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Carelessly Yours , released on 15 January , reached number 4 on the Swedish album charts in its week of release. All the songs were written by Ola Svensson. He also took part in the production on several tracks.

Svensson made an extensive tour in Sweden, Europe and internationally during and playing in twenty countries for promoting his international career. Then he published an exclusive single for the Russian market called "This could be paradise" while in the Swedish DJ Philipp Mikal recorded a song with him called "Waiting 4". He took part in a short documentary My Life as Ola about his experience as an artist and as an individual. He has also performed on televised concerts outside of Sweden such as Europa Live in Russia in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ola Svensson Ola Brother Leo. Archived from the original on 1 August Retrieved 31 July Ystads Allehanda. Archived from the original on 3 February Retrieved 29 August Expressen in Swedish. Retrieved 26 January Archived from the original PDF on 30 March Retrieved 2 September Archived from the original on 2 October Retrieved 11 March Do you see any parties happening in Athens or anywhere else?

Do you see any releases apart one or two per year? I mean what exactly do you see that makes you think that this music is still alive? And you asked me why i stopped being involved with this kind of music? Well i grew up even though i havent been to the army,funny you mentioned that to another user by the way,i didnt know that you grow up when you go to the army ,so i grew up and got involved with more mature and serious kinds of music and then i grew up even more and moved to other kinds of music too and soon i will grow up again and move to something different that will satisfy my need for real music.

Don't forget that both gernes of music have so much in common, ex. Ok enough with the intro I grew up with that music, surrounded by a bunch of people that never could stand this "noice". I guess that is something special and unique about are music that only those who are not "afraid to dance to a crowd" can understand. Quality is not music my friend Detox, trust me I'm also a big fun of quality, even the shitiest think if it's well produced can make the difference.

But in the other hand i think that the oposite is something that you should think. Great structured music with intresting breaks that you are just stuck on your chair listening without even know where exactly you are, but with not a really impressive production.

Althouth the production in Uplifting Trance in greece has end to something that for the greek standards never was before. Don't forget that you never let down the music that changed you mind and helped you to get through some weird stuff in your life.

I want you to understand that we all like to experiment with other gernes of music, and we are not kolimmenoi. Sorry about that :S:S:S. Re sy rez den tithete thema prwsopikis epithesis sto ksana lew. Cyberia everybody stopped for his own reasons.

Party promoters dealing with this kind of music stopped because they had problems with the police and the club owners also didnt want to host such events same thing with todays psy trance ,the producers stopped making this kind of music because apart fun it didnt offer them anything else for their future since this was a really underground scene with no money or fame or progress at all,the labels stopped releasing because the people wouldnt buy this kind of music anymore,the young people grew up and discovered new things and in general people and times changed,what happened with uplifting in Athens happened also with Hard Dance in UK,happened also in the Netherlands with Happy Hardcore and even happening today to many countries with psychedelic trance.

Things change and you must accept that and move on,memories are a nice thing but they are past and you really should move on to something more constructive. And just to let you know the reason i personally moved away from this kind of music is not the lack of fame or money ofcourse,i didnt and still dont need the money from music and concerning fame well like i already said i was involved in a lot of tracks back then but not even once i asked anyone to put my name on any credits on any cd,i guess that if i wanted to be famous my name would be all over the place and i would also accept to dj on various parties at which i was asked to do so,i guess i am too shy for all this shit and prefer to stay and work in the backround with my friends.

I woke up one day and discovered that this music couldnt keep my interest high,uplifting hadnt anything new to offer me and i also didnt have anything new to offer to it,on the other side though i discovered new kinds of music like psy trance,progressive trance,ambient,lounge,chill out and even pop music that sounded amazing to my ears and created new feelings inside me,a whole new world was out there for me to discover with more quality,more variety and more things to do with it,just like someone who drives a Fiat is very happy when he can drive an Audi me i was very happy to move from one kind of music to another one which could offer me and to which i could also offer a lot more.

Let the dead rest and spend more time with the living around you. Negous - Fear Slam only 1day download. Pfff detox if u think that this is evolution uU hadnt gron up. All of us and i mean ALL heard all of these gernes of music. So thats why i believe im much more mature to my choises. Its much more mature to say that i have everything and do what i like than i just woke up and change my tatses in music.

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Ingen olja och inget kladd. Kapacitet: gram majskorn. Volym: 25 l. Vikt: 13 kg. Roterande tallrik 27 cm i diameter.

Dessutom i snygg retrodesign! Drift: W. Kabel: ca. Den fylls med 12 st 33 cl burkar. Drift: V 50 Hz. Vikt 1,5 kg. Lagar upp till 8 korvar samtidigt. Tillverkad i metall och plast. Tillverkade i glas. Target for tonight Pinup 36 x 25 cm.. Nr Bel Air Nr Paint Retro M Vinyl Rules! Nr M Buddy Holly Nr M Sun Records Nr M Ola was born to Swedish parents, and has two adopted brothers from El Salvador, Jonas and Daniel, his elders.

His second single "Brothers", deals in part with his relationship with his brothers with the official music video carrying footage of their childhood. From the age of 5, Ola has played piano, and a strong musical influence came from his grandfather who died when Ola was 8. After he died, Ola decided to sing in a boys choir in memory of his grandfather.

Ola Svensson was an avid football soccer fan devoting most of his life to the sport. Ola's mind was changed after he auditioned for the school musical and secured the lead role. Ola was then pressured by his friends tried out to the Swedish Idol auditions. In , Ola auditioned to season 2 of the Swedish edition of Idol.

The audition was broadcast on 21 September on Swedish TV4 channel.

Carelessly Yours is the fourth studio album released by Swedish pop singer Ola.. It was released in Sweden in January , and debuted at number four on the official Swedish Albums Chart. It is Ola's first release through Sony Music Pop, dance, europop, house.

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