There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Synonyms for pelagic Synonyms marine , maritime , oceanic Visit the Thesaurus for More. Did You Know? Examples of pelagic in a Sentence among pelagic animals the undisputed king is the blue whale, the largest creature currently roaming the face of the earth at one time pelagic whaling was the cornerstone of the island's economy. Recent Examples on the Web Due to altered nutrient pathways, abundance of pelagic baitfish has declined.

First Known Use of pelagic circa , in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for pelagic Latin pelagicus , from Greek pelagikos , from pelagos sea — more at plagal. Learn More about pelagic. Time Traveler for pelagic The first known use of pelagic was circa See more words from the same year.

The Worst Words? See Them Now! One of the best ways to learn more about pelagic species and to see a greater variety of species is to take a pelagic birding tour.

The time of year and location of such a trip can make a vast difference in bird sightings, however. When planning a pelagic trip, bear in mind that marine environments can be just as varied and unique as land environments and different seabirds have distinctly different ranges.

Freshwater pelagic birding can be an interesting opportunity as well, though most species seen on freshwater trips will be near-pelagic birds rather than true pelagic species. Nourish your vocabulary with a refresher on the words from the week of September 14—20, ! Compare neritic , oceanic. Email address. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice.

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  2. The Greek word pelagikos became "pelagicus" in Latin and then "pelagic" in English. ("Pelagikos" is derived from "pelagos," the Greek word for "sea," plus the adjectival suffix -ikos.) "Pelagic" first .
  3. Pelagic fish inhabit the water column (not near the bottom or the shore) of coasts, open oceans, and lakes. Oceanic pelagic fish, such as the tuna pictured above, have agile bodies made for long distance migration. Many oceanic pelagic fish travel in schools while some are .
  4. Relating to or living in or on oceanic waters. The pelagic zone of the ocean begins at the low tide mark and includes the entire oceanic water column. The pelagic ecosystem is largely dependent on the .
  5. Species used in the production of fishmeal and fish oil incorporated in livestock feed typically consist of small- to medium-sized pelagic varieties such as anchovies and sardines. Third of world's fish catch ends up as animal feed The degree of pelagic use varies with fish size as well as seasons.
  6. Pelagic zone, ecological realm that includes the entire ocean water column. Of all the inhabited Earth environments, the pelagic zone has the largest volume, 1,,, cubic kilometres (,, cubic miles), and the greatest vertical range, 11, metres (36, feet).
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  9. Pelagic describes a bird that spends a significant portion of its life on the open ocean, rarely venturing close to land except to breed. Pelagic birds may be found hundreds or thousands of miles offshore and are powerful fliers that can remain aloft for hours while gliding or soaring.

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