Please Use Me - The Cherubims - Chilly Wind (Vinyl, LP)

Chilly Wind. The Cherubims. Chilly Wind "Please retry". MP3 Music, April 2, "Please retry". Vinyl "Please retry". Listen Now. Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. Sample this album. Condition: Used: Like New. Add to Cart. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Chilly wind. Chilly Wind "Please retry". And almost as rhythmically relaxed and insinuating as Little Walter, which is high praise indeed.

And his piano sound, while clearly defined, is a bit distant sounding. Bloomfield is almost completely subsidiary to Muddy, although he does have a few soloes in his usual style. And so on. Let me emphasize, however, that these are fine performances on their own terms. And quite frankly, these recent performances — all of them — come off second best.

You can tell if you have the rare UK export by checking for the yellow and black Parlophone Records label. The catalog number is PPCS Bonus points if it has the gold sticker on the back. Abbey Road was the 11th studio album released by the legendary quartet from Liverpool.

Scotty Moore soon joined in on guitar. This caught the ear of producer Sam Phillips, who quickly pressed record. Many historians consider this to be the first true rock-n-roll record ever made though this is the subject of heated debate. Despite their incredible influence, the discography of the band is quite short—they only recorded four full-length studio albums.

Roky Erickson, the legendary guitarist of the band suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, which caused his career to take many twists and turns. Eventually he was able to get effective treatment and the band was able to reunite in Erickson passed away on May 31, The Beatles famously recorded this album in a rush.

They had only four songs recorded by the time the deadline was nearing and had to record seven songs in one day — a process that took nine hours and 45 minutes. Both mono and stereo versions are rare and valuable, but the stereo version fetches the highest price.

The original UK version of the album featured a graphic of a white speaker with soundwaves emanating from it, set on a bright orange background. The cover design was scrapped, replaced by the photograph of a loudspeaker in the middle of a desert that new wave fans are familiar with, but not before a few were printed with the old design. It goes without saying that these copies are extremely rare. There were only 16 copies of the second pressing of this compilation album. As you might expect, this led to a tense legal battle that lasted several months.

By the time Elvis Presley made Speedway , he was nearing the end of his acting career. The film was not well received by critics or at the box office. Rumor has it that only copies were printed. The agent assigned his case is played by none other than the beautiful starlet Nancy Sinatra, and the pair quickly fall for each other. When it became clear that Capitol and EMI wanted no part of the record, which featured an overdub of philharmonic strings done by George Harrison himself, the Beatles decided to put it out themselves.

The record was later given a proper release in , nearly half a century after it was recorded. They can go for up to 5 grand. A further email will follow detailing the items that have arrived at your selected collection point and are ready for collection.

Where possible, all items on an order will be dispatched and ready for collection together. If any items are out-of-stock we will dispatch these items when more stock arrives. We will email you when these items are ready to be collected. Returns We are happy to accept returns for unwanted items, provided they are returned within 14 days of receipt, unopened, unused and in perfect condition.

The Mee-Mees, originally from St. Louis Missouri , played a personal mixture of 60s garage and 70s punk with psych and Velvet-influenced touches, with a low-fi feel. Simply amazing! This record reissues on one album their rare and classic "Live from the basement" EP, plus some unreleased 70s stuff and rare songs issued on rare and bad-distributed singles. You cannot miss it! PLUS Reissue for the first time ever. Check out the Killed By Death series.

As bonus tracks, not on the LP with the same title now totally out of print! This is the real thing! Aluna hail from the West Midlands, UK and formed in the summer of Radio's Johnny Doom show. Controverso represents a new impulse of uncontrollable nature: structured in eight tracks, the album evolves through a conscious musical growing, moving toward the innovative soul of avanguard music.

It's a powerful overcharging state, originating from the mastodontic approach to the riff rooted in a hardcore attitude and developing in something different and multiform. The furious dynamics, the tearing vocals, the seventies italian prog reminiscences and the psychedelic aesthetic show the will to experiment on continuosly mutating song structures. Limited edition copies coloured gram, grey splatter vinyl.

This is the follow up to 's 'Satan Worshipping Doom'. Since , they have self-released seven recordings. Known for a deafening and intense live performance, the band thrives on an unrelenting sound that can compete with any of the heaviest metal bands of their genre, covering a vast range of genres, from noise, drone doom, and dark ambient to post-metal, their music stands out as a great example of experimental metal.

Limited edition of copies on pink vinyl. Bongripper is a four-piece instrumental sludge metal band from Chicago, IL. Since , the band has self-released seven recordings.

Known for a deafening and intense live performance, Bongripper thrives on an unrelenting sound that can compete with any of the heaviest bands of the metal genre. Covering a vast range of influences, from noise, drone doom and dark ambient to post-metal, the band's music stands out as a great example of experimental metal. Ocean Chief's fifth full-length release! Compared to their previous album 'Sten', the tempo has been increased and the songs are a lot shorter and more melodic.

Nevertheless, they retain an ominous bite that leaves your mind searing. A second guitarist was recruited to fill a perceived void in the sound. The full-length finally give a deserved vinyl treatment. During the 18 years lifespan of this entity, only 2 full albums have been spawned. Being banned by the Czechoslovakian authorities didn't keep Root from recording one of the most evil and individualistic black metal albums ever! Featuring a notable pagan feel, which reminds of Drudkh, 'Smalisty Zah' is clearly the work of a tormented soul.

ZAUM - EIDOLON Presented on vinyl, ZAUM's sophomore full-length 'Eidolon' offers a monolithic doomy mantra-based meditative experience, forged by bass and drums interwoven with sitar, woodwind, string and synth textures, resulting in a tranquil resonance whereby the astral and physical planes can co-exist and be understood from a natural perspective. They might not take themselves so seriously but don't be fooled, their music is no hayseed dixie, brace yourself for a ferocious, rampant record of thunderous riffs and robust drum blasts.

Zolle are - Marcello Lan of Morkobot playing meaty riffs and Stefano who beefs things up on drums and xylophone. The duo commenced work on their debut album throughout the summer of , and in just two months they had the music ready to commit to tape. It was played almost live, with overdubs reduced to the bone. The drums are of considerable proportion and made of copper and the amplifier an old digital model of the '50s which makes for a mammoth sound. The resulting album is mightily heavy, the short songs are direct and song titles are entrenched in references to redneck living.

For example 'Mayale' is a play on the Italian word for pig [Maiale] but is written like 'Maya' to reflect the sacred image of the Mayan pig face adorning the album's cover. Similarly, 'Heavy Letam' is suggestive of 'Letame' which means manure in Italian - not to mention being an anagram of 'heavy metal'. Sludge, metal.

For fans of: Morkobot, Primus, Clutch. After the intro piece, Bongripper literally rips your head off and dumps all sort of riff heavy hallucinogens right down your neck. I kid you not. Demon hands actually rip out of your speakers, threatening your very well being and replace your life with the chunkiest riffs known to man. And just when you think, "Damn! I needs me some oxygen!! Bongripper is stealing all the atmosphere! These parts are equally as powerful as the face-melting doom they just ended your measly life with.

Imagine if Godspeed You! Black Emperor just took a left turn into Absolutego territory. Not only would all those violin players be scared shitless, you'd have Bongripper standing right in front of you, blowing smoke right in your face, laughing Legions laugh!

Review from Zen and the Art of Face Punching. CD-digipack with incredible Malleus artwork. A super hypnotic and telluric monster in which the two bands play around repetitive atmosphere broken by fragile openings. Four guitars, a bass, a drumkit, a mic and synths create a monumental sound in six songs that are the prelude to the upcoming first record of Lent0 Earthen - out september and the monolithic sequel of Lucifer Songs by Ufomammut.

All the copies are numbered on the back. The production allows the lugubrious yet regal atmosphere of the songs to seep through the speakers and into the hearts and minds of the congregation of devotees. The Temple is sure to attract. Let there be no doubt that 'Forevermourn' was made by avid doom fans. This single is limited to copies on pink wax. The outcome is a noir and gloomy song, halfway between dream and nightmare, that would fit perfectly in a David Lynch movie soundtrack.

Dirty Beaches' voice and his distortions make this song an amazing, modern blues piece. The band offers two of the most notable themes on this tribute 7". The main also known as 'Falling' preserves its typical melancholy and glum atmosphere. On the other hand 'Laura Palmer's Theme' discloses a playful mood, like some old-fashioned music from a 50s ballroom.

Ronin is an instrumental band founded back to by Bruno Dorella, multi-instrumentalist, producer and Italian noise icon known as member and founder of Wolfango, OvO and Bachi da Pietra. The band consists of Gustav Gabor guitar, vocals and Mary-Jane keyboards, tape echo, drum machine and occasional vocals Berlenbach and they use to call themselves brother and sister.

A killer debut albm. Watch out, this ain't no slick new wave, but a warm and loud 4 track tape recording! Numbered edition of just copies. Color sleeve and deluxe insert! Their classic earlys Joy Division-inspired "new wave" album "Siberia" is still one of the most influential Italian early eighties works. Here are all the unreleased sessions recorded at the end of that decade for the mini LP "Gennaio" self produced at the time and one of the most beautiful and collectable in their catalog and just before the band signed for a major label Ricordi to release the fabulous "In Perfetta Solitudine" album.

You will find a collection of really beautiful waveish pop songs with a unique Italian touch sometimes reflecting Italian 60s and 70s songwriters inspirations and a true "punk" attitude. Perfect songs with an amazing, very personal crude vocal style by the never-too-much celebrated Federico Fiumani. Double LP limited edition of copies with an amazing gatefold color sleeve with unreleased pictures from the time. The package includes also the CD-version for non-vinyl fans.

Born as a compilation of unreleased and hard-to-find tracks from their early years, it was soon considered one of their best records, if not the best!

There are moments of commanding effervescence and slick bravado, effortlessly juxtaposed by sweet sentiments of longing, love and nostalgia. Straight rockin'! Although these musicians also known from bands s. Vulnus, Cut off, Rita Mosss and Casual Nun are big fans of noise rock in the vein of the '90s AmRep releases, they've never played this style of music themselves. Until now that is! If you're a fan of a. This edition is limited to copies on black vinyl. Theres a new richness in their sound, brought by the use of samples, drum machines, pads, field recordings and synths.

The new challenge is to go beyond it, using contemporary music tools to keep on being creative and evolve. After 13 years, OvO keep on experimenting, developing, pushing themselves into borderline territories, in a continuous purchase of the Extreme. For Fans of: Khanate, Nadja, Evangelista Break out a cold one or two, hit a few chords, see how it sounds.

For fans of noise rock, alternative rock and sludge metal. For Fans of: Khanate, Nadja, Evangelista. You may think Satan is singing. Open them: you'll see a small masked woman, with dreadlocks down the her ankles, and without vocal effects. Close your eyes again: you'll think of a heavy metal double kick drum set. Open them again: a gigantic, wrestling masked man is torturino a floor tom, a snare and a cymbal, standing up, no kick. Two people, half gear, enough to bring Hell.

This is OvO. What they do is not easy to file. Not noise, not metal, not doom, not punk, not rock and roll, even if there's a little bit af all these genres. Sure its not free, nor avant, and definitely not improv. For once, yes, we can really say we can't file a band. The last one Crocevia was released by Load in Their performances are legendary and brought them from to nowadays , to play about shows all over the world, from Europe to Mexico, from North America to Israel.

Following the release of his DVD "Alien Glyph Morphology", Rapoon returns with a limited edition double 10 inch album of musical compositions remixed from the films especially for this release. Continuing to confound its competitors and bankrupt its customers, Soleilmoon presents the vinyl edition of "Alien Glyph Morphology" in an over-the-top hand-made wooden cover, decorated with elephants, mirrors and alien glyphs, the latter rendered in twine, and all silkscreened in nine glorious colours by master craftsmen in our secret workshop in the ancient and holy city of Varanasi, India.

It is truly a wonder to behold. Play it on a record deck and it will sound different because of the nature of the medium. When I heard again the sounds coming from the old record deck and the vinyl out in the garage, I immediately started making samples to manipulate and incorporate in future compositions. The sound of vinyl is inspiring. Soleilmoon wanted a 12 inch single that DJs could play in nightclubs.

The idea was to introduce Muslimgauze to a potentially enormous new audience. The request was made in the autumn of , in a phone call lasting less than five minutes. The year is and the four song EP has been out of print for more than five years, seven more songs lie waiting in the vault, still unreleased, and the two tracks tacked onto "Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass" are the only ones in wide circulation.

Which is why Soleilmoon is so very pleased to finally be releasing all thirteen songs together on one record. Recent times have seen creative force Craig Clouse receive glowing praise for his more electronic work on labels such as Editions Mego, Rocket Recordings and Diagonal. So what does Clouse do next? It's a battle scarred middle digit to the world, a full force fuck you guitar overload and it'll ruin your weekend.

Fucking glorious. Limited numbered edition of copies. Why this uncommon choice? These two songs both come from scenes where Lee Van Cleef is the main character and 'Sabata', according to Bronson Recordings' manager Chris Angiolini, is probably the best "unknown b-movie" ever.

Guano Padano is an Italian four-piece founded in evoking old-fashioned spaghetti-western soundtracks, free-jazz, post-rock, Ennio Morricone and Calexico. Their guitarist Alessandro Stefana is considered one of the best surf-rock musicians in the world with many notable collaborations and. They have also collaboratored with Alessandro Alessandroni, Mr. It pulsates and crackles with infectious energy, creating the perfect backdrop to a giallo slasher nightmare that stains the walls with bright red blood.

Heavy and ominous, this is a set of tracks that will evoke images of both the dance floor and the horror movie screen.

Expect eleven song full of catchy choruses and strong riffs that will stick to your brain. Milkcow's smart young scout spotted them at one of their excellent live shows and was so bedazzled by their performance skills that he immediatly contracted them for an exclusive single.

The two sides on this here 7" single are called 'Jump' and 'Moj'. Both tracks are as short and energetic as the titles forecast and could just as easily fit on a compilation filled with 60's jazz grooves as in a Tarantino movie. Record Store Day release, limited to copies. They made the hip crowds take the dancefloor and move to the groove. Those were exciting days like we may never see them again.

Aoxomoxoa. With a meaningless palindrome for the title, artwork that only a Hell’s Angel could appreciate, and one of my least favorite Dead songs ever (“Rosemary”), Aoxomoxoa was an album whose genius eluded me for a long time. It was the band’s Spruce Goose (or in rock terms, Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk), in that its excessive cost and prolonged recording process put .

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  1. Comment: USED LP VINYL RECORD - Jacket has cut or drill hole - 8 Songs 1. Jesus is all 2. Memories 3. Please use me 4. I will 5. Chilly wind 6. John 7. Where shall I .
  2. Check out Chilly Wind by The Cherubims on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Album in MP3 cart View MP3 Cart More options. Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. Please Use Me. Please Use Me. Listen Now $ In MP3 cart View MP3 Cart 4. I Will. I Will.
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  4. Aug 29,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Cinderella - Long Cold Winter at Discogs. Complete your Cinderella collection/5(K).
  5. Apr 09,  · Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises In Those Dark Hours · The Cherubims Chilly Wind ℗ Henry Stone Music USA, Inc. Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  6. If anyone can remember this album originally being released then maybe this is a cause of celebration. The Xcerts debut In The Cold Wind We Smile has reached a landmark ten years old and as a result fans are treated to a new vinyl pressing which includes a poster and a download card for 13 bonus tracks. In case you don't know, the Xcerts are a four piece alternate rock .
  7. May 31,  · Limited to copies on black vinyl. Third album from the Peruvian-Argentinean band Tlön. An album full of colours and textures, with electric instrumentation and passages of acoustic music without loosing the psychedelic and heavy touch that has been a signnature in this power trio, that has gained recognition of the media and public in.
  8. Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin () Led Zeppelin’s eponymous debut featured a mix of original material and covers of blues songs, including a re-recording of the track “Dazed and Confused,” originally written and recorded by Jake Holmes, which was also covered by Jimmy Page’s old band the Yardbirds. Oddly enough, the iconic record was met with mixed reviews — Rolling .

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