess I - presentism by frank riggio, released 10 February 1. errance 2. presentism 3. higher ailleurs 4. looking for occultism III 5. flowing magma 6. big tunnel recordist 7. tri 8. venusian philosopher (future vision I) 9. infinie galaxie II fractal d kranqr flying psyche I v i s l a r m frank riggio is a sicilian-french musician who now lives near toulouse in france.
  8. The third result is Frank A Riggio Jr. age 50s in Country Club Hills, IL in the Country Club Hills neighborhood. They have also lived in Chicago Ridge, IL and Oak Lawn, IL plus 6 other locations. Frank is related to Gino A Riggio and Frank A J Riggio Jr. as well as 2 additional people. Select this result to view Frank A Riggio Jr.'s phone.

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