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The main points to bear in mind are the type and amount of use and the lifestyle of the user. From the classic shoulder bag to something modern or avant-garde, from casual to elegant, practical or unique, any and all types are available. You can choose your bag, briefcase or cover, with or without dividers or pockets, both inside and out. The important thing is to find the bag best suited to your style and your needs. Material: Leather bags are very hardy and despite their higher price tags, in the long term they are an excellent investment.

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Specifications for BlackHawk S. Similar Products to BlackHawk S. BlackHawk A. Related Products to BlackHawk S. Blackhawk A. BlackHawk HydraStorm S. Tap Tap to Zoom. Is it fully stocked already or is it just the bag? Expert Answer Medical supplies are not included. Because of this, the character often shows a softer side in this part of the season.

For instance after he learns about the death of Bellick, T-Bag seems to be somewhat upset, despite the nature of their relationship in past seasons. However, he is still shown as intent on exacting revenge on Michael. T-Bag and Gretchen are waiting in T-Bag's office with machine guns in "Selfless" prepared to ambush the Scylla team when they return.

When T-Bag's boss Mr. White spots Gretchen's gun under the table, she takes the entire company hostage. Seeing his chance at a new life at Gate being destroyed forever, T-Bag reluctantly helps her take the GATE employees hostage, but in the same episode T-Bag is arrested by Trishanne who is actually an under-cover federal agent sent by Homeland Security agent Don Self.

At the end of the episode, Michael's team is successful in getting Scylla and hands it over to Self who, in the episode's twist ending, betrays everyone and steals Scylla. After Self murders Trishanne, he forces T-Bag to help him track down Gretchen by giving him the home address of her sister Rita and daughter Emily, whom T-Bag holds hostage while Gretchen and Self find a new buyer for Scylla. In the episode "Just Business", T-Bag continues to mourn the loss of his new life.

When a bible salesman asks to come in, T-Bag believes him to be a Company agent and takes him hostage. After saying he wanted to be Cole Pffeifer and not Theodore Bagwell, he is about to kill the man when Rita tells him not to, saying that he has a chance for a new life.

So he lets Rita and Emily go and unties the man, only to be knocked unconscious, proving that the man was a Company agent. In the final third of the season, T-Bag is forced by The Company to work with Lincoln, Gretchen, and Self to get Scylla back by tracking down the buyer.

The team is later joined by Mahone. When Gretchen is shot in a fire-fight with the buyer's underlings, T-Bag's character shows lingering hints of his softer side as he implores the others to spare Gretchen's life. Still holding onto his desire for legitimacy, however, T-Bag continues to work with the rest of the team in the next few episodes, but also spies on the rest of them, and in several episodes reports back to The Company's leader, General Krantz, with secret information that he has overheard.

It is revealed in "VS" and "SOB" that T-Bag hopes to be rewarded for his efforts by becoming a fully fledged Company operative with his own office and desk. As the plot unfolds, he begins to grow back into his old ruthless persona. Attempting to impress the general and give him leverage against Michael, T-Bag tracks down Michael's girlfriend Sara Tancredi and holds her captive in "Cowboys and Indians".

After Michael hands over Scylla to Paul Kellerman , he gives them the option of letting T-Bag be exonerated with the rest of them or not. In the character's final appearance in the series epilogue of the series finale, set 4 years after the main events of the show, T-Bag is revealed to be back at Fox River.

He is seen overhearing an inmate speaking of the captivity of negativity a term used by GATE. He sees the inmate was reading a book from GATE and he warns the inmate, telling him he does not ever want to see that book again and the inmate replies, referring to T-Bag as sir.

He is last seen whistling to a boy to hold his pocket. T-Bag looks up at the sky, once again the king of prison. He is the only member of the Fox River Eight to be in prison when the series ended. In the prison T-Bag continues to help the General, even though the General claims poverty when asked to pay for contraband T-Bag gets him. Michael comes up with a plan to parachute into the prison and rescue Sara. T-Bag did this to settle grudges with the General, including the General's refusal to pay T-Bag for favors in jail.

Lincoln agrees to steal the money and put it in T-Bag's account by When T-Bag finds out that the transfer did not take place by as promised, he angrily reveals the plot to the warden, and tells her that he was instructed to set off the fire alarm. Special Agent Wheatley responds by demanding the fire alarm and other systems that would cover other noises be turned off. This turned out to be part of Michael's plan knowing T-Bag would talk to the warden.

Due to aiding in Sara's escape, T-Bag is put into solitary confinement. In the Breakout Kings episode " The Bag Man ", T-Bag again breaks out of prison to get revenge on the orderlies who wronged his mother. He escapes by stabbing a guard to death with his prosthetic hand, which he has sharpened to a point, while being escorted to the hospital for a replacement. T-Bag is eventually caught and briefly interviewed by Dr.

Lloyd Lowery , who wants to find some clue as to the reasoning behind T-Bag's actions. Lloyd concludes the interview by saying, "Some machines come out of the factory broken.

You're a broken machine. T-Bag returns in the revival season, set seven years after the events of The Final Break. He begins the season still incarcerated at Fox River, but is soon released due to an unknown benefactor. While receiving his possessions back, he receives an envelope that contains a picture of Michael, apparently alive in Ogygia Prison in Yemen.

T-Bag contacts Lincoln in Chicago, where he reveals the photo. Lincoln understandably doesn't trust T-Bag, but keeps the photo nonetheless. T-Bag is soon contacted by a doctor who offers him a procedure that would equip him with a robotic hand. T-Bag is skeptical at first, but agrees to undergo the process. After the procedure, he threatens the doctor and demands to know who set it up, and the doctor reveals a man known only as "Outis", Michael's alias in Yemen.

After a one episode absence, T-Bag returns in "The Liar". He tracks down Sara and he reveals he knows about Michael's activities as Kaniel Outis. He warns Sara of mercenaries tracking her, though Sara rebuffs him. After escaping the mercenaries' attempt on her life, she learns her phone was hacked via her own fingerprint, and suspects Paul Kellerman.

Sara contacts T-Bag and asks him to set up a meeting with Kellerman to find out what he knows, to which T-Bag accepts. Bagwell tracks Kellerman to his home and holds him at gunpoint, believing him to be the villainous Poseidon, a rogue CIA operative who is looking to do away with Michael for good and sent his agents after Sara.

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  5. T-Bag is a British television series about an eponymous witch-like character and her assistant, T-shirt. The series ran from to on Children's poetiafintakinrods.soikmarvictivabcogebbaresagalvie.con by Grant Cathro and Lee Pressman, each season adopted a different title and featured a single story told over several episodes.
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  8. Prison Break's T-Bag We chat to Robert Knepper, the actor who plays Prison Break's villainous T-Bag. By Nick Levine. 23/05/ You've got to hand it to Prison Break star Robert Knepper. He.

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