The Wire (TV Track w/Ad Libs)

This six-part miniseries depicts the true story of a young mayor Oscar Isaac whose attempt to build low-income housing in white neighborhoods tears his city apart. Residents in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina strive to rebuild their lives without losing sight of the music and cultural traditions that make them, and the city, so unique.

Peabody Award Winner. Select Your Season. Season 1. This will affect many marine species whose ecozones stretch into the deep ocean. They should look even farther back in time, to what happened in the Permian-Triassic extinction event million years ago. The Permian-Triassic extinction, sometimes called the 'Great Dying', was Earth's deadliest, killing off more life, by far, than any other extinction event.

Anoxic conditions and hydrogen sulfide were widespread throughout the oceans in that extinction event as well. The IPCC's projections are preposterously conservative, which means that we won't merely be seeing an extinction event comparable to the one 55 million years ago which would still be plenty bad enough to wipe out the human race but one far worse than that, one comparable to the Permian-Triassic extinction event, or possibly even worse than that, because as we die off there will be several hundred nuclear reactors melting down too, which obviously wasn't a factor million years ago However, depending on the nature of these sargassums, other toxic components may be active, such as arsenic, which increases fear within the community.

Less oxygen allows sulfate-eating bacteria to thrive, which produces hydrogen sulfide — a broad-spectrum toxin which is lethal in small concentrations. The oceans will start belching methane and hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere and that will wipe out life on land too, exactly as has happened before in Earth's past.

In fact, the ocean just belched up some gases the other day off the coast of Oceanside California , mentioned in the update. That wasn't the first 'ocean outgassing event' either, nor even the first one this year. Such events are almost certainly why multiple cities on the coast in California have formed investigatory committees to determine why their cities are being mysteriously hit by hydrogen sulfide. Once this process escalates enough, that will be the end of the human race on this planet.

Also, since methane and hydrogen sulfide are both highly flammable, they will cause abnormal fire behavior as they blow in off the coast and adsorb onto and into matter, and then who knows what kind of incredible and destructive fire behavior we might start seeing, like firenadoes the equivalent of EF3 tornadoes Hydrogen sulfide levels above ppm are life-threatening.

The colorless, flammable and extremely hazardous gas is known for its 'rotten egg' smell. This finding suggests that fracture fluid additives can be responsible for the delayed production of natural reservoir H2S. And if we take it out of the ground then the chemicals we use to do so cause H2S to be created in the reservoirs after the gas is gone. And even once the gas and oil are out of the ground, they can still sour - the US strategic oil reserves are now heavily contaminated with hydrogen sulfide Wheat says the men were doing some boring when they hit the gas pocket Thursday morning at Coastal Caverns off the Highland Avenue extension.

One man died at Albury Base Hospital on Thursday after sustaining burns and inhaling gas, while another worker died overnight. A report will be prepared for the coroner. A third worker remains in a critical condition. Based on the volume of wrack usually present in Warnbro Sound, the maximum level of hydrogen sulphide generated is extremely unlikely to pose any risk to human health.

Also, just because they're measuring low concentrations doesn't mean a whole lot, since it's a heavier-than-air gas which will flow to - and then concentrate in - low-lying areas. Might it concentrate enough to create lethal clouds of gas? It doesn't take much to be lethal; 1 part per can kill a person with one breath. I certainly wouldn't rule out the possibility that it could concentrate to 0.

When Kao also stopped responding, the supervisor sensed that something was wrong and told the building management to call the authorities before he went inside to investigate, never to be heard from again. Someone succumbs, someone else goes to help and succumbs, then someone else goes to help and succumbs, and so on until someone eventually realizes that people keep going to help but nobody's coming back, so maybe it's best to just stay put or seek help SS], according to the shipping documents, emails provided by the Energy Department in response to a public records request, and a department official who declined to be identified.

Dozens of children have reportedly been treated or hospitalised after exposure to foul gases from the Yadrovo landfill near the city of Volokolamsk. Pyotr Lazarev, the mayor of Volokolamsk, told Current Time TV that the children were rushed to hospital on March 21 with gas-poisoning symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, bleeding noses, and fainting. Rick Bartleson. Every so often, Goleta residents, mostly in the western part of the city, smell the stinky odor of hydrogen sulfide.

It reminds people of rotten eggs and can permeate the air for miles. And unlike a mysterious fog that one can see looming over the city like a scene out of a s B-movie, hydrogen sulfide is invisible and no one quite knows when it is going to be present, or for how long it will stay. The problem is that both cities are on the downwind edge of the landfill formerly known as the Pacific Ocean. They're not gonna be solving that problem According to the Reeves County Sheriff's Office, one of their deputies responded to a report of an oilfield accident on County Road south of Coyanosa at a.

When the deputy arrived on scene at the oil rig they found that an H2S pocket had been hit. The stinky smell has even caused a distraction for students and teachers at schools in the Fairport Central School District. Residents are worried about the landfill's odor and its effect on their health.

For the past week, he's received two separate complaints about the smell. He said even parents are speaking up about it. It sort of smells like rotten eggs,' he said. Everyone was cleared to come back inside. A school administrator told News 4 that someone smelled something and thought it was possibly a gas leak, so they called the fire department to investigate.

The Fire Chief described the smell as 'sewer gas' and said it is not hazardous. Hydrogen sulfide is as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers, and the British used it to kill German soldiers during trench warfare in WWI.

Moreover, nobody anywhere knows what the long-term effects are of breathing it, regardless of concentration, but whatever the effects are, they're surely not good. In any case, this is yet another example of people thinking there's a natural gas leak when in fact what they are smelling is hydrogen sulfide, not the odorant added to natural gas In coastal water bodies, including estuaries and seas, low-oxygen sites have increased more than fold since Scientists expect oxygen to continue dropping even outside these zones as Earth warms.

And since then the number of rotten-egg-smelling unknown 'gas odor' events has been climbing, especially in coastal areas, but elsewhere too. The oceans and all the traditional sources of hydrogen sulfide have begun spewing more and more hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere.

That's what has wiped out life on this planet before and it's going to do the same thing this time Hydrogen sulfide is creating a rotten egg odor in the Ellwood Canyon Area, where there are natural seeps as well as oil and agriculture work. Goleta city leaders want to tell locals what steps they can take if they smell a noxious odor. The meeting is Wednesday, January 10 at 6 p. The next, his face was sprayed with a mixture of oil, water and gas. He inhaled and swallowed it. His medical records show that soup was laced with hydrogen sulphide H2S , a toxic gas that carries risks to the human body ranging from burning vocal chords and olfactory senses to causing instant death.

Staff at Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada came to this conclusion in a draft assessment of hydrogen sulfide, published in September. The proposal found that the gas, also known as H2S or sour gas, does not enter the environment in quantities, concentrations or conditions 'that constitute or may constitute a danger in Canada to human life or health. Then the room can be cleared and their corpse can be dragged out. And after every corpse is dragged out, someone can say, 'Anyone else think hydrogen sulfide is non-toxic?

Don't be shy, step right up! I can't breathe. I'm coughing all the time and I feel like I'm smothering,' Coca Dawson said. A resident of nearby Quail Glenn subdivision, Dawson babysits her 2-year-old grandson during the week and voiced concerns he was also getting sick. Students and teachers at Blue Ridge Elementary School, located less than four miles from the site, have also reportedly voiced concerns about the air emission.

The blowout, which is an uncontrollable release of oil, was reported in the vicinity of Texas Parkway and the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road, city officials said. A worker told KPRC 2 that a crew was drilling for oil when it began to spew. The odor impacted area communities, but is not considered dangerous, officials said.

Residents were asked to remain inside until the odor dissipated. After four days, the foul smell of rotten eggs continues to linger in several areas, which leaves residents frustrated and demanding answers. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas and depending on the amount of its exposure, could be poisonous with a wide range of health effects. This definitely means that the gas in the ground that they're drilling for there is very 'sour' and contains significant amounts of hydrogen sulfide.

They're smart to get it out of the ground before it becomes MORE sour and comes out of the ground on its own, but obviously the drilling process isn't always perfectly safe and thus living in areas where there's a lot of gas in the ground can be dangerous They were thought to have been poisoned by hydrogen sulphide, a highly toxic gas found in natural gas and crude petroleum, the China News report said.

Most of the calls are in the area of 14 mile and Coolidge, west of Crooks and East of Woodward. A common sewer gas which at low levels may not present a health threat, but at higher levels can be deadly. This is another example of that Staff at the Nova Chemicals site in Corunna, south of Sarnia, were told to evacuate at about p. An alert issued by the nearby First Nations community of Aamjiwnaang stated the chemical spilled was hydrogen sulphide.

It's not clear when the leak began. Homes in the area of Highway 7 and Texaco Road were evacuated. Resident Paula Reynosa says she's noticed the odor for a couple of days now, some days worse than others. It just gets into your nose and it's kind of like irritating to your breathing. I noticed a lot more coughing, a lot more sneezing,' she said. Janet Belch says this isn't the first time she's had to deal with the smell. Inspectors detected hydrogen sulfide , a gas that produces a rotten egg smell, in the Elwood Canyon area on Sunday.

Recently, however, loss of these plants is commonly reported. While no single culprit has been identified, there is evidence that local increases in Hydrogen Sulfide H2S concentration may kill seedlings before they reach mature plant status. This could result in plant losses at specific locations.

Hydrogen sulfide H2S is a chemical compound notoriously toxic to humans and animals because it interferes with cellular respiration. More recently, studies have shown that it is also toxic to plants. That's where hydrogen sulfide is produced in the oceans - in the depths.

That marine life was fleeing death. The problem has undoubtedly gotten much worse since , thus the rise of 'unknown gas odors' around the world, the rise in car fires and other mysterious fires, people mysteriously dropping dead, the whitening of the Sun, etc. So the fact that it is in this area that they've noticed hydrogen sulfide killing coastal plants isn't all that surprising. It took a while to move from killing the deep sea life in this area to killing life on the edge of the sea.

It's getting into the atmosphere now too, randomly blowing around, hitting a beach here or a school there The council voted to work with other agencies to identify the source of the sulfur-like smell and possible solutions.

Councilman Erik Peterson was absent. I was Nobody anywhere knows what chronically breathing even small amounts of hydrogen sulfide does to people. And this certainly explains the nausea and headaches - those are light hydrogen sulfide poisoning symptoms. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's more people suffering seizures, 'medical events', strokes, heart attacks, memory loss problems and 'untimely deaths' in this area. In any case, if you're living in Huntington Beach, Seal Beach or Long Beach and you smell a 'rotten egg' odor or 'sulfur odor', you're being poisoned.

But there's a committee investigating it, so now we'll see if the committee can investigate the problem away. It's Earth versus a committee! Andi Muhammad Dicy said on Saturday as quoted by tempo. The county says a former gas well inside the forested area was leaking small amounts of Hydrogen Sulphide gas. The gas - which is lethal and flammable at high concentrations and causes people to lose the ability to smell it - was also found at a natural gas well in an area between Silver Hill and Langton over the summer.

Close to two dozen homes were evacuated as a result of that leak, but that order was lifted in mid-September. They said the problem has been occurring off and on for about two years, with a particularly bad occurrence Aug. South Coast Air Quality Management District spokesman Sam Atwood said monitoring equipment in the area recorded the highest measured concentration of hydrogen sulfide odor this year on Aug.

Also, just because their sensors pick it up at 16 ppb doesn't mean that it stays at that concentration. It's a heavier-than-air gas so it will accumulate and concentrate in low-lying areas like valleys, wherever there's water, inside dumpsters or basements, etc.

If it concentrates and reaches 1 part per thousand then it may be immediately lethal and kill people nigh-instantly, the so-called 'Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer Effect', where you're dead before your body hits the ground. Will it concentrate to that degree in this area? I dunno, but I wouldn't bet my life that it doesn't In total with complaints to nausea and dizziness have addressed to medical out-patient clinic residents of the settlement of Samorodovo from whom children.

Now it'll accumulate and concentrate in low-lying areas, being a heavier-than-air gas. Will that create small clouds of lethal gas that blow around invisibly knocking people dead or unconscious here and there? Who knows. I wouldn't be betting my life on that NOT happening Hazmat crews were called to the area to investigate, and they located the hole the worker was speaking of. Hazmat crews confirmed readings of H2S hydrogen sulfide coming from that hole.

That gas — hydrogen sulfide — is associated with natural processes occurring in the Salton Sea. Level of hydrogen sulfide has exceeded extreme admissible concentration in the masculine maximum allowable concentration of harmful substances in the atmosphere in the southeast of Moscow on Friday night, reports to GPBU 'Moskekomonitoring'.

The others weren't at the bottom of the well when the incident happened. He characterized hydrogen sulfide as a 'sewer gas. Nobody knows what that does to a person, but I guarantee it's not good. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of people in that area dropping dead from heart attacks or 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome' doesn't increase markedly in the next months But further investigations have found there were no sewerage lines running directly under the TPG Telecom House.

Rather, this was a significant, sustained emission from a raw underground deposit. After first responders arrived, the order was given to evacuate everyone within metres of the leak.

Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs and at high levels can be flammable, said a fact sheet provided by the health unit. Hydrogen sulfide's deadliness was the reason why the British weaponized it in WWI to kill German soldiers during trench warfare.

It's definitely not something you want spewing randomly from the ground on your property The smell of sulfur spread not only to Lake Havasu City, but throughout Mohave County, according to Havasu fire officials. An odor reportedly resembling 'rotten eggs' permeated Northwestern Arizona Tuesday, in areas including Havasu and Kingman.

On the other hand, the Salton Sea IS turning into a veritable hydrogen-sulfide-spewing gas factory, so who knows The Fredericton Fire Department says it received a report of a natural gas odour at the front of Walmart around p. Enbridge Gas employees went through the mall with their gas detectors, but did not find any signs of natural gas. Officials believe the smell was sewer gas , and gave the all-clear just before 10 p. Cathey , Carcetti's deputy campaign manager.

The fifth season saw several actors join the starring cast. Gbenga Akinnagbe returns as the previously recurring Chris Partlow , chief enforcer of the now dominant Stanfield Organization.

Neal Huff reprises his role as Mayoral chief of staff Michael Steintorf , having previously appeared as a guest star at the end of the fourth season. Two other actors also join the starring cast having previously portrayed their corrupt characters as guest stars— Michael Kostroff as defense attorney Maurice Levy and Isiah Whitlock Jr.

Crew member Clark Johnson appeared in front of the camera for the first time in the series to play Augustus Haynes , the principled editor of the city desk of The Baltimore Sun. The first season introduces two major groups of characters: the Baltimore Police Department and a drug dealing organization run by the Barksdale family.

The season follows the police investigation of the latter over its 13 episodes. The investigation is triggered when, following the acquittal of D'Angelo Barksdale for murder after a key witness changes her story, Detective Jimmy McNulty meets privately with Judge Daniel Phelan.

McNulty tells Phelan that the witness has probably been intimidated by members of a drug trafficking empire run by D'Angelo's uncle, Avon Barksdale , having recognized several faces at the trial, most notably Avon's second-in-command, Stringer Bell.

He also tells Phelan that no one is investigating Barksdale's criminal activity, which includes a significant portion of the city's drug trade and several unsolved homicides.

Phelan reacts to McNulty's report by complaining to senior Police Department figures, embarrassing them into creating a detail dedicated to investigating Barksdale. An intradepartmental struggle between the more motivated officers on the detail and their superiors spans the whole season, with interference by the higher-ups often threatening to ruin the investigation.

The detail's commander, Cedric Daniels , acts as mediator between the two opposing groups of police. Meanwhile, the organized and cautious Barksdale gang is explored through characters at various levels within it. The organization is continually antagonized by a stick-up crew led by Omar Little , and the feud leads to several deaths.

Throughout, D'Angelo struggles with his conscience over his life of crime and the people it affects. The police have little success with street-level arrests or with securing informants beyond Bubbles , a well known West Side drug addict.

Eventually the investigation takes the direction of electronic surveillance, with wiretaps and pager clones to infiltrate the security measures taken by the Barksdale organization. This leads the investigation to areas the commanding officers had hoped to avoid, including political contributions. When an associate of Avon Barksdale is arrested by State Police and offers to cooperate, the commanding officers order the detail to undertake a sting operation to wrap up the case.

Detective Kima Greggs is seriously hurt in the operation, triggering an overzealous response from the rest of the department. This causes the detail's targets to suspect that they are under investigation. Wallace is murdered by his childhood friends Bodie and Poot , on orders from Stringer Bell, after leaving his "secure" placement with relatives and returning to Baltimore. D'Angelo Barksdale is eventually arrested transporting a kilo of uncut heroin, and learning of Wallace's murder, is ready to turn in his uncle and Stringer.

However, D'Angelo's mother convinces him to rescind the deal and take the charges for his family. The detail manages to arrest Avon on a minor charge and gets one of his soldiers, Wee-Bey , to confess to most of the murders, some of which he did not commit. Stringer escapes prosecution and is left running the Barksdale empire. For the officers, the consequences of antagonizing their superiors are severe, with Daniels passed over for promotion and McNulty assigned out of homicide and into the marine unit.

The second season, along with its ongoing examination of the drug problem and its effect on the urban poor , examines the plight of the blue-collar urban working class as exemplified by stevedores in the city port , as some of them get caught up in smuggling drugs and other contraband inside the shipping containers that pass through their port.

McNulty harbors a grudge against his former commanders for reassigning him to the marine unit. When thirteen unidentified young women are found dead in a container at the docks, McNulty successfully makes a spiteful effort to place the murders within the jurisdiction of his former commander.

Meanwhile, police Major Stan Valchek gets into a feud with Polish-American Frank Sobotka , a leader of the International Brotherhood of Stevedores, a fictional dockers' union , over competing donations to their old neighborhood church. Valchek demands a detail to investigate Sobotka. Cedric Daniels is interviewed, having been praised by Prez , Major Valchek's son-in-law, and also because of his work on the Barksdale case.

He is eventually selected to lead the detail assigned just to investigate Sobotka; when the investigation is concluded Daniels is assured he will move up to head a special case unit with personnel of his choosing. Life for the blue-collar men of the port is increasingly hard and work is scarce.

As union leader, Sobotka has taken it on himself to reinvigorate the port by lobbying politicians to support much-needed infrastructure improvement initiatives. Lacking the funds needed for this kind of influence, Sobotka has become involved with a smuggling ring.

Around him, his son and nephew also turn to crime, as they have few other opportunities to earn money. It becomes clear to the Sobotka detail that the dead girls are related to their investigation, as they were in a container that was supposed to be smuggled through the port.

They again use wiretaps to infiltrate the crime ring and slowly work their way up the chain towards The Greek , the mysterious man in charge. The Greek has a mole inside the FBI and starts severing his ties to Baltimore when he learns about the investigation. After a dispute over stolen goods turns violent, Sobotka's wayward son Ziggy is charged with the murder of one of the Greek's underlings.

Sobotka himself is arrested for smuggling; he agrees to work with the detail to help his son, finally seeing his actions as a mistake. The investigation ends with the fourteen homicides solved but the perpetrator already dead. Several drug dealers and mid-level smuggling figures tied to the Greek are arrested, but he and his second-in-command escape uncharged and unidentified. The Major is pleased that Sobotka was arrested; the case is seen as a success by the commanding officers, but is viewed as a failure by the detail.

Across town, the Barksdale organization continues its business under Stringer while Avon and D'Angelo Barksdale serve prison time. D'Angelo decides to cut ties to his family after his uncle organizes the deaths of several inmates and blames it on a corrupt guard to shave time from his sentence. Eventually Stringer covertly orders D'Angelo killed, with the murder staged to look like a suicide. Avon is unaware of Stringer's duplicity and mourns the loss of his nephew.

Stringer also struggles, having been cut off by Avon's drug suppliers in New York and left with increasingly poor-quality product. He again goes behind Avon's back, giving up half of Avon's most prized territory to a rival named Proposition Joe in exchange for a share of his supply, which is revealed to be coming from the Greek.

Avon, unaware of the arrangement, assumes that Joe and other dealers are moving into his territory simply because the Barksdale organization has too few enforcers. He uses his New York connections to hire a feared assassin named Brother Mouzone. Stringer deals with this by tricking his old adversary Omar into believing that Mouzone was responsible for the vicious killing of his partner in their feud in season one.

Seeking revenge, Omar shoots Mouzone but, realizing Stringer has lied to him, calls Mouzone recovers and leaves Baltimore , and Stringer now with Avon's consent is able to continue his arrangement with Proposition Joe. In the third season, the focus returns to the street and the Barksdale organization. The scope is expanded to include the city's political scene.

A new subplot is introduced to explore the potential positive effects of de facto "legalizing" the illegal drug trade, and incidentally prostitution, within the limited boundaries of a few uninhabited city blocks—referred to as Hamsterdam.

The posited benefits, as in Amsterdam and other European cities, are reduced street crime city-wide and increased outreach of health and social services to vulnerable people. These are continuations of stories hinted at earlier. The demolition of the residential towers that had served as the Barksdale organization's prime territory pushes their dealers back out onto the streets of Baltimore.

Stringer Bell continues his reform of the organization by cooperating with other drug lords, sharing with one another territory, product and profits. Stringer's proposal is met with a curt refusal from Marlo Stanfield , leader of a new, growing crew. Against Stringer's advice, Avon decides to take Marlo's territory by force and the two gangs become embroiled in a bitter turf war with multiple deaths. Omar Little continues to rob the Barksdale organization wherever possible.

Working with his new boyfriend Dante and two women, he is once more a serious problem. The violence related to the drug trade makes it an obvious choice of investigation for Cedric Daniels ' permanently established Major Crimes Unit. Councilman Tommy Carcetti begins to prepare himself for a mayoral race.

He manipulates a colleague into running against the mayor to split the black vote, secures a capable campaign manager and starts making headlines for himself. Approaching the end of his career, Major Howard "Bunny" Colvin of Baltimore 's Western District wants to effect some real change in the troubled neighborhoods for which he has long been responsible.

Without the knowledge of central command, Colvin sets up areas where police would monitor, but not punish, the drug trade. The police crack down severely on violence in these areas and also on drug trafficking elsewhere in the city.

For many weeks, Colvin's experiment works and crime is reduced in his district. Colvin' superiors, the media and city politicians eventually find out about the arrangement and the "Hamsterdam" experiment ends.

With top brass outraged, Colvin is forced to cease his actions, accept a demotion and retire from the Police Department on a lower-grade pension. Tommy Carcetti uses the scandal to make a grandstanding speech at a weekly Baltimore city council meeting. In another strand, Dennis "Cutty" Wise , once a drug dealer's enforcer, is released from a fourteen-year prison term with a street contact from Avon.

Cutty initially wishes to go straight partly to reignite his relationship with a former girlfriend. He tries to work as a manual laborer, but struggles to adapt to life as a free man. He then flirts with his former life, going to work for Avon. Finding he no longer has the heart for murder, he quits the Barksdale crew.

Later, he uses funding from Avon to purchase new equipment for his nascent boxing gym. The Major Crimes Unit learns that Stringer has been buying real estate and developing it to fulfill his dream of being a successful legitimate businessman. Believing that the bloody turf war with Marlo is poised to destroy everything the Barksdale crew had worked for, Stringer gives Major Colvin information on Avon's weapons stash.

Brother Mouzone returns to Baltimore and tracks down Omar to join forces. Mouzone tells Avon that his shooting must be avenged. Avon, remembering how Stringer disregarded his order which resulted in Stringer's attempt to have Brother Mouzone killed, furious over D'Angelo's murder to which Stringer had confessed, and fearing Mouzone's ability to harm his reputation outside of Baltimore, informs Mouzone of Stringer's upcoming visit to his construction site.

Mouzone and Omar corner him and shoot him to death. Colvin tells McNulty about Avon's hideout and armed with the information gleaned from selling the Barksdale crew pre-wiretapped disposable cell phones, the detail stages a raid, arresting Avon and most of his underlings. Barksdale's criminal empire lies in ruins and Marlo's young crew simply moves into their territory.

The drug trade in West Baltimore continues. The fourth season concentrates on the school system and the mayoral race. Prez has begun a new career as a mathematics teacher at the same school.

The cold-blooded Marlo has come to dominate the streets of the west side, using murder and intimidation to make up for his weak-quality drugs and lack of business acumen. His enforcers Chris Partlow and Snoop conceal their numerous victims in abandoned and boarded-up row houses where the bodies will not be readily discovered. The disappearances of so many known criminals come to mystify both the major crimes unit investigating Marlo and the homicide unit assigned to solve the presumed murders.

Marlo coerces Bodie into working under him. McNulty is a patrolman and lives with Beadie Russell. He politely refuses offers from Daniels who is now a major and commanding the Western District. Detectives Kima Greggs and Lester Freamon , as part of the major crimes unit, investigate Avon Barksdale 's political donations and serve several key figures with subpoenas. Their work is shut down by Commissioner Ervin Burrell at Mayor Clarence Royce 's request, and after being placed under stricter supervision within their unit, both Greggs and Freamon request and receive transfer to the homicide division.

Meanwhile, the city's mayoral primary race enters its closing weeks. Royce initially has a seemingly insurmountable lead over challengers Tommy Carcetti and Tony Gray , with a big war chest and major endorsements. Royce's lead begins to fray, as his own political machinations turn against him and Carcetti starts to highlight the city's crime problem.

Carcetti is propelled to victory in the primary election. Howard "Bunny" Colvin joins a research group attempting to study potential future criminals in the middle school population. Dennis "Cutty" Wise continues to work with boys in his boxing gym, and accepts a job at the school rounding up truants. Prez has a few successes with his students, but some of them start to slip away. Disruptive Namond is removed from class and placed in the research group, where he gradually develops affection and respect for Colvin.

Randy, in a moment of desperation, reveals knowledge of a murder to the assistant principal, leading to his being interrogated by police. When Bubbles takes Sherrod, a homeless teenager, under his wing, he fails in his attempts to encourage the boy to return to school.

Sonny Blount may have passed into the ether but his spirit lives on as The Arkestra prepare to release a brand new album. Plus: stream an exclusive track taken the artist's forthcoming album. Minor Planets completes a trilogy of releases by the cosmically influenced improvising trio. The musician and curator forges connections between experimental music scenes in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Avatars of the underground, figureheads of the free festival scene and heralds of punk, Hawkwind were a one-band revolution in the s.

To mark the digital re-release of the Japanese musician's first ever cassette, Room40 share some exclusive archival footage of the experimental instrument builder.

Members of the Cleveland collective reflect on the ongoing resonance of some of their favourite compositions. In Cecil Taylor joined the University of Wisconsin to lecture on Black music history and lead its student jazz ensemble. Budding photographer and student Paul Ruppa shares his photos and memories of Taylor at work and play in Wisconsin and New York. Compiled from the playlists of working at home Wire staff during the making of our September issue.

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  2. The Wire is an American crime drama television series created and primarily written by author and former police reporter David series was broadcast by the cable network HBO in the United States. The Wire premiered on June 2, and ended on March 9, , comprising 60 episodes over five seasons. The idea for the show started out as a police drama loosely based on the experiences Created by: David Simon.
  3. This series looks at the narcotics scene in Baltimore through the eyes of law enforcers as well as the drug dealers and users. Other facets of the city that are explored in the series are the government and bureaucracy, schools and the news media. The show was created by former police reporter David Simon, who also wrote many of the episodes.
  4. Jun 27,  · The Wire is one of the most landmark TV shows ever created. The show debuted in on HBO, and its episodes dropped jaws around the world thanks to .
  5. The Wire Wiki is a freely editable database for the HBO TV series, with season and episode information, character information, and more.
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